How to Make a Valid Decision and Follow Through

Many are faced with decisions to make every day, whether it be what to purchase for groceries, what items your children need or much bigger decisions such as divorce, we all have decisions to make on a daily basis. I decided that I would make an easy to follow list of how you can make a valid decision and follow through.

Because you know, I am like so good at that myself. {if you are sensing sarcasm, you are correct}

While I may not be great at following my own advice, and really, who is? I am very great at lending advice that if followed through with makes perfect sense and actually works out as a benefit to your life as you know it! Come along with me, amuse me if you will.

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How to Make Valid Decisions and Follow Through

Yes. No Maybe. We live in a world full of non-committal responses and actions. We fear to say YES and NO more and tend to lean closer to MAYBE. This is not okay. Maybe doesn’t get you anywhere. Except, well, honestly I firmly believe maybe will get you nowhere fast.

Okay, are you ready for my advice to start? I hope so. I really do. I need to feel as if I am helping someone because Spring is here and it’s time to turn over a new leaf!

  • Acknowledge that there is a Decision to be Made – Come face to face in the mirror with your own self and make a firm realization that things just have to change. A decision has to be formed, sooner rather than later.
  • Understand What Decision has to be Made – Take the scenario that you are faced with, a piece of paper, a pen and write down a pros and cons list of this decision you are faced with. Do not do this during times of high emotion or hormone fluctuations.
  • Share Pros and Cons with a Close Friend – Take your list of pros and cons with the decision written above it and ask a close friend if they feel your pros and cons list are truly valid enough to argue a point to make the decision you must make. Logic, emotions and a third unbiased person’s opinion matter in the decision making process.
  • Set a Date – Make yourself commit to a date that you have to address this decision by and do not back peddle. Stick with this decision, even if it’s the hardest decision you have ever made in your life. Setting a date allows you to take time to continue to think it out, rationalize with yourself and hold yourself accountable to take action.
  • Speak Truth and With a Matter of Fact Tone – This is a great tip for those deciding to divorce or end a friendship, we can notice if a person is using a confident “they have made their final decision tone” or not. Do not allow the other person to feel as if there is hope, room for them to change your mind or anything like that. Keep a matter of fact, this is how it is type of tone when speaking.
  • Be Sure to Address Valid Reasons for Decision – When making the decision be sure that you are dealing with it in regards to logistical reasons and emotions. Sometimes, depending upon the decision to be made you may have to weigh heavier on the emotional side than logistical side, but I am sure you can determine which type of decision this falls under.
  • Breath and Follow Through to the End- This is the last step, be sure to breath and move forward from here. Do not fear how the other person affected by your decision is going to respond because in all reality you are the one person who matters most and that goes to saying without being selfish. You are not selfish for putting your own needs/sanity/emotions/well being ahead of anyone else. Do not stop to look back, we only move forward in life!

These tips are pretty much great for any scenario but with some situations it may require a long process to completely finish and follow through with. The whole point to this post really is to …

Allow yourself to be important. Your needs and emotions are valid. Life is about living it to the fullest in your  happiest of ways, do not allow anyone else to make you question your own well being. It isn’t fun to hurt others, but sometimes in life we have to in order to find our true self and love our true self.

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Working From Home: My Thoughts and Advice

There are many times when my friends on Facebook ask about my working from home. They love seeing how I get compensated to try new things, to cover events and to simply write working from home. It’s difficult for me to push working from home in any way other than simply being honest. What I do, I have been doing since 2006, granted the majority of what I do to earn income started in 2008. With that being said, this is no quick income money making business, there involves a lot of hard work, many late night hours to meet deadlines and some times it requires getting over writers block because no matter how “stuck” you are; your clients expect you to have results for them.

Working from home in the way I do, with blogging on blogs, takes practice, takes a love of writing (readers can hear the passion behind your text words & without passion many won’t read on), a dedication to working even when you see your bed there all warm and cozy, a motivation to get to your desk or laptop on couch and work even when you were up all night with the kiddos. Working from home takes a certain kind of personality type and character to really push through and succeed. On another note; success is based on individual’s definition of the word. Some may want to work from home to replace a full time income, some may be happy making a small income to assist in just paying the grocery portion of bills in the household. I feel I am successful with what I do working from home, others may not feel the same. That’s okay.

Regardless of what your own personal definition of success is; if you are truly interested in working from home in a blogging sort of way, then you need to read on and hear me out on exactly how frustrating being a blogger can be but also how rewarding it can be if you stick with it.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Blogging doesn’t Earn Income Right Away

While many see what I do now and are in awe, it took me a couple of years to get to the point where people were paying me more than a few bucks here and a few bucks there. It took at least two years to be recognized in what I do as well as to have the ranking and decent social media outreach for any business to want to work with me.

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Thoughts That Come to Mind While Being a Blogger for Near Five Years

In most of my blogging I am pretty open and honest about all of what I have to say, but that doesn’t mean that I “tell all”.  You see, based on experience, once you put something out there in text for someone to revisit or bring back up in a cached or saved version of text, you cannot take it back. There are some things that you simply cannot try to hide or take back after the fact. That is why, while being a blogger, I have been forced to be somewhat honest when asked about certain things because if not, then people can research back and find out otherwise. This is not a good position to be in.

Soho Hearts Multi Wrap BraceletThere are things, a lot of things, in my life I am not proud of. There are mistakes that have been made. There are decisions that were made that I wish I could take back or revisit. The thing is; you cannot erase the past and you cannot go back into the past.  Our lives are what they are, mistakes and all. What I say is live life to the fullest, be as honest as you can about yourself so that you can lead a fully, deep to your soul happy life. If you question putting something up on your site, because after you typed it all up it dawned on you that you may have written out of pure anger or some other negative emotion and if this goes live on the Internet it may cause deeper issues than what frustrated you in the first place?

If you can genuinely look at something you wrote and feel questionable as to whether putting it out there is going to be okay with you or not, then wait … make sure that when and if this goes live for the world to read that you will be seriously okay with whatever happens. For me, I write a lot based on things I see and experience. I know that I am not alone in all that I have experienced and all that I see as wrong in life; but there are some things that no matter how much I can connect with someone else in my online community that I will not share.

Some things that, while make sense to help explain the deeper part of who I am, cannot be shared for the world to read. There are things that have happened that either no one would believe happened or if they knew they would really not be too happy with some people. I don’t want to be responsible for mistakes others made in the past, I got therapy, I learned to be positive and I grew to be who I am today without bothering other people with things that should have been cleared in the air many years ago.

Anything that has happened to me in my past life is something I have grown okay with to some level. I have accepted it. I also know with my slightly new found faith that I have been blessed with more forgiveness than ever before towards others and I know it’s not may place to inflict the crime upon someone who did something many moons ago; this person shall live with such decisions within their own heart and if they have truly remorsed then that will be considered I am sure. We all do stupid things. We all make bad mistakes but sometimes, some things need to be private. I don’t write anything that I don’t want my kids to someday see, because my kids are already on the Internet so I would hate for them to happen upon a story that was not meant for them to ever know about.

Be careful what’s put out there. Anyone will be able to read it, critique it and start problems with it if they can. That’s sadly how bad most of our society has become, it’s as if common sense and common courtesy are a rare trait in people. Remember that you can only be you and you need to be proud to be you, don’t feel you have to explain yourself. Keep chugging forward … choo choo!

Implementing New Ad Revenue Strategies as a Blogger

I have tons of workbooks here in my office that were printed off in the past four years of blogging that have not been put to good use. I have looked at them, read them and I get what I need to do to increase revenue with my sites, but sadly at this time in my life I have been put into positions where I simply need to just make money.

Making the Money in MonopolyThis means all of my knowledge I have inside of my smart brain is going to waste, well my positive attitude won’t let me think it is truly going to waste. You see, next year when I have five days a week of kids in school full time, my stored blogging knowledge will finally be implemented into all of my blogs. Yes, blogs, I have three technically but really only write on two of them regularly. That may change too. With more free time, that means more time to write my little heart out. Yay.

I do get emails from time to time these days with new ad revenue options, you see I am queen of making more doing less, and in this business you can do that. The only thing is that you have to get your Search Engine Optimization just right and your Google Page Rank just so. It’s a tricky game, but once you nail it- you will find that amazing income that takes less work than what you may be doing now for income.

I know next year shows much promise and as I start to implement new ways to earn revenue from my sites I will share with you. For now, I have removed one company that revenue simply started going downhill, there are other ad revenue options I use that make way more money for me and I had to make some business decisions to cut the dead weight and move onto better revenue ventures.

What website revenue options do you use to increase income without doing really anything except maybe one time embedding of code on your blogs? Maybe we can share our resources, ones that work for us all. I would love to write a post about which options work best for you on your site!

So YOU Want Exposure?

Dear so and so who wants to spread links to various bloggers over the internet,

If you send me an email requesting that I must read this current new article that is live on some site, with a link included, I will not click it!

Here is why -

  • I am not giving you free traffic to that website
  • I am not allowing you to get credit for being paid to email me over and over about this link (hence why I will not click it)
  • If you are being paid to email me, then you can either pay me to help spread the word too or you can stop assuming that this site is my hobby – it’s both (income & hobby)
  • DO not expect me to feel bad for you if you are “simply trying to bring more awareness of your name or writing” when you are not willing to pay to have your writing out there (with a link to a client/your company website within that “writing”)

I love people who have a skill for writing. I am all for supporting bloggers, but I simply can not support those who slam me with links in my contact form begging or being sneaky about trying to gain free traffic and exposure for their company or client!



Fed up Mom Blogger who has to work for a living

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