Father’s Day Weekend

We have spent the first week of Summer break enjoying family and pool time. I thought I would share a bit about Father’s Day weekend, we headed out on Saturday to go to the farm, better known as where my Dad lives.

Family Time Summer Break

We enjoyed great conversations, laughter and food with my sis, daughter’s best friend, my three kids step mom and me. It was a wonderful feast! We also played pretend volleyball, went swimming in the pool and just had pure fun!

Roasting Marshmallows

Since my daughter had her best friend over for the whole weekend, we decided to have a fire in the fire pit that night and roast some marshmallows. Three of the four kids made smores, while my son Aj decided to roast a hotdog as he doesn’t much like smores. It was a grand ole time and it just showed my daughter and the boys that Mama knows how to have a great weekend and sleep over partay!

More memory making moments will be shared through out the Summer as we venture to Day out with Thomas in North Conway, NH, Water Country in Portsmouth, NH and have a Reading Under the Stars Event sponsored by Scholastic this Summer.

Making Smores by Campfire

If you are a fan of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate then you must make a habit of making your very own smores by campfire.

First you need to collect one roasting marshmallow stick per person.

Next you have to have a person equipped to handle fire, start a campfire.  Laying the wood in such a way as shown in image, make sure to roll up balls of newspaper in the center to assist in making the fire start easily.

Since the sticks have been collected and the marshmallows are ready to be melted, all you can do now is stand around watching for the fire to start. Be sure to keep little ones far away from the fire, for the heat is immense and may burn them.

Once the fire has started and its’ safe for everyone to start roasting marshmallows you can place one marshmallow per stick and let the roasting begin.

Next you take the marshmallow, still on the stick, out of the fire and put it on top of a graham cracker. Make sure you have already placed a block of chocolate on the graham cracker to ensure the roasted marshmallow melts the chocolate.

The next step is to place another graham cracker square on top of the marshmallow. Be sure to have someone else assist you in pulling the stick out of the roasted marshmallow once the smore is created. Note: this particular marshmallow is burnt to a crisp for that is how my daughter likes it. There is no need to roast your marshmallow to blackness in order for the smore creation to work!

Last but certainly not least, do not forget to thank the chef for putting together your smore!

Or in this particular case, beg the chef to make you another for you do have TWO hands you know!

Easter Recipe Ideas from Jell-O

I just shared with you my favorite choice of Jell-O pudding snacks based on their new options of S’more and Strawberry Sundae but now I want to share some great Easter Snack ideas for your family to create using Jell-O.

Image Courtesy Kraft Brands Website

Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes

Use Jell-O lime, strawberry and lemon gelatin to create a delicious snack for your Easter egg hunt day or a family get together. Find the recipe on the Kraft Brands website.

Image Courtesy Kraft Brands Website

Banana Cake Balls

Use Jell-O vanilla pudding to create Banana cake balls instead of chocolate bunnies this year during your Easter festivities. The kids will surely enjoy this yummy treat! Find the recipe on the Kraft Brands website.

What do you think? Will you try to create these recipes for your Easter festivities?

New Jell-O Flavors Available: S’more & Strawberry Sundae

My family is so excited to have taste tested the new flavor options from Jell-O; S’more and Strawberry Sundae pudding snacks. These flavors should have hit your local grocery stores shelves this month!

The Jell-O pudding snacks are made with real milk and have no high fructose corn syrup as well as no added sweeteners – three facts that are sure to please most parents when sending snacks for school with their children.

What My Kids Thought

My daughter – loves S’mores, however, she much preferred the sweet taste of the Strawberry Sundae flavor Jell-O pudding snack.

My sons – didn’t much care for the Strawberry Sundae option but were head over heels in love with the s’mores pudding snacks and it reminded them of us having a fire pit, making s’mores over campfire.

I must give Jell-O kudos for really promoting this as a fabulous school snack option for kids. The box arrived and said “Be prepared to be the coolest Mom on the block”, I certainly was the coolest Mom in the house with these snacks! My kids really enjoyed taste testing and enjoying the new Jell-O pudding snack flavors as an after school snack!

I am curious what flavor you would prefer? Are you more of a S’more or Strawberry Sundae kind of person?

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Disclosure: Product provided for free to a family who is already a huge Jell-O fan. All opinions are that of our own.


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