What To Do On Spring Break – Day 3 Easter Sunday

Day three of Spring Break arrived and it was time for Easter. This was Easter Sunday. I had the boys until about 10am I do believe, as they wanted to spend Easter with their Mom and Dad, so we shared it. My daughter was happy to have a full day and overnight as well as another day with me without the boys! The kids woke up and proceeded to find their Easter Baskets…

Easter Sunday - Spring Break Day 3

The Easter Bunny was lazy this year, because he didn’t hide the baskets very well, which was a super bummer to the kids, but they got over it.

Easter Sunday - Spring Break Day 3

I even woke up to a surprise, it took me a while to see that I had a stuffed bunny and a rose sitting beside the coffee machine. Apparently I am not awake enough to notice things like that right away in the early morning, but eventually I noticed it and my heart melted.

Easter Sunday - Spring Break Day 3

Then it was time, the boys left with their Daddy for the day and overnight. My daughter, Lee and I headed out to get on the road and enjoy the day. First we stopped by my Aunt Robin’s grave. She passed away when I was five, but she is always a huge part of me. I think of her often and I used to go up at least once a year and snap a pic of Ki beside Robin’s grave. This was the first year in many we made it up, have to get back on tradition. Thankfully our visit prompted my Gram to go visit too, because she went up and gave Robin’s grave a cleaning. I didn’t have anything to clean it. Was sad to see it so dirty.

Easter Sunday - Spring Break Day 3

Next, we all ventured out to my Dad’s house to pick up the kids Easter gifts there. My daughter wouldn’t take a pic with me, so I snapped one with Lee. The farm is such a beautiful place and we even ended up with a surprise …

Easter Sunday - Spring Break Day 3

Miss Livy, my sister and Livy’s Daddy showed up too. We had a fun few hours just chilling out with the family this afternoon. Then we ventured off to head home for dinner and to relax the remainder of Easter Sunday away.

Another happy day was had. Outside, with family!

A Summertime Giveaway – Bella Andre Beach Bag & More

I have been hearing all over the radio that Memorial Day weekend is the welcoming of Summer? To me, it’s also a day to remember those who have fought for the freedoms we have today, I also like to try to visit my aunt Robin’s grave that I have not been to in a long time. It is about remembering those who matter and are important. It is also, for many, a welcoming of warmer weather and barbecue season… I have already been to the beach, I shared that photo collage on Wordless Wednesday.

Today I am inviting you all to learn more about Bella Andre’s book, The Look of Love.  First and foremost, what I love about Bella Andre is that she was denied publishing on normal avenues and decided to market them herself. The books were not selling and she was given all rights back to her books. Then something happened, through her own marketing of her own books, she became a New York Times Bestselling Author! I am proud that Bella Andre is someone who I am helping spread the word about because this shows that anyone can make it if they do not take no as an answer. That I CAN DO THIS mentality will take you far and it took Belle Andre here, where I am helping share her new book alongside a fun Summer giveaway!

Bella Andre Beach Bag Goodies

I personally received this package shown above, it’s a high quality beach bag with a bunch of goodies inside, to include a copy of Bella Andre’s book, The Look of Love. I would tell you my thoughts on this book but I am still working on reading it! I hope to share my insight to what I think about The Look of Love in future months. Right now, I want to use this Memorial Day weekend to help spread a bit of sunshine in your world with a chance at winning the gift bag shown above!

Giveaway Is for a Beach Bag filled with these goodies {approx value is $130}:

1.       1 Jade and Jasper bracelet

2.       1 Pair of Solemates Heel Savers

3.       1 Travel size Evian brumisteur

4.       1 bottle OPI “Suzi’s Hungary Again” nailpolish

5.       1 copy of Bella Andre’s THE LOOK OF LOVE

6.       1 Travel size bottle of NYM Smooth Moves

7.       1 Pair Unisun Eyewear sunglasses

8.       1 Vapur “anti-bottle” water bottle

Giveaway Details:

One winner shall be chosen by random using the random winner generator in Raflecopter. The winner shall have 48 hours to claim prize after receiving the email and announcement goes live on site too. Open to US only. Giveaway ends June 7, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

Want a chance to head to Las Vegas? {this is in not part of the giveaway I am hosting on site for Beach Bag}

Visit Facebook.com/HarlequinBooks from May 22nd – May 31st and create your SUMMER OF LOVE Mixtape for a chance to win a trip for YOU and THREE friends to Las Vegas.  *No purchase necessary. Ends May 31, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I did receive the same products being given away. All opinions are my own.

{Book Review} The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain

Diane Chamberlain is not an author I am familiar with but it appears she has a few books out available to purchase, according to Amazon.com.  Recently released, The Good Father, is a novel about something that could happen to any one of us. That feeling of loving someone so badly but your parents disagree and do everything in their power to ensure you two never lay eyes on each other again. The problem with this scenario is that there is a little girl involved, one in which the mother wanted to put up for adoption to a family who could raise her well, when instead the person who gained custody of this little baby girl was the little girl’s biological father.

The Good Father travels along the path of a father who is making the best decisions he knows how to make in order to be certain that his daughter has food for her belly and everything she needs to survive. This survival technique is one that I know all too well, as a mother, I personally would do whatever I needed to do to ensure that my children have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and are taken care of. I can’t say I would attempt to break any laws to protect my children, however, I haven’t ever been in such a position where I had to make a choice one way or another. In case you could not tell, I could relate most to the father in this story, Travis Brown, for he did everything he could to keep his daughter safe, he also believed that love was what his child needed most!

I never used to feel like I’d made a mistake when I derailed Robin’s plans for Bella to be adopted. Let her go to a couple who can give her everything, people argued with me when I told them I was going to fight for her. Maybe someone else could have given her every material thing she could ever want, but they couldn’t’ give her me. Her father. - Excerpt from The Good Father.

Turns out that Travis Brown did know what was best for Bella, when Travis gets sucked into a situation gone bad he is caught up in a trail of suspense he never could have dreamed.  This trail leads back to Robin, but what would she think of him? Would his daughter Bella’s biological mother, the love of his life even speak to him? For all Travis knew Robin had wanted nothing to do with him nor Bella.

The story twists and turns leaving you wondering who has the most bravery,  who will survive and will there be a happily ever after ending? Well I guess you should pick up your copy of The Good Father to find out how it all ends.

Book Trib will be hosting a live chat with Diane Chamberlain, the author of The Good Father, in celebration of this newly released book on May 31st at 3pm EST. If you are interested please RSVP to livechat {at} booktrib.com so that they will know who is attending!

“I received a copy of this book for free. All opinions are that of my own”

Something From my Aunt Robin

There are few memories I have from my past, I always say the reason I can’t remember much of my past life is because I blocked a lot of it out. If you say to me “remember when…” I probably will not remember that time in my life. There are some memories I cherish and seem to hang onto and those involve my aunt Robin who passed away when I was only five years old. It’s funny how I have one little memory of her picking me up somewhere and then us trying to find my Dad to ask his permission or let him know that she had me … something like that. It’s the one memory I have of her and not sure if I am even correct in the memory.

Since I was close to Robin at a young age, as I grew older my family has given me various items that belonged to her. I have her jewelry box, a couple Raggedy Ann ceramic statues, and most recently her collection of stuff animal Smurfs. I was grateful when my other aunt asked if I wanted Robin’s Smurfs because like I said my aunt Robin is one memory from my past I seem to hang onto. I used to visit her grave every October because that is the month she was born in and the month she passed away in. I wish our family still had the time to go up and do our picnics with cherry cheese cake, Robin’s favorite {and mine too}. We used to meet up at Robin’s grave and have a little picnic together, one of the few family moments I recall as a young child.


One item I have that was given to my aunt Robin from one of her friends is a quote that I have hanging inside of my home and it seems to fit my personality very well. In case you can’t read the quote in the picture above I have written it below for you to think about …

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or Kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Isn’t it beautiful? I am just in love with this and will hang it up in our new home once we have settled in.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

This is a long weekend event, and I am extremely excited. My husband, @daddyjustin, normally works 6 days a week and over 50 hours a week. He has taken a vacation day today and will have Monday off in observance of Memorial Day! I have not seen my husband this much in I don’t know how long. I am super excited!!

I would like to take the kids to my aunt Robin’s gravestone as we used to go two times a year. As a single mother I took my oldest to my aunt’s grave in October for her birthday remembrance and in May for memorial day. As life gets crazy busy, this is something I have neglected and it has been weighing on my mind. Do you have a relative you visit on a regular basis each year? If not, you should make the time. I recall giving others a hard time because they say that life’s just too busy now and they can not find the time to visit the graves of a loved one – I always felt YOU MAKE TIME for those you love regardless of whether they are here on our Earth or resiting in peace. I need to take the time this weekend to go see my Aunt Robin with the kids, Miss Ki recalls going every year and has requested to bring flowers up to her gravestone. I think it’s important to teach your children about showing respect & love to those who are no longer with us.

We will be having a HUGE yard/garage sale this weekend. We need to clean house! Our family is not big on being pack rats, but my husband is a big computer parts & accessory collector. Apparently the hobby of building computers has taken over our garage and our basement, so I hope we can sell some of these items to make more room in our home & garage!

There is a lot to do this weekend but I hope we can have time for a bonfire, BBQ and some good ol’ family fun on the slip n slide. I have already put in my request to have the slip n slide up and ready later today – since it is nearing 90 degrees already at 11am on Friday … yeah I think we will need some cool down time later!

What will you and your loved ones be doing this weekend? I look forward to hearing about your super weekend!

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