How Much I Love My Children

I Love my Children so Much That .. A Poem of a Mothers Love

I love my children so much that;

I allow them the distance to make mistakes.

I love my children so much that;

I teach them to accept not everyone will like them.

I love my children so much that;

I allow them an open forum to speak their opinions freely & openly.

I love my children so much that;

I grew to be the example I want them to live by.

I love my children so much that;

I encourage them to try  new things by overcoming any anxious feelings.

I love my children so much that;

I allow them to be who they are without judgement or attempting to mold them into who I am.

I love my children so much that;

I show appreciation for their good grades and other accomplishments with a big smile, happy dance and a hug.

I love my children so much that;

I’ve taught them to enjoy the simple things in life, rather than be needy of materialistic items.

I love my children so much that;

I give tough love when needed, even if it kills me to do so.

I love my children so much that;

I teach them we are a family unit and each will have their own responsibilities to ensure the household runs smoothly.

I love my children so much that;

I raise them in an old school mentality that doesn’t easily come as accepted in society as we know it today.

I love my children so much that;

I allow their thoughts, feelings and opinions to matter, all the while letting them know I am the adult who makes the final decisions.

I love my children so much that;

I show them that their Mama loves them no matter what, forever and always unconditionally.

My Children love me so much that;

They shower me in hugs, kisses and include me in their pretend play time because they  know I love them so much.


I Truly Love my Life

Sons are a blessingI truly do love my life, I feel blessed to have three AMAZING children. I have a roof over our heads. I have been self employed for four years. I have amazing friends and while on my dating ventures I am meeting some more amazing people. I am truly blessed.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to realize what it is you are thankful for when it’s staring you in the face every day. Hidden blessings seem to be passing by me every day and yet I fail, at times, to notice them as blessings. When my two older kids, who normally are butting heads, sit down to play something together or walk down the driveway hand in hand; those are true happy moments, small blessings.

IMG_20121211_190233When my youngest stops from doing whatever hyper activity he is doing just to say “I love you Mama” that is a true moment worth savoring since more often than not his favorite saying is “I hate you” even though he seems to say it in the most sweet way, it’s still sad to hear him say that.

When my daughter comes home from being gone for two days and just wants to feel my arms around her in a big hug. NO words. Just a hug. That is a blessing. When my daughter doesn’t call me mean once a day, that is a blessing.

IMG_20121211_164412Even when my kids do the most crazy off the wall things – that is a blessing- because I know they are comfortable enough with me and in my home to be who they want to be, to test limits, to figure out who they are as individuals in a zone where they know Mama will love them always.

I have shown my kids unconditional love and they have shown me blessings in disguises one after another, every day. I love my life and it’s always nice to remember that the little things really count the most.

Happy Birthday to my Little and Only Sister

Today is my little and only sisters birthday! Happy Birthday my sister, I love you very much even if we don’t say it, words need not be there. The love we have is always there through the good and bad times.

I hope that you have a relaxing day because you deserve it and enjoy that little baby inside of your belly! Much love to my sister on this happy day! We shall have to get together and get a little sisterly silly time soon!

When Your Theory on Life and Happiness Hits Your Heart

I am a positive thinker, I wouldn’t go on to say I am a 100% optimistic person, however, I do tend to lean more towards an optimistic person than a pessimistic one. You see, life is way too short to dwell on what negative may happen or has happened – I say focus on today and live each moment to the fullest for you never know when life will stop.

The thing about being a positive thinker, is that my positive attitude comes out in my parenting style and I did not realize just how much my positive thinking was reaching my children until the other night. I was sitting downstairs working on my boys bedtime routine when my daughter came downstairs, with a smile on her face, she looked as though she were up to no good when out of her mouth came a quote:

Filling your soul with other souls makes you more bitter and cold.

Say what? Did my nine year old daughter just say what I think she said? Basically, as explained to me by this nine year old girl, the quote means that you can’t let others get inside of you, you can not allow people who are mean or negative get into your soul because you are only responsible for yourself. Each person in this world can be happy, if only they remember that happiness comes from their own soul, not other souls.

Now, these are not words I would use exactly, mainly the word soul, however, she has a pretty good point, don’t you think? This was the day my theory on life and happiness hit my heart hard and a tear flowed down my face, a happy, proud sort of tear.


Not Perfect, Not Imperfect, Just Me

I love that many people simply love me for being me. Then there are others who hate me for being me, although I haven’t actually had a face to face with anyone who truly hates but for every like there is a dislike I am certain of somewhere in this world. The Ying and Yang.

I admit sometimes I come off a bit arrogant but it’s not in the way I would think one to be arrogant, I never, ever feel better than anyone else but I try to stand tall and remind myself that I am awesome because we all are awesome, each person holds their own individual awesomeness inside and well why not stand tall and be proud about our own self?

I tell you why, too many people have taken time to put others down, to bully, to build themselves up by saying that the reason you are standing tall is because of some negative aspect such as being arrogant or being snobby, just to name a couple adjectives I have been called. In high school I had a little bit of snobby to me, for sure, but most have told me they thought I was a very outgoing, beautiful, nice young girl so apparently my snobby inside didn’t come up to the public as much as I had thought.

We are all built differently, we are all unique and we all have those moments instilled inside inside of us  from our environment we live in to catch a judgemental thought but we have the power to remind ourselves to be better than that – to not judge. You see you never know if someone is just having a bad day or if someone is truly hurting inside and just lashes out or stands tall in defense to hide the pain inside.

Today I want you to take a moment to remind yourself that you are not perfect, you are not imperfect … you are individual YOU. Take a moment to tell someone you love that they are awesome today. Practice telling random strangers that they are awesome too, I bet it warms yoru heart and theirs, and remember to remind yourself:   this act of kindness repays itself in the form of Karma over time!

What goes around comes around, are you putting out what you want returned to you?

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