I Love Having Children Who Enjoy Life to the Fullest

As a parent, well back that up, the day I became a parent for the first time; I had to askĀ  myself what type of person did I want my children to look up and what type of adults would I want my children to be. The answer was rather simple; I wanted and still want to have children who will learn, at a young age, to have respect, use common sense and have common courtesy as well as a respect for all elders and a fun loving spirit that takes them far in life. So far, my children have proven that the way they have been raised, the way that I have lived my life, has shown them that there is so much more to life than just one “like” or just “one way of life”… when my children see other people doing things in ways we do not do them, I merely explain that everyone leads a life that makes them happiest. We are all different and that is what makes us all unique and keeps things interesting.

Family Fun Time  (1)

I will tell you that raising boys has been somewhat of an interesting feat for me, having been around boy cousins on occasion but mostly my sister all of my life; it was easier for me to relate to and learn how to work with my daughter. The boys on the other hand have a unique personality about them that makes them ALL BOY. The boys much prefer to ruckus in the backyard, ready to rumble and play Ninja warrior or Star Wars pretend play games. The boys are ever so ready to get this rumble started immediately upon arrival home from school most days.

Family Fun Time  (5)

My youngest is so full of energy that doesn’t stop, even when it’s bedtime. Often times he is found doing headstands on the couch and jumping while running all over the house; inside and outside. K-man is my youngest and he fully enjoys life every waking moment, even when it’s suppose to be non-waking moments.

Family Fun Time  (3)

Geared up with his Ninja outfits and gadgets or the Ninja Turtles Turtle shell, K-man is always read for imaginary playtime. K-man much prefers running and pretend play over a board game. On occasion K-man does enjoy crafting it up with us, but that usually involves him getting into the shed for cardboard so that he can place a full tube of elmer’s glue onto it and say “here’s my craft”.

Family Fun Time  (6)

And last but not least you have my daughter who enjoys every single thing life has to offer. Ki loves to play board games and shown above was a moment we were able to enjoy a game of Scrabble alone, that was a fun time. Ki also enjoys getting her brothers all wound up hyper just to say “oh no I don’t want to play anymore” and leave me picking up their hurt feelings.

Each child is so different yet the same. Each child has their own “thing” that they prefer to do but we can also all go out and enjoy a nice hike together, or a water fight in the backyard, or a board game on a quiet day. Each child has a love of books and even the hyper K-man can sit during story time in the house. We enjoy a wide range of things in life; all of the children know how to navigate on a computer, laptop and cell phone because in this day and age they must know that skill as well as any other skill.

I am proud that my children have been raised to be well rounded, respectful little children who hopefully will carry on these skills learned well into their adult years.


Living With a Blogging Mama

Can’t be easy. I am always having the camera in the faces of my children, the thing is that all of them can now tell me if they want me to share the video or camera pic and I respect their choice to say yes share or no do not share. Early morning pictures don’t do so well in this house, pictured below is my daughter and I with our bed head but smiling, sort of.

And then there are the times we have family board game time. The current favorite in my house is the game of Life. K man doesn’t play it so well, he pretty much ticks everyone off by driving his car all over the board and begging for loads of cash but not really playing along with us.

It gets to the point where my kids are simply used to Mama snapping various pictures of our times together because the pictures tell my stories so much better than my words do at times. Kiara and Aedan just love playing board games with their blogging Mama but alas, sometimes there is issues.

For example, if the six year old has the highest salary card and someone else lands on “trade salary card” and attempts to trade with him, he flat our refuses throwing this huge fit. We are working on trying to get Aedan to realize it’s just a game and he can still “win” even if his high paying salary is traded. It’s a work in progress.

Then you have the whole “what that’s not fair” come into play through out the entire family board game night, but then I promptly reply “life’s not fair” and laugh because we are playing the game of Life so it’s funny to me.

Overall the kids are pretty accepting of the camera around because my daughter, after all, does have her own private blog and plans to be a teen blogger. All too often I hear my daughter mention that she wants to be just like me when she grows up. Let’s just hope she earns a degree at the same time or before though, because even though what I do rocks, a degree under her belt will make me proud!

The joys of living with a blogging Mama, it’s like a reality TV show but not really.


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