Would Would Brandy Do if she Had a No Limits Shoe Shopping Spree

Just the other day I was thinking about how I haven’t purchased myself clothing in forever. Occasionally I do receive a gift card to get some clothes and then I spend that on myself, usually shoes. This got me thinking, what would I do if I had a no-limit shopping spree for my favorite wardrobe item … shoes?!

First off, why do I love shoes? Because they always fit just right no matter what. I can get tall shoes to be a tad bit taller and I can get flats that allow me to stay at my 5’6″ level. It’s great to see the new shoe options out there in the world these days, such as the gladiator heels shown below. Aren’t those some pretty nifty, shiny heels? I could see myself wearing this to a blog event, such as coverage for a movie or a special NYC event. Surely I would tower over many people, but my feet would gain some pretty awesome attention.

Gladiator Heels

Maybe on this particular day I wouldn’t want to tower over everyone and have so much attention brought upon myself, so maybe for a special event I would go with the privileged heelless shoes, these wouldn’t bring me as much attention, wouldn’t make me so tall and could share my love of art. I am all about artistic talent and clothing or shoes being a way to express ones self. These magazine print privileged heelless shoes would so fit the role of me expressing my love of art.

Privileged Harting Magazine Print Clear Oxfords

The next shoe style option that is available these days and seems to be getting more and more popular are the wedge boots. Wedge style shoes are actually the first heel-like option I let my daughter wear. I wasn’t quite ready to push the idea of having my tween walk around with heels on, but I wanted to allow her some shoe freedom and so wedge style shoes made sense. There are so many wedge style shoes, I hadn’t a clue. I happened upon the below wedge style boots and fell in love! What would you think if you saw me walking into an event with these babies on?

Pink Wedge Shoes

Well I think out of all three options I shared, the first option is the one I would love to wear on a night out or an event for my business. Either way, I wonder, which shoe you would choose and why?

Do tell me in a comment below; if you could shop for shoes and have an unlimited amount of money to spend; what style would you envision yourself purchasing?


It May Be Hump Day but to me It’s Like Monday

I sit here at my desk with so many things I could be writing and sharing with you all, but to formulate one simple blog post on one topic is really just not working for my all-over-the-place brain.

I woke up on the right side of the bed with my five year old son snuggling me and being all happy with a great big hug. My son then proceeded to tell me that “there must be some cartoons on by now”. That meant *hint hint* Mama it’s time for you to wake up. I woke up, sort of. Kept hitting snooze on my alarm and laying back down, but I was awake. Then my daughter walked into my bedroom with this tween attitude asking “are you going to keep hitting snooze and laying back down or are you going to get up and make me breakfast because my stomach hurts I am so hungry”. That put me sort of in an off kilter mood because she 1) can make her own english muffin with PB (which is what she has been eating lately before school) and 2) the tone behind how she stated the question just irked me.

I rolled out of bed. Shut off my two alarm clocks and popped english muffins into toaster for the middle child and the oldest. Then I made a jelly sandwich for my youngest because the kid doesn’t eat much more than that lately and I didn’t have time to scramble eggs for him. During the process of handing plates with breakfast to everyone I was getting clothing out for the boys and making my own coffee determined to get my own self dressed soon.


facepalm sort of day

That is when my youngest decided to be angry. He did not want a jelly sandwich, was sick of me giving that to him and there was no reasoning with this child. I told my youngest that if he were not so picky that he would have other breakfast options but because he doesn’t eat near anything that is all there was. So he went without breakfast, well I do believe he took one bite.

Then it was time to get shoes on. I grabbed socks and shoes for the boys, sat on couch like I always do and asked Aj (my middle child) to come over so I could help him get his socks and shoes on. He flat out refused saying that he wasn’t putting shoes on. Mind you about one minute before this happened he was saying how all of a sudden his tummy sort of hurt and I was telling him that he isn’t going to miss school again over him getting himself all worked up. That was not an option. Shoes though, well he can put those on himself – he is 7. Since Aj was standing firm on no shoes and no school, I tossed his shoes on the couch and told him to put them on his own self, he knows how.

Moving onto the now-over-the-breakfast-battle five year old. I put his socks and shoes on, he went into his room picked out what he wanted to wear for a shirt and over shirt and then my oldest and youngest were ready for school. Meanwhile the seven year old is crying and screaming about he isn’t going to school. I explained that I didn’t care what he was saying, his siblings do need and want to get to school on time so get shoes on and let’s go. He finally had his shoes on; the oldest and youngest went outside and got buckled up in the van when I walked back inside to a 7 year old with no shoes on …

I like seriously was frustrated at this point.

Sooooo I grabbed the 7 year old boys shoes and said come on let’s go, I led him to the van and buckled him in. Told him I was getting his sister to school on time and will deal with his shoe issue at his school so if he is late that’s his problem & fault, I will not allow his actions to make his sister late to her school. Upon arrival to the boys school I was able to get the shoes on the 7 year old and give kisses and hugs .. the boys were off.

At this point I just sigh with tears just about to fill my eyes.

I held it together. Drove home and sat in my driveway listening to country music on my car radio. Then my cell phone rang. It was the daughter’s school, she was calling because she forgot something. I had to drive down to her school, get pictures sent to my cell so I could come home, print them and bring them back to her.

This all happened this morning. By 9:30am I was home, sitting at my desk ready to work, but not without first getting this mornings story out of my mind. At this point, I am just ready to laugh out loud, tears are not wanting to come, it’s just laughter, because in all reality my morning was such an odd series of events that I don’t know what else to do except be curious about what is going to happen next…..



Our Visit to Famous Footwear in Bedford, NH

On Saturday, September 28, 2013 my daughter and I ventured out to Bedford Mall in Bedford, NH to take part in the Grand Opening Event of a new location for Famous Footwear. Chili in hand we printed driving directions and, while she made a sarcastic comment about me being lost before we even left the driveway, we had a great bonding experience on the one hour ten minute drive to Famous Footwear in Bedford, NH.

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (1)

Upon our arrival my daughter was more interested in the balloons on the outside of the store, that is until she entered the doors to Famous Footwear. Shoes everywhere. People everywhere. Sales associates greeting you with a smile and a hand to help. A live DJ on site so that the customers could enjoy an upbeat time while participating in the exciting Grand Opening Event.

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (5)

You know when you enter some stores and it’s as if you feel intimidated by the staff and are fearful to even approach them, or worse yet the associates do not even approach you to assist?! At Bedford, NH Famous Footwear location we had great customer service, they had a larger than normal staff on hand in order to provide the best customer service possible during the large grand opening event. There was a warm, happy feeling about this location of Famous Footwear. The setup made it easy to navigate to shoes of interest, the clearance racks were towards the back with easy to navigate shelves.

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (2)

My daughter was able to have her feet checked for sizing, which was good, we thought she was a 7 1/2 woman’s but in all reality she is closer to a 9 woman’s. I am a 9 1/2 woman’s, sadly she is going to have her Mama’s big feet but thankfully for Famous Footwear’s huge selection of styles and prices, us big feet woman are able to find a shoe style that works for every foot type. My daughter had a blast trying on various types of shoes!

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (3)

I had shoe goggles on, seriously! There are so many different styles of shoes that I would have loved to purchase that day but alas I was there to get my daughter a new pair of shoes. My daughter is actually wearing her new Famous Footwear shoes today to school, shown above in image to the left (black pair of dress boots she is holding).

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (4)

While we clearly had a great time at the Bedford Mall, Bedford, NH location of Famous Footwear, I would like to share my overall feelings about this particular location of Famous Footwear:

  • Provides a warm, friendly, welcoming shopping environment.
  • Sales associates show they have been educated on all shoe types.
  • Store setup is easy to navigate and organized by shoe type in a proper way.
  • Plenty of parking spaces at the Bedford Mall parking lot.
  • Variety of prices for all budgets to be able to afford.

Will I return to this Famous Footwear location? I say yes. The location really made me feel so welcomed that I do believe my family and I will visit the Bedford Mall Famous Footwear location in the future.

Disclosure: I received a gift card for Famous Footwear, however, all opinions and experiences are that of my own and my daughter’s.


Famous Footwear is Opening a New Location in Bedford, NH #nh #shoes @famousfootwear

I am so excited to spread the news … Famous Footwear is opening a new location in New Hampshire tomorrow, Saturday September 28, 2013 and you are invited! Located in or around Bedford, NH? Well then read on …

Famous Footwear_Gift Card_Shoes

To celebrate the opening in Bedford, Famous Footwear is hosting an all-day
grand opening event on September 28 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Shoppers are
invited to experience fun activities including:

· A Shoe Crazy® shopping spree where one lucky winner will get 30 seconds
to run through the aisles and grab as many free pairs of shoes as possible.

· Hourly drawings to win a complimentary pair of shoes.

· An appearance from popular, local radio station, WZID 95.7, giving
shoppers the chance to meet some of their favorite radio personalities.

· A live DJ.

Now this sounds like a fun time, right??! Well I say get over there then. Tomorrow my daughter and I will make an appearance to check out the all day fun at this new Famous Footwear location and I hope others who read this will stop in as well. Can you imagine winning a Shoe Crazy shopping spree? I think that would rock!

For more details visit Famous Footwear on Facebook.

I will be covering this event with my tween daughter as a way to not only get an adults perspective on Famous Footwear’s new location but a tween girl too. I will be sharing photos next week and other details about my feelings on this new location of Famous Footwear in Bedford, NH and if you go to this location please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts about this location.

I Can’t Wait to Fit In Your Shoes Mama

Walking into an appointment, wearing my awesome black Earth Footwear boots, the daughter says to me “Mama I can’t wait to fit in your shoes”. I smiled and replied “hopefully my shoes are not worn out by then”.

As I sit here thinking about that brief conversation, I realize that what my daughter said can have more than the one meaning she had meant behind saying those words. To my daughter, she simply meant she wants my shoes. A compliment taken by this Mama who has a lack in fashion these days. On a deeper level this could mean something far more special; that one day my daughter will be walking in my shoes.

I am in no hurry to rush my first born into being a full blown adult, she is only 10 years old, but she has a maturity about her and knows that some day she wants to do just what Mama does. Of course, I encourage her to have college in her plans and not just “self teach” herself everything that I do, because that may help her advance with less time involved. I spend endless hours teaching myself the ins and outs of blogging and website work. I would much prefer my daughter have it slightly easier by gaining a degree that will further her doing exactly what I do. If that be what she wants to be when she is grown.

I enjoy the short special mother & daughter moments such as this because as she starts to head towards adolescence and I find myself with more grey hairs, the small moments of love with the simple statement of wanting my boots means so much to me. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful children and truly blessed that they seem to think I am awesome too.


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