The Perfect Storage Solution for Your Home

Finding a space for all those holiday decorations or your summer furniture is a constant battle for many families. Although you added that extra room above the garage and finally finished the basement, there just never seems to be enough space in your house for that stuff. Fortunately, storage facilities all over America, from storage in New York to more self storage units in Arlington, Texas provide that extra space that you’re always looking for.

These kinds of storage units are available in a variety of climate-controlled sizes so that you can find the perfect space for your needs. Their one-stop shop service also provides you with moving supplies and a moving truck at a low-cost to simplify your transition.They can also provide a safe and clean environment for your needs by providing video surveillance to monitor the facility at all hours.

Fortunately, these services come at a low price. Most places start around $50 or less per month, and you will be able to store nearly anything you need on site instead of cramming it into your home. The most common storage space units include car, RV, boat, and holiday storage. One of the greatest advantages of renting a storage unit is that you can store seasonal items such as patio furniture, snow mobiles or beach toys, holiday decorations, outdoor toys and off-season clothes. Also, storage units provide that extra space when moving or renovating.

Proximity is another major factor in determining which storage solution is best for your family. Many storage facilities serve a variety of locations and are available to both individuals and businesses. It is extremely important that your unit is relatively close to your home so you are able to access your space whenever you need. Another important service to consider is insurance for your belongings. By purchasing insurance, you can rest assured that your possessions will be covered should anything be damaged or lost. While this is very unlikely, you may want to consider this as an option.

The convenience of renting a storage space will allow your family to create extra space in your home for things that you need to access more frequently. But always remember to consider price, proximity, availability and size when determining which storage unit is best for your needs.


Using Self Storage During a Time of Transition from Place to Place

There was one time and one time only that I used a self storage center for my belongings, and that was when I moved from a place I lived into my mother’s home as part of my transition to a different stage in my life. I remember having my girlfriend, one who I have known since I was 13 years old, help me move some of the items from my place into the storage unit.

It was hilarious because I had been cheap back then, single mom only able to afford a particular sized storage unit and so I needed to be creative to ensure all of my items fit snug into the unit while not being stacked in a way that if you opened it the items fell on your head.

Imagine it now, two moms dragging stuff up stairs to get to the storage unit, neatly piling, stacking things high as the rules of the storage unit center would allow and wondering why in the heck I didn’t get a bigger storage unit or sell off some of my items. It was a fun time, but I do recall not having room to take some of my items when I finally stopped using the storage unit.

I lost a chair and some other small items simply because I did not want to waste the gas to drive back to the self storage place to get a couple of items. I have moved a lot in my lifetime, mostly prior to having kids and am thankful there are so many self storage centers out there for people to take advantage of. It makes life easier when you are moving from one stage in your life to another or moving from a larger place to a smaller place, saves on clutter in the home.

Planning a Move? Ever Hired Movers?

I recently moved and moved again, yes I did and with that comes the thought of why did I not hire movers. I know having hired movers would have made my life so much easiser. I had to juggle two boys who are four and two years old with the attention span of I don’t know what, but certainly not long enough to deal with Mama packing up a truck to move stuff back to our original location.

I swear, the only way I am moving again is if I am moving to a place in the current town I live in and it has a real, big reason to move. A real big reason to move would be a better location off of the main highway or a location set off in a place that will allow me to be closer to family while being able to take walks, yes this is the idea of living closer to my mother who is the only family member living in my town.

Moving really is a big deal and I can’t imagine being someone who is relocating due to a job change, such as someone moving from the East coast to the West coast or vice versa. In the case that someone is moving from one side of the country to the other or maybe from Northeast to Southeast, I would say hire long distance movers as soon as possible because moving is such a tedious task best left for experts.

Have you moved recently or are you planning a move? Will you look into hiring professional movers?

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