Will we Be Back to School Soon? #schoolvacation #happilyblended

My children had 12 days, that includes weekends scheduled off for school vacation. My fiance also had the same 12 days off from his work place, it was great – the idea of having a second adult around during school vacation. I was looking forward to school vacation regardless of my fiance being off from work or not because I enjoy extra time to hang with my children. It amazes me just how fast they grow up … no matter how much they grow up, they still enjoy doing a variety of activities with their siblings and this Mama …

Bead Crafts Happily Blended

Our first idea of something to do, during this school vacation, was to get our bead collection out. My fiance’s aunt sent over some beads, something that everyone enjoys doing something with. My five year old son went to work making a necklace for me and a necklace for himself. It was a fun time with us all around the table putting together jewelry from the beads and strings.

Happily Blended Reading Books and Paper Crowns

We are avid book readers in this house so it was certainly true that we got some reading in as well, one of our Christmas time favorites is Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star. The boys also had an idea that they wanted to be kings of various countries so I went to work helping them make crowns out of paper. They loved saying they were the King of Greece and King of Egypt like King Tut, etc etc. Such a fun time!

Popiscle Crafts Board Games Happily Blended

We spent so much time together between playing an occasional MineCraft via the demo on the PS3 or the full creative version on my laptop to Popsicle stick crafts like God’s Eyes shown in the far right in above picture to the jewelry box made out of Popsicle sticks and board games like our favorite, Monopoly Empire.

While the 12 days of school vacation were fun and we enjoyed being together as a family, when January 2nd came, it was surely a time for the kids to be back to school as they were scheduled to be so that the regular school year routine could resume. Then it happened, ,we got hit with a bad snow storm January 2nd into January 3rd leaving the kids with no school both Thursday and Friday. So we spent time hanging out and staying warm in below zero temperatures. Now, as Monday approaches, I look forward to having routine back so I can work and the kids can attend their regularly scheduled school sessions.

What did you all do during school vacation?

My Boys Decided to be Social with Our Neighbor

The other day I was outside getting ready to go pick up my daughter from school, the five year old had to be home for he had a dentist appoint that took up most of the day. I had purchased some FlavorIce pops the day before and the boys were enjoying some popiscles outdoors hanging out waiting for me to get them buckled into the car when the neighbor popped outside to do his yard work or whatever.

Now my neighbor lives directly in front of my house, connected to the lawn that is ours. Growing up in this house I hung out with his daughter and was a grade behind his son in school. I think of them as good people and honestly will miss interacting with the people I grew up to know when we have to move from this place I call home, but for now we are enjoying renting it from my mother.

On to my story… I am extremely social, maybe it’s because I spend most of my time with children that when an adult is near I am excited and don’t want them to leave or I ramble on with them forever about anything that comes to mind. I truly enjoy being friendly to others and I enjoy neighbors getting along because I feel with all of this technology and social media we have lost touch of what neighbors are all about. The importance of knowing your neighbors on a friendly level is something I thrive for. I grew up here & these neighbors have known me since I was five years old,  it’s extremely important for my children to be friendly with them and continue on in the spirit of being friendly neighbors.

My sons decided that they wanted to be extra social the other day and scream, as loud as they possibly could, to our neighbor to say hello. The neighbor laughed and said hello back. Then the boys decided they needed to continue screaming to the neighbor, who could have heard them at a normal level voice, about their day and the fact that they were eating pospicles! I cracked up so much because they were just so outgoing and friendly with our neighbor. It made me proud but it also made me sad for I don’t want to leave this property, I want my children to grow up here the same way I did.

I want so badly to stay here forever, to let the kids enjoy the land and neighbors the way I did growing up, but for now I will settle for renting and letting my kids enjoy the land and home until renting is no longer an option for us. I love that my kids are outgoing like this and have figured out that being social to our neighbors is important and a great way to connect with those who live near us.

Do you speak with your neighbors? Are your kids outgoing like this with your neighbors?

Gelarti from Moose Toys Helps you Make Creative Sticker Scenes

My daughter loves arts and craft type items so when I was approached to try out this new line of Spring toys from Moose Toys called Gelarti, I couldn’t pass up the offer.

About Gelarti

Gelarti is a new and unique line of gel stickers that kids paint and decorate themselves. Designed with kids and parents in mind, Gelarti allows children to paint, peel, place, remove and reuse their uniquely designed stickers without leaving messy residue behind. Available exclusively at Toys“R”Us, Gelarti™ is a perfect activity for brightening spring’s rainy days while inspiring creativity.

Ki quickly went to work coloring her designs so that she could make a cute display on her wall in her bedroom. The colorful designs added a bit of personality to her room. These were a great way to spend a rainy Spring day instead of using electronics such as video games, television or tablets. I highly recommend this product for families who want to encourage a love of art or already have an artist loving child!

You can find this product exclusively at Toys R Us.

“I received this product for free. Opinions are my own.”

BistroMD Meal’s Review and 5 Day Meals Giveaway @bistroMD

I was able to taste test the BistroMD meal plan, five days of meals were sent to me for trial, before I share a bit about what I thought about the meals, I must share with you some details about BistroMD as a company. Have you ever heard of them? If not, read on for details. If you have heard of them scroll down to see my thoughts on the meals.

About BistroMD

BistroMD is a low calorie diet plan that will assist you in meeting your diet needs. Meals available for you to cook without any clean up. All meal plans are designed by a physician and ready for you to enjoy. BistroMD is a meal plan created to meet your bodies needs for calorie intake during your dieting but also nutrition needs as a human being.

Each meal is created as if you were ordering it at a restaurant, the food is high quality and delicious.

Dieting is best done with exercise plan as well, so do not forget to exercise and of course always consult with a doctor before beginning any dietary meal plan to ensure it is the right decision for your own self.

My Thoughts About the 5 Day Meal Plan from BistroMD

I was able to receive a 5 day meal plan from BistroMD, having no dietary restrictions they sent me what they felt was a good five day plan. I personally liked the Spinach Ricotta Crepes with Turkey Sausage, although after one bite of the sausage my son stole the remainder of the sausage I was able to taste test it enough to ensure I liked the taste.  I love spinach, but usually in a salad or with vinegar on it. The crepes were good and created as if I had ordered them at a restaurant. I could certainly see my energy increase eating these meals. I did share my breakfast meals with my sons for the serving size was more than I eat in the mornings.

Check out BistroMD on Google + and Facebook. Oh and follow @bistroMD on Twitter!

Are you ready to test out BistroMD?

These meal plans are physician designed, no preparing as the chef has already prepared these meals for you, co cooking, no counting calories and no clean up after a meal. Perfect for the on the go person who is constantly busy with work and kids.  Giveaway is open to US only.  Giveaway will end at 12:01am EST on May 10, 2012. Winner chosen using Random.org through Rafflecopter.com. Winner will receive a five day meal plan.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

” I received a five day meal plan for free from BistroMD to share my own personal opinion on their products. All opinions are my own.”

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