Duracell Powermat “24 Hour Power System” for the iPhone 4/4s or the Galaxy S3 Giveaway #takecharge

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The box arrived and we had our Duracell Powermat charging kit for our iPhones and we couldn’t have been more happy. I am not great at following directions but these were super easy to setup.

Duracell Powermat

We plugged the unit into our wall and were ready to stop fighting for an outlet for our three iPhones we have in the house. The unit was plugged in on our cabinet in the kitchen, a main area of the home for easy, quick charging access.

Duracell Powermat iPhone Charger

Once we had the unit plugged into the outlet, we then had to put the Duracell Powermat case on our iPhone. This was super simple, it slides right on.

Duracell Powermat iPhone Case

Once you have the case on the iPhone, you simply slide onto the unit that is plugged into the outlet. It’s super quick, easy and great way to nearly “drop and charge”. The Duracell Powermat has really helped us have a quick way to charge, you know when I am running around with three children, wrestling, school and work from home, having this powermat has really assisted me in quick charging options. I don’t like having to search for the plugin and wire to charge my iPhone because for some reason we are always missing the one we keep in the kitchen.

Duracell Powermat Charging System for iPhone

When Lee gets home from work he fully enjoys just dropping down his iPhone to charge. When I walk into the house from picking up my three kids from school. it’s a lot easier for me to simply set my iPhone down on this Duracell Powermat and charge it up.

Life is a lot easier when you use the Duracell Powermat Charging system and today I am going to share with you a giveaway. If you have an iPhone 4 or 4s or the Samsung Galaxy 3, then please read on to enter this giveaway.


Enter for your chance to win one “24 Hour Power System” for the iPhone 4/4s or the Galaxy S3

Giveaway Starts today and ends 12am EST on December 30, 2013. Open to USA. Winner will be announced live on site and emailed directly. Winner shall have 48 hours from announcement post and email to claim prize otherwise another random winner shall be chosen using the random generator through Rafflecopter.

** one entry per person, while you can tweet once per day, all other entries are ONE TIME per PERSON. 

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

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Handable Helps me Not Cringe when Daughter Holding iPhone #cell #holidaygift #spon

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I am so happy to have The HandAble Phone Holder as part of my holiday gift guide this year, seriously. This has been a fantastic product to have because my daughter now has an iPhone. Obviously it was a difficult decision giving my child such an expensive cell phone, but in all honesty it just made sense for our plan. The cost was more effective than us all having different devices. I must admit though, I cringe each time my tweenager has her iPhone in her hand either texting, reading an ebook or playing a game. My daughter has my clumsy gene and is often found stumbling this way and that, I would hate to see that iPhone take a flying leap and with HandAble, she has a better grip on her iPhone. Thank Goodness!


Basically in a nutshell, HandAble Phone Holder is a one size fits all accessory for your mobile device and will help keep the device from falling out of your hands. Nothing is worse than holding your cell phone when all of a sudden it just slips out of your hand, it has happened many times to me but also happens to others in my household. It’s easy to have happen. HandAble has a video to share with you all, check it out on HandAble YouTube Channel or watch below …

HandAble Phone Holder can connect to your tablet, mobile device and ebook readers as well, in addition to that, you can mount HandAble Phone Holder easily to your protective case. Learn more at HandAble.com



One Day Wasted

Woke up with no internet. It was fun. That was yesterday. Went all day without internet because when they finally turned it back on  .. they did what they always do FORGOT TO REFRESH THE MODEM.

The Good Life

I sat with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs, lay with Jenny the Pug and attempt to work best I could from my iPhone. Sure I could have written some content in Word but when my brain is so annoyed at no internet, it doesn’t write very well.

So I laid in bed. All day. Why? Because that was the best option to recoup from me being overwhelmed with work, life, kids and the changes in seasons.

Have I told you that all the world needs is a little bit more common sense and common courtesy before? Well if I have, I am saying it again. Why do some people just have to be the types who create their own drama and their own downfalls yet blame it on others?

I cannot understand that mindset. When I fall down it’s my fault. When I screw something up, it’s my fault. I do not blame others for my own actions in this world and really, if we had a lot more of that attitude in this world … then we would have a heck of a lot more peace.

Maybe it’s not if we try to change others that our world would have more peace, maybe it’s like one of my Twitter friends stated in prior conversations, if we should just remove miserable people out of our lives and allow them to enjoy their own misery. Basically, we accept how other people live and let it be … unless it’s personally affecting you and you cannot remove the person from your life. There are some people who can’t be fully removed, you just have to have better coping skills and an absolutely positive mindset to keep moving forward, marching to your own happy beat.

I firmly believe that there is good within all people. They just have to find it within their hearts. To find happiness and good within you … you have to find your happy place. It takes practice, time and dedication but once you find that happy within, you will feel such a weight lifted and not be able to help but smile every single day.

That’s all… happy Friday! I have kids this weekend so I shall be doing the Mom thing but Monday ….. awwww Monday, I shall return to work full force!

Cheers to the weekend my friends! Spread happiness, good thoughts and joy to all who pass you this weekend!

Is Your Broadband Fast Enough?

What carrier do you use for your broadband coverage? Here, where I live, I have to use whatever is available and the fastest possible option because of the fact that the Internet is where I make a living from. Writing, publishing, editing and using social media is all my avenue of money making, so without any form of Internet connection I would be out of a job. Without a job, there is no income from me. Without income, well you know where that will lead. No where fast.

Getting back to the talk of broadband service, virgin media broadband offers up to 60mb and a Virgin phone for a low price.  It appears that Virgin media broadband has a few packages available to save you extra money in the first six months. I personally love when a company can save you money in the first 6-12 months because that can really help you to get on your feet icome wise then upgrade as needed later. I am all for saving money now and waiting til later to see if you need to find another savings with this company or if you can afford it.

For me, having even a six month time period of savings off of the regular costs makes me able to save money for that period to end. I love being able to save money in the forefront so that I can put that extra money in savings or pay other bills with it. Having broadband is important, even without someone like me who works from home, because it allows relatives, friends and loved ones to stay connected.

What carrier do you use for Broadband?

Happy Sunday my Friends

PicsArt Collage Kids

I love using the PicsArt app on my Android based smartphone so that I can capture the fun moments and today I wanted to share some happy moment collages.

PicsArt Collage Kids 2

Sunday is nearing an end and Monday will be here before you know it, so enjoy today and make it the best day possible.


Remember that your kids are only kids once and to never take a day like today for granted. Hug them. Kiss them. Love them unconditionally.


And tomorrow is a new day so never regret a moment. Everyone makes simple mistakes, that is okay, let’s learn from today so that tomorrow can be even better.

Enjoy the day my friends and keep smiling! Happiness is a state of mind.

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