Finding Promo Codes on the Internet is Easy

As a Mom on a tight budget, I must admit that I frequently search the web for online promo codes so that I can save money in any and all areas of life.  With the Internet being readily available to so many, even if one does not own a computer at home they can access the Internet at a local library, thus being able to take full advantage of Sprint promo codes to start their own cell phone plan or other known carriers. Every company for every type of product or service seems to have some form of an online promo code over the Internet. Simply use Google to search for promo codes combined with the name of the company you are looking to save from and voila, a promo code should be found.

Sprint and Virgin Mobile Promo Codes

Whether you are on the look out for promo codes to save on clothes shopping for your family or looking at various cell phone carriers, you are sure to find a promo code on the Internet. For instance, not only can you find Sprint Promo Codes online but you can also find Virgin Mobile promo codes online as well. Saving money is a big deal, with so many employers on wage freezes and many employers doing lay offs, it seems saving money with promo codes is the way to go. People still need clothing, food and supplies for their household but they are on a tighter budget and that is where promo codes for various companies comes in handy.

Have you ever searched an Internet search engine for Promo Codes before? Did you have good luck finding decent promo codes?


Drop Down Deals, Fabulous Deals for Frugal Shoppers

Once again I am here sharing with you all a place to save some cash, you know that green stuff that you spend as fast as it comes in, actually does anyone carry cash anymore? It seems since I started working from home in 2008 I rarely ever see a dollar bill, all monies are direct deposited into my bank account and from there my bank card handles the bill paying.  Well, that’s another story, it doesn’t matter if you spend green cash, use checks or a bank card, saving more money is what this world needs right now.

Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t a fun way to survive, but at least it’s surviving and there is another website you can check out that offers DSW Coupons . Do you not know what DSW is? Okay well let me tell you; it’s a place that offers a wide range of shoes for children and adults. Designer shoes that I know my daughter would adore and you can get coupons to save money on these fantastic shoes!

So while school is starting and has started for my kids; you may wish to use some DSW Coupons to save on shoe costs this school year, so what are you waiting for? Go get saving!

Are You Looking to Save on Home Phone, Internet & Cable?

There are many companies out there that offer home phone, Internet and cable to consumers but did you know that you have a variety of options available to you? Connect Your Home is a website designed with the savvy consumer in mind, they know people want to save money but also need services such as cable, Internet and phone. With Connect Your Home you can insert your service address and zip code to see plans laid out side by side showing where you can start saving money with a bundled deal, their motto? Get a Bundle, Save a Bundle…Guaranteed.

There are a few companies that seem to dominate the markets in cable, phone and Internet so it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else has or to see commercials and think that’s the plan for me, but if you take a bit more time researching each bundle you will find that in time you will pay more than you really thought you were. Surprise fees and rates that get increased after a specific time period, these are points that are rarely disclosed immediately to the consumer, sad but true. I have had this experience of not being notified of increase in rates and had that surprise bill arrive in my mailbox before, it’s not a good feeling.

As someone who has used digital home phone service, I can say that using this version of home phone is a bit more affordable than a land line phone and it’s pretty reliable as well. When you utilize a digital phone service you can bundle it with Internet service to save a bundle, seriously! The trick to real savings with bundles is to research and Connect Your Home really assists in allowing consumers to evaluate options they have for bundles that will save them a lot of money.  So before you go signing any contracts and getting stuck in a bundle that isn’t saving you money, be sure to look out there on the Internet to see what other options you may have, the time you take to research will be priceless if you learn you can save a bundle!

A Great Website for Coupons: Coupon Chief

I love sharing deals and new places online to find ways to save and today I get to share with you all a website called Coupon Chief; find coupons for 1000′s of retailers. Let’s see what makes Coupon Chief important to share with you all?

  • Share coupons with friends and family via email.
  • Set coupon alerts {love this option}
  • Rate coupons & leave comments {seriously? who doesn’t read reviews on products? Now you can read reviews on coupons}
  • Submit coupons and earn cash.

Let’s see, I bet most of you want to know how you can submit coupons and earn cash right? has a feature that is called Pays-2 Share program; first you have to sign up, then upload coupons and track your coupon progress under your account page. You earn 2% of sales. * 2% commission is subject to $25-per-store-per-month limit, as well as other terms of the program.

I told you this site rocks, it’s more than “just your average coupon site”, get this … Coupon Chief has Coupons-4-Causes too! Get up to 20% of your purchase price donated to your choice of cause! That’s a great way to save money and help support your favorite cause!

Basically whether you are looking for ways to save or ways to give, has a wide variety of coupons and options to choose from.

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