Have you Gone Digital?

These days it seems everything has gone digital, can you imagine what the world will be like when my children are grown? I am slightly worried that even coloring books will have gone completely digital, no more sitting around to color with crayons in hand working those fine motor skills and enjoying family down time. Nope. All digital, I swear.

Coloring Books Go Digital?

With the ease of access to use digital publishing software and the many companies out there for you to utilize, becoming a digital publisher is rather easy so to speak. Just think about the book my daughter and I wrote, Positive Girl – The Power of your Thoughts. We were able to not only publish this on paperback but have it available for the Kindle Tablet without an issue. Quick and easy for the most part.

I can not say that getting a paperback style book format into the digital format is always an easy process. For example, you must ensure the page is setup for proper viewing on a tablet. Much like that of a blog being read online or on a tablet, some websites and blogs look better than others in digital format because the website owner has taken the time to work with digital publishing options to ensure their sites and information being put out there is easily accessible by all forms their readers may use to view the site.

Getting your information out there in a digital format is obviously the first step, next you want to ensure that your site and/or magazine or book is listed on a virtual newsstand to ensure that people are being shown your digital version. With a paper back option, there are real newsstands all over the world but with the digital world you must realize it’s the same concept you just cannot touch nor feel that newsstand.  Leaping into the digital world is a great idea to further your business, information you have to share and to just be up with the current times.

Do you use digital publishing for your business, book, magazine or blog?

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FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD TODAY ONLY Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing

Today the author of Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing and other loved books here at my house, is offering everyone a free ebook download of this fantastic book.

Pictured above is another one of Dana Lehman’s book that my daughter has signed in her bedroom.  Today the free ebook download is fro Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing. So head on over to Amazon.com to download your free copy of this book in ebook format today (December 1, 2012)

Leave a comment below telling me if you downloaded this, I want to know! (no I am not being compensated to share this with y’all, I am simply sharing as a supporter of Dana’s books)

Converting Documents to PDF is Important

I work strictly from home so whenever I create a document to send over to a potential client or a client I make sure that I convert my Word to PDF, but sometimes someone may send over a PDF document that they request you do the opposite with, pdf to word.

It can be a little tricky when you are working with pdf and word or vice versa, sometimes things don’t always convert pdf to word accurately. In order to ensure you are going to be doing the converting properly with minimal issues it’s important to have the best software. I use a free program to do Word to PDF, however, the same free program doesn’t work to do the opposite and I have had to do my research to ensure I have a great program to convert pdf to word in case a client needs this service.

Have you ever converted pdf to word? How did that work for you?

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BOOK REVIEW: Muffin’s & Mayhem Recipes for a Happy Life

Brandy Ellen and Muffins and Mayhem

From The Press Release

This summer, dig in to the new book that reminds us all that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be delicious – MUFFINS & MAYHEM: RECIPES FOR A HAPPY (IF DISORDERLY) LIFE (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, June 1). Author Suzanne Beecher uses her quirky, homespun magic to take the reader through her tumultuous journey from her childhood in the very small town of Cuba City, WI to single, drug addicted, teenage mother to successful businesswoman, grandmother, and wife of her best friend. MUFFINS & MAYHEM is refreshingly humorous and honest, and a perfect summer read that celebrates food, friends, and family.

Suzanne Beecher has owned a restaurant, founded and published a business magazine, established a non-profit program to feed the homeless, and home-schooled her youngest son. She writes a daily column for DearReader.com and is a darling of the book club world designing email book clubs for publishers, booksellers, and libraries across the country. Over 350,000 participate in DearReader.com!

Suzanne’s fans are already in the MUFFINS & MAYHEM spirit by getting together, reading her book, cooking her dishes, and sharing the recipes and stories that have helped keep them grounded in an unpredictable world. Below is more about the book.

In conjunction with the release of the book, Suzanne launched www.muffinsandmayhem.com, where visitors can create their very own Cookbook of Memories. On the site you can also sign up to receive a free, personalized and autographed bookplate from Suzanne.

My Personal Take On The Ingredients for Happiness

This is a wonderful book that I felt fit my blog perfectly. I love the idea of sharing happiness with others and Suzanne Beecher did a fantastic job on this book! I love the cover that says “Muffins & Mayhem Recipes for a Happy (if disorderly) Life” for some reason that totally caught my eyes immediately upon opening this book from the mail package. This is a great book to sit down outside after a long day raising the kids and working. I like to sit outside and open this book with a cold drink and relax while I place my mind completely in this book. I am not completely to the end yet, but have read three quarters of this book and highly recommend it all to you based on my opinion of it being inspirational and intriguing.

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Writing a Real Novel

Eslite Bookstore in Taichung Chung-yo Departme...
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I have always wanted to have some published pieces of writing – mostly I thought of poetry – but lately I have been thinking of writing a book or a novel. I have so many ideas, and found that when brainstorming what I would write about I often tried to focus on motherhood, children and other family friendly type topics. Although I would love to write a family friend novel, my passion appears to be in romance or something that would be more of an adult label than a family friendly label.

I have always enjoyed writing, because it is my outlet. After having a bad day, an argument with a loved one or children who would not listen all day I can sit down and write, allowing my mind to become clear so I can move forward in a positive direction and start the next day off fresh. Writing is an amazing tool; it can help others, help yourself and make you money if you are good at it.

I have seen so many other bloggers who have written books as well as some of my Twitter friends. I am currently reading a couple of books from my Twitter friends, and hope to have the reviews written up for you soon. I love to support writers and I hope that once I finally have my novel written and find a publisher you will review my book on your website or blog.

It may take me years to write my book, but I hope it only takes a few months. I plan to record my thoughts when the idea is there and then listen to the audio so I can transcribe it in a Word document.

I can write a book, no problem, but promoting it, submitting it to publishers, trying to find a way to get it printed and accepted to go out for sale is where I am lost. I have been asking on Twitter but don’t get much for a response. If you are reading this and have any tips please let me know. Also, if you are looking to write a book but have no time to write it please let me know. I would love to chat while I type and get your book typed up for your faster than maybe you have time for. I work with a contract so your piece of writing work would not be stolen, besides I have morals and would never steal someone else idea or work of art anyways.

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