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The other night my daughter returned from her two night visit with her Dad when I was tossing around dinner ideas to the family. My daughter decided that, while she loves my odd chicken parmesan I make, she really wanted my breaded garlic chicken breast instead. From there we went talking about how she wants to learn the recipes for meals I create because she enjoys the things I make.

It’s funny that she, at age 11, is so interested in cooking and quite honestly she bakes a heck of a lot better than I do. If there is a cake, cupcake or brownie to be made I always turn to her. Now she wants to turn to me to learn the cooking skills for later years in her life that I never learned until my late 20′s into my 30′s. I am so happy that my daughter wants to learn to cook things and to boot, she is putting all of the things we create in the kitchen on index cards in a recipe book to keep for later years of her life.
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My daughter had fun creating breaded garlic chicken breast with me the other night and added it to her recipe book. I thought since my daughter wants all of these recipes kept for years to come so she can make the same meals for her family one day, that I would share with you all too.

This year, 2014, I will be sharing a lot of the recipes I create here in the Happily Blended home as a way to make a pound of chicken or a pound of hamburg stretch far enough to feed a family of seven when all of the children are here on the weekends. I will show you things that all of my children, even the picky eaters, will eat on occasion or all of the time.

I’m so happy that my daughter and I have a close relationship to the point she actually enjoys spending time in the kitchen learning how to cook with me. My heart melted just a little bit that evening and we made memories … the memory that my tween daughter, no matter what, is always happy to learn and look up to her Mama for tips on how to be a happy, healthy, well-rounded person!

My Not So Cool Recipe Idea for Chicken Breast in the Crock Pot aka Slow Cooker #recipe

I have to admit that this recipe was disgusting to me, but the boyfriend loved it and my daughter enjoyed one tortilla wrap of it…. this is my own creation and was not taken from any cook book nor online resource, just taken from inside my beautiful brain.

Crock Pot Chicken Breast

Crock Pot Chicken Turned Tortilla Meal
A crock pot chicken breast recipe that in turn creates a Mexican style flavor tortilla wrap
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  1. 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
  2. 1 large bottle of Italian dressing
  3. 1 jar of hot, mild or whatever flavor you like salsa
  4. 1 container of sour cream
  5. 1 cup shredded lettuce
  6. 2 cups shredded cheddar & monterey jack cheese
  7. 1 package of soft tortilla shells (or hard taco shells)
  1. Combine the 1lb of chicken breast with the 1 large bottle of italian dressing into your crock pot (slow cooker). Use a fork to stab holes into the chicken breast so the italian dressing will bring more flavor to the chicken breast. Set crock pot on low setting for 9 hours.
  2. Close to the 9 hours being done, shred up some lettuce. Place the tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, salsa and shredded cheese in middle of the table so that family or guests may choose which toppings to add to their chicken tortillas (or tacos).
  3. Once 9 hours is over, the chicken is ready to eat. Take chicken out of the crock pot and place on a plate. use two forks to shred the chicken up, for easier placement on tortillas (or tacos). Create your tortilla (or taco) how you wish with the various toppings available to you to place on the shell prior to or after the shredded chicken is on your shell.
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Up&Up Toddler Applesauce Snacks to Go #spon

Up&Up  is a Target brand that offers a fun toddler snack of applesauce that I like to call “on the go snack”,why? Well because I have no problems with having my kids eat this in my car! No mess and good for the kids snack.

There are multiple options of the up&up brand food pouches, but today I am talking about the applesauce in particular. The flavors come from Applesauce Cinnamon to Plum Banana and everything in between.  The pouches come in stages from 1-4 and are a great snack for on the go sports nights or an addition to the kiddos cold lunch at school.

My six year old and ten year old have been bringing these up&up applesauce pouches to school in their cold lunch with a turkey & cheese sandwich, drink and crackers. They are so happy that Target sent these to us because apparently the applesauce cups I sent before were a “pain to open and eat at school”.

Target has allowed me to share their coupons with you all where you can save various amounts on the up&up brand selections of snacks for your little ones. I certainly will be taking advantage of these coupons because the kids are extremely happy with this up&up brand applesauce. My six year old loves all of the flavors and my ten year old daughter’s favorite is the cinnamon applesauce. The four year old refuses to eat these, so I can not tell you what his favorite option is. The kid is going through this stage that he refuses to try any new foods, even with a cool twist off top the older kids and I just couldn’t talk him into it.

These have been a hit with the older two kids and I will certainly continue to purchase them using the up&up Target Coupons.

This post is sponsored, however, all opinions are my own.

Sibling Love and Slushies

I love to walk, I try to stay active and the kids of course have no choice but to be active with me. One of the few ways I can get the boys to walk around with me without complaints is to purchase a slushie, of course it’s not called that anymore. I miss those old school Slush Puppy machines, do they even have them anymore?

I guess the kind we pick up at the local Irving station is called Polar Pop but it’s the same slushy concept and it’s yummy. I still remember the first time each of my kids experienced brain freeze, it was so funny but not so funny all at once.

So each day that it’s nice out, I take advantage of the weather by parking downtown and walking to the schools to get the munchkins. When I arrive without a car, the boys will occasionally get so upset with me for walking. They much prefer to ride in the car, because it’s faster. I then pull out the bribe for an awesome treat “but if we walk we can walk to the store and get a slushy”. Leave it to Aj the six year old to state “well if we drive it’s faster”.

After the drama is over and the boys realize there is no getting out of walking back downtown to get sissy and head to get a slushy they start walking. It’s so much fun to walk to Irving’s, purchase a slushy for each of the kids and walk back to our car. Usually they stop, as pictured here, in front of the police station pretending to be police officers while enjoying a nice break and drinking their Polar Pop.

Yes, I bribe my kids on occasion, for things such as walking if they are not in the walking sort of mood and it’s fine because usually I remind them that they are getting a slushy because they were totally awesome for being active. I let them know how important it is to stay active for our health and happiness.

Hodgson Mill Pastabilities Contest and Giveaway

I entered the Hodgson Mill Pastabilities Contest with my every day pasta salad I make at home, my five and nine year old kids love it! I call it brain food, mostly because when I eat it I always played better at chess! You can certainly vote for me if you like during the contest by clicking here to visit the Hodgson Mill Pinterest page & click like on my recipe.

I usually make this pasta salad with elbow but the bow ties made it more fun for the kids this time around. To get the full recipe instructions you can visit the Hodgson Mill recipe page on their website.

Now for your chance to enjoy some pasta from Hodgson Mill, one lucky person who enters below will be randomly selected to win $25 worth of pasta from Hodgson Mill. Open to US only and giveaway will end at 12:01am EST on July 5th, 2012.

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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