A Short Primer for Car Owners Looking for Car Transport Services

Specialized auto transport services came to being because standard moving trucks cannot accommodate cars. It is not always feasible for individuals to drive their vehicles to a new location when the time comes to move from one area to another. The car owner’s peace of mind lies on the capabilities of the auto transport company. Most auto transport service providers keep a close partnership with moving companies and shipping firms in order to ensure prompt delivery at reasonable prices. These days, car shipping quotes are usually available online for relocation services, making it more convenient for car owners.

A peek at the car transport industry

It is important for vehicle owners to know about car transport practices prior to hiring a company to transport their car. Aside from making the effort to survey all available services, it is imperative to have a good grasp of the car transport industry.  Knowing about the procedures involved, including the details of what car shipping entails, will help the car owner understand the current price offers. It is also important to be aware of industry standards and regulations so that the owner of the vehicle can make informed decisions when choosing which outfit to entrust the move to. The transfer and shipping of cars and other motorized vehicles are regulated by laws. When these regulations are violated by service providers and/or their partners, the fines could amount to millions of dollars. The car transport industry has stringent standards that need to be followed.

Debunking car shipping myths

There are specific guidelines given to car owners prior to the vehicle transport itself. Car owners have to follow instructions such as keeping within weight limitations. There are also rules with regard to inclusion or non-inclusion of personal belongings and electronics items. The information that car owners must learn about must also extend to learning about the myths that surround car transport and shipping. Debunking these myths could save lots of money and spare car owners the burden of worry.

For instance, one of the more popular misconceptions is that the shipping cost will be cheaper if the hubcaps, wipers, antennae, and outside mirrors are removed. The truth is there are weight restrictions and additional items are not allowed to be placed in the car to get a free ride to the new destination. However, there is no need to remove hubcaps and related car fixtures because the rates are not based on whether they are attached or not. Shipping and transport rates are not dependent on whether the windshield wipers are taken out. Aside from the weight and vehicle dimensions, industry standards are taken into consideration.

There is also a misconception that door-to-door service is much more expensive than terminal-to-terminal services. Some car owners elect to retrieve their vehicles from the terminal and just drive them home. All the while, the converse is the truth. Door-to-door services are usually cheaper mainly because the other option requires terminal fees which add up to the total cost.

With these in mind, vehicle owners are advised to exercise due diligence when looking for car transport services. Doing research on shipping quotes and regulations can save owners from the hassle of fines and the risk of putting their cars in the wrong hands.




Need a Courier? Always Compare Rates

As with anything in this world you need to first and foremost always compare rates between carriers for shipment of goods, delivery of items, or even car shopping. There is a better price for each service everywhere, it all depends on if you took the time to ensure you are getting the cheapest rate out there alongside the best quality service.  There are many carrier options online that allow you to do a rate quote right on their website, take http://www.anyvan.com/courier-services for example, you can go onto their website, insert postal codes and voila, they give you a rate for use of their eBay compatible courier services.


Another thing that should always be completed when you are searching for the best courier possible is to read reviews on what previous customers said about the service, friendliness of the driver and time of delivery. It’s important when you are shipping or receiving goods to receive them on time and in a courteous manner.  As a writer who works from home and also receives products in the mail or ships products to family, friends and those who purchase my book, I always want to make sure that people are getting their stuff on time. There is no need to make people wait for products to arrive and worse yet, have the product arrived damaged or missing from the package.

Always make sure to research your courier before choosing one. That is the point of the story. Do you research couriers or just use a certain one every time?

Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2011

As we get closer to Christmas many want to make sure they are aware of the Shipping Deadlines for Christmas 2011, this is important to know for those who are like me and wish to shop online more so than in a brick n mortar store setting. As Christmas gets closer there are also many stores hosting deals and offering online promotions for consumers to save last minute on holiday gifts.

BestOnlineCoupons.com is a site that offers a one stop Christmas Shipping deadlines list and is a great way to get those special deals that many are offering this time of year. I am all about saving money therefore just had to share this information with you.

On this website you can find a list of shipping deadlines such as Diapers.com where you can order by December 21st to have in time for the holidays. Also note that you can order by December 20th using two day shipping with Disney Direct to get fabulous gifts for the Disney lover in your family. These are just two samples of the long list at Christmas Shipping Deadlines 2011.

You can save money at stores online like Best Buy with Best Buy Coupons found on the deals website too! Having a website where you can check out the best deals and know when shipping deadlines are is a wonderful resource to have, after all Christmas is just next week. Can you believe it?

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Bubble Wrap

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