Summer Travel Plans? Let Post-it Mobile Collection Help

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As most of my long term readers know, I am an avid Post-it brand fan, having used these most of my life from working in offices to working from my home. Post-it has a wide range of products that I have featured right here on site in the past and today I get to share a brand new on-the-go line that Post-it has created just in time for Summer vacations….

Post-it Mobile

Post-it Mobile Attach & Go makes traveling easy and for me it will make Mommy on the go easier as well as working on the go easier with products such as Pockets, Full Adhesive Notes, Flags, Tabs, Notes, Dispensers and Writing Tools in unique new dispensers and product pairings designed for a mobile lifestyle.

Post-it Attach and Go Pocket

This new Post-it Attach & Go line allows for you to stick the mobile Post-it products to your laptop, key-chain, cell phone or even your vehicle dashboard. Post-it Attach & Go is a way for Post-it to come on board with the on-the-go lifestyle many have during the Summer months. Our kids are home and they want us to be on the go doing things with them, Post-it Attach & Go gets that and these are their products to allow us to stay organized on the go.  Check out the full line of Post-it Attach & Go on the Post-it Website today.

Free Product

Totally Self Disciplined and Focused and Dare I Say Crazy?

I would love to know who I should thank in my family for my self disciplined personality and driven to succeed attitude? Maybe that is all me. Maybe I am a self taught awesome work from home woman, but I think some has to be credited to my parents as well as grandparents and aunt for pushing me to be who I can be. All I can be. I was the first born and a lot of responsibility was placed on my shoulders. My Dad is pretty laid back but always used to refer to me as the responsible child.

For instance, back in my younger years when I felt my parents just didn’t get me or mostly my Mom didn’t get me, I ran away. I drank alcohol and no need to mention all of the other trouble I got into. The thing that shocks me thinking back is that I was the girl who ran away to stay with her boyfriend but made her boyfriends older brother bring her to the bus stop to get on the bus for school every day. Seriously? Who runs away from home and makes sure to hold the responsibility of going to school? I do.

I also remember drinking all hours of the nights. Sneaking out of my bedroom and so much more. I would go and take my high school finals one year with a buzz from drinking so much the night before and still pass with an A on that final exam. Crazy. I think it’s just who I am. It is who I was built to be. I made horrible decisions yet on the other spectrum of life, I made good decisions.

I am one mix of a person but working from home has not only been a blessing that I am able to do, it has been a life saver. I have my hands full with a tween daughter, a hyper four year old and a son who is six years old diagnosed with a mood disorder/bi-polar. The kids have so many appointments, sports and events that if I held a normal 9-5 office job like I used to, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I do enjoy with my kids nor would I probably make many work hours because of the appointment load with my middle child.

So when my cell phone is going off. Facebook is blinking at me from my cell. Instagram people are commenting on my photos and twitter is telling me I have new replies. I let them be. I do not look at every ding and beep my cell phone makes, not during my work hours. If I have no kids, then I am working. Wednesdays you can just about forget reaching me unless I have already made an appointment with you. That is the one full day of no kids for me and is the one day I work all day, to include setting lunch dates with prospects or clients for my VA business.

Life is good. Life is Great. But there is a song much prefer to quote “God is great, Beer is good and People are crazy”. If ever crazy were used to define me, which it sometimes is by my closest of friends and tween daughter, it would be meant in the most positive of adjectives ever.

Things That Irk Me About My Cell Carrier #HelloBetter

I currently have a not to be named cell phone carrier that has decent service, although where I reside it is always in roaming due to lack of towers and having a not as popular cell phone carrier for the area.  The plan is reasonable and I enjoy unlimited data, which doesn’t work lately but I can’t call to speak with my carrier because they need a pin assigned to me during my plan sign up.

The problem with my pin? That when I called this company to deal with an issue signing up for online access to my plan, they reset my pin and the phone line hung up on me while on hold. Meaning, when I called back I am unable to have them help me with my account. This pin number that is assigned is the only way to allow any access to my personal account information including my cell phone plan details. The thing that really irks me about this fact is that I can’t travel to the nearest retailer for it’s over two hours away and they say there is nothing that they can do to help me. They can’t use last four digits of my social, confirmation of my personal details for account access, nothing. They stated they can not even mail me my pin number to address on billing statement.

I am stuck, without knowing my account information of any overage in minutes or roaming charges because I can’t drive two hours to get a PIN that was reset by THEIR worker while I was on HOLD and hung up on. Sigh …

U.S. Cellular launched a Hello Better Campaign in which they are asking everyone what upsets them most about their current carrier. Love your carrier or not, there usually is something that upsets you about them. Take people in the Northeast; 1 in 3 people say their carrier is okay or worse. 54% in the pacific northwest stated that they were unhappy with their cell carrier in the past year. More than half in midwest are unhappy with their cell carrier and in the southern states, 1 in 2 people say that they stick with their current carrier because they feel all carriers are the same.

U.S. Cellular has come up with a rewards program to help keep customers happy and to help disgruntled customers of other carriers realize that U.S. Cellular has options outside of their normal cell carrier. You see, in as little as 13 months you can start using rewards earned whether current or new U.S. Cellular customer towards free phones, accessories and more. Learn more about U.S. Cellular Rewards Program today!

I participated in this sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

Is VoIP The New Landline Option?

Every so often I find someone debating whether they should get a landline phone in addition to their cell service or not, the truth is that landlines are just about as expensive as having a cell plan these days! There is another option for someone looking to have a home or business line in addition to a cell phone plan, business VoIP. VoIP is a fabulous, money saving option to have a home phone while still keeping up with your cell phone bill.

There are many options to VoIP out there on the market and it’s up to you to do the research to ensure you are getting the best for your money. I personally use VoIP and have for many years, it has proven to be extremely reliable and gives me an additional line instead of having to rely on cell coverage that can be somewhat unreliable.  The location I live in at the moment does not seem to like giving me reliable cell service, however, the VoIP line is consistent and doesn’t cut out on my phone calls as with my cell phone which doesn’t like living up here too far from the center of town.

Even when I lived back in the center of town in the home I previously owned, I tested out VoIP for the first time with much success. I wasn’t quite ready for a cell plan but needed to have a line for my virtual assistant business and so VoIP was the most affordable option at the time.  I had read pros and cons about VoIP and some companies, if they hire you as an employee, prefer you to have a traditional landline phone, but if you are your own boss, I would say VoIP would go a long way for you.

I wouldn’t ever go back to the old school landline for the cost does not outweigh the savings & steady service I get with my VoIP service.

“This post was sponsored by Technology Tips for Businesses,  an IT information resource for those seeking advice on topics ranging from home business hardware issues to enterprise-level ERP software.”

Survey Finds All Consumers Want for the Holidays is a Phone Call

Technology makes it a lot faster and easier to simply express your holiday wishes to family and friends through Facebook or a text message, but what consumers want is a phone call, that is based on results from a VTech Communications survey that was conducted. This was a survey that took the pulse on holiday behaviors and attitudes.

  • Parents want to get everything done and still have time to enjoy the season, but moms (33 percent) and dads (32 percent) say that find that balance is a challenge and causes stress. In fact, 48 percent of moms said if they had an extra set of hands to get things done, they’d spend more time with family and friends.
  • Shoppers are still feeling the effects of the economy, with nearly half of respondents ranking having “more money to give presents” as their top wish during the holiday season. In addition, 47 percent of consumers said not having enough money is the most stressful thing to worry about during the holidays.
  • A special moment with family and friends is all consumers want for the holidays.  The holidays are known for great food and special traditions, so it’s no surprise that consumers embrace the season for its togetherness. Survey respondents ranked a holiday meal (24 percent) as the No. 1 thing not to miss during the holidays, followed by a special family tradition (22 percent). The holiday spirit rings strongly, as the overwhelming majority of consumers don’t want to miss out on any seasonal festivities with only 13 percent of consumers saying “bah humbug” to holiday cheer.

I personally use a VTech phone for my MagicJack home phone line and I also have it connect via BlueTooth to my cell phone when my cell service is reliable enough to do so.

DS6421-3 Connect-to-Cell VTehch Cordless Phone features; Three-handset system equipped with DECT 6.0 digital technology for the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones, Connect-to-cell™ functionality uses BLUETOOTH® technology for connection to cell phones and cordless handsets, HD audio– choose equalizer with four audio profiles to match users’ hearing needs for superior sound quality and Expandable with up to 12 handsets, or 10 handsets and 2 headsets with only one phone jack – (uses DS6401 accessory handsets and IS6100 cordless headsets) among other features!

This is a great option for a holiday gift or way to upgrade your current phone system at home. I love that VTech has options for people who still have a land line but also those who only use cell phones. Learn more about the DS6421-3 Connect-to-Cell.

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