Life investments that will bring value to your finances

Making investments is not an easy matter. There is a lot of careful consideration that needs to be done in order to make sure that you make the right decision. It is important to give a lot of thought to things that you will be investing in to, for the whole of your life or at least a significant chunk of it.

Life insurance

There are many people who do not like the idea of life insurance, but if it is carefully chosen it can be very valuable. It can add a great deal of money to your estate when you die and make sure that your loves ones are financially looked after. It is even possible to tie it up in a trust fund to help to protect it against inheritance tax. It can give peace of mind to know that your loved ones are looked after when you die and life insurance can be a good way to do this.


Investing in property can be a good way to improve your finances when you are alive as well as giving you something valuable to leave behind. Once you have paid off your mortgage, you will no longer have to pay anything for where you live. This means that you will save a lot of money in rent. You may make improvements to the property which will increase the value. You may decide to downsize when your family leaves home and get some of the money out that is tied up. Otherwise you will have a significant item for your children to inherit.


A pension can help to care for you and a spouse during retirement, which is extremely important. Many people retire and find that they are a lot worse off which means that they cannot properly enjoy the free time that they have. By having a pension you have a source of income. This will take a big commitment with monthly investment over a long number of years but it will really pay off in the long term.


Investing in shares is something that needs to be done over the long term. Many people worry about the stock market. However, if you regularly buy shares then you can take advantage of the low prices by getting more shares for your money. Then as the value increases of the stock that you hold, then your investment will increase in value. You will have a lump sum that you can cash in to help for retirement or something that you can leave to your loved ones.

Will Early Retirement Satisfy You?

The idea of early retirement can be a really attractive one to some people. Not having to get up for work every day, especially on a Monday can feel like it will be a fantastic thing. However, early retirement can bring problems which are worth considering when you are thinking about whether you should choose it or not.

Standard of Living

Money is an important consideration when you are thinking about retirement. You may have a pension fund, but that is unlikely to pay out until you reach an older age. Sometimes you can draw on it early but you may find that if you do this then you will have to draw less money each month, which make it more difficult to manage as you get older. You may use a lump sum of money, but you may be better off keeping this for a bit longer in case you need it to fall back on when you get older. You do not want to have to contemplate selling your property, using credit cards or payday loans, retirement doesn’t like those type of invesments.


Once you stop having to use your brain each day, seeing new things and people, you may find that you start to get bored. You may enjoy going out and about for a while, perhaps travelling and seeing family. You may want to do some work on the house or take time to do some hobbies. However, you cannot do these things forever and so you will need to consider whether you might regret early retirement and wish you had kept the work out for as long as you could have.

Social Factors

In most jobs people have a lot of social interaction. They will get a chance to meet other people and talk to them and maybe deal with new people on a regular basis. Once retired there will be no interaction with work colleagues or customers. This may be a relief to some people initially, but it can get lonely once you are not seeing different people each day.

Relationship with partner

The relationship that you have with your partner could change once you retire. You will see a lot more of them and this could be difficult. You may no longer have so many things to talk about as you will not be discussing what you were doing at work that day. You may find that you like seeing more of each other but it will bring a change to your relationship. You may find that it changes in an unexpected way.

Work on Increasing Your Cognitive Skills, Including Memory

I have written many times about my lack of memory, I can’t remember much of anything. My memory is so bad that my daughter actually informs people that she is my memory. Everyone laughs but in all reality it is kind of concerning that my memory is failing me so soon, I am only 29 years old.

As the economy keeps sinking and people start having to work later in life it seems memory is something that people are going to have to start focusing on increasing. I think the older we get our brain just can’t handle all of the information we have placed within it and so in order to keep our cognitive skills, including memory, sharp is to focus on fitness for the brain.

Yes, you heard me right, I want you to start focusing on fitness for your brain in addition to fitness for your body! I know, like you needed one more thing to work on. I certainly don’t need another fitness task added to my day but I think keeping your cognitive skills is extremely important in this day and age.

I look at my grandmother who actually retired at her retirement age and think “will this be me”, but in all reality it won’t be. My retirement age isn’t going to be as young as it was for her and if I do get to retire it’s only going to be from my hard work and savings account by the sounds of the sloping economy. If I have to base retirement on my own savings account I will be working until I hit the grave because I am self employed, anyone who is self employed knows when it’s good it’s good and when it’s bad it’s bad.

Whether you are self employed or an employee at a company, please be aware that the more years that go by, the more financially status changes and the later in life we will be forced to work before being able to retire so please work on exercises to increase your cognitive skills before it’s too late!

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