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It took me a lot of years to get to a place where I realized happiness is more about a thought process than materialistic items or what you have in life. Happiness is an emotion derived from what you have going on inside of your body, mind and soul. Happiness is something that only you can bring to your life, no one else can control your happiness. Other people may be able to affect your happiness, if you let them, but ultimately my point is that it is up to you to lead a happy life and not allow anyone else to deter you from that goal of leading a happy life.

How to Lead a Happy Life

There are many steps to leading a happy life each step may need to be repeated for a lot of many years before your mind fully grasps the concept that happiness really is an attitude. I do need to remind you that leading a happy life doesn’t mean it’s going go give you a life full of sugar and spice and everything nice! Rather, leading a happy life has more to do with the mindset, remembering that even if you are having a bad day or a bad moment that you are ultimately “happy”. This is a concept that is easily confused by those with less experience in being truly 100% happy;

Being legitimately happy and leading a happy life has everything to do with a deep emotional connection within your own self.

Step One - Determine what hobbies or special interests you have that make you feel completely, utterly happy while doing them. The primary step to becoming a sincerely happy person is to ensure that you are partaking in your special interests as often as possible to ensure complete happiness is met each day. For Example: some play musical instruments, some write words, others listen to music or feel most happy curled up reading a good book. Take part in these activities as often as possible to ensure you are consistently working towards a fully happy life.

Step Two - Do onto others as you would have others do unto you. Give to others your time; a simple “have a good day” to the cashier waiting on you, a smile and nod to everyone you walk by or something as simple as kindly holding the door for the person behind you. Be sure to develop a daily routine of consistent acts of kindness to others. This creates a positive energy around you thus allowing you to lead a happy life more effortlessly. Positive energy around you equals being surrounded by happiness.

Step Three - Surround yourself with positive people, we all have those energy sucking negative people in our lives somewhere. While family members who tend to lean more negatively aren’t easily removed from your life, try to distance yourself as often as possible from anyone who feel it’s their mission in life to abide by the “misery loves company” mindset. Rather, enlighten your world with more happy people, those who feel they are blessed and are truly grateful for the life they lead. Happiness breeds more happiness, therefore positive people will bring more positive energy. Surrounding yourself with uplifting, inspirational people will allow you to lead a happy life almost effortlessly.

Step Four - Eat less fatty foods and drink less alcohol. While I am a fan of having a big piece {or two} of greasy pizza or the occasional fast food meal as well as enjoying an alcoholic beverage from time to time, ultimately filling your body with these bad foods or drinks too often, will affect your positive energy. Fill your diet with vegetables, home cooked meals and less fatty foods to allow for your body to feel energized, having more physical energy will release more positive energy.  Don’t believe me? Change your diet for just a few days and see how much better you feel inside and out.

Step Five - Exercise to release negative tension; anything from yoga to taking a brisk walk on a warm day can release a lot of negativity. Allowing your body and muscles time to breath, stretch and work out really does assist in creating a positive energy within your own self. You don’t have to over exert yourself on a daily basis, something as simple as parking further away from the entrance to a store will allow you a short walk and release any tension you may be feeling that day. Practice taking time everyday to stretch your muscles so that your mind is clear and body feels refreshed.

To be honest, the top five tips above are the best starting points to leading a happy life. Once you have mastered the top five tips above, you will find a happy life will manifest itself and others around you will feel that positive energy emanating from your aura. Others will have no choice but to automatically feel happy when they are around you, thus making the idea of leading a happy life an effortless task as time goes on.

Taking one Step at a Time

My brain cannot function if it is held up with multiple worries and concerns. I have to focus on one piece of the pie at a time. Meaning, if life tosses me multiple things that I have to resolve, I cannot just sit back and think about this one and that one then the next one all at once. The reason is that I have three kids, two of which are extremely active boys, on top of everything that goes on in the adult world living as a responsible adult. My brain works best when I take one piece of the puzzle at a time and work efficiently but with this rhythm that ends up solving all of the situations that have come up.

With that being said, I essentially need to focus on a solution rather than the problem or concern. My brain will shut down immediately upon having been tossed a ton of worries or being around someone who is citing all of their concerns in some mumbled paragraph. I have to take one step at a time and have faith it will all work out. This process has worked amazingly for me as a work from home mother because I can find the solutions easier and don’t get too overwhelmed about things.

If I allow myself to become consumed or overwhelmed with anything then I end up basically going into a slow depression zone where I will only have the function and energy to sleep. I am not kidding, there have been times where my brain got so cramped up that I slept the one full day I had to work because that is all it could handle.

Taking one step at a time just makes sense. Less stress. Healthier heart. And the solution to things come better if you have true faith and a belief that everything will work out. I promise you it will work out, even if you don’t always understand in the present day, there will be a future day when you nod your head and say “oh yeah, that is why that happened that way”.

Do You Know how Hard it is ….

To sit and listen to people say awful things about you? To sit and hear that you are some huge negative person when in reality you know that you are a positive thinker and do nothing but try to spend your extra time sending positive thoughts to everyone you can,  is such a hard thing to go through.

How I handle it is to take a moment to remind myself who it is that is speaking. Is this person a positive person? Does this person’s opinion matter? I don’t believe they are a positive person and quite honestly nope their opinion doesn’t matter, are usually my answers to those questions when times like this come to play.

Life is challenging, I am forever telling you all this, so when a challenge arises that has someone degrading you and making you out to be someone you are not – just get into that happy place inside of your mind. Tune out all of the negative things they are trying to say and remember this:

The truth shall prevail and everyone’s true character comes out eventually.

If you truly are an amazing person with a loving heart then guess what? It will show in your actions, the way you present yourself and it will show in how you deal with other people. Eventually all lies get shown the light and make sure that you are the one standing in the light of truth at the end of a hard situation, because only then can you move forward in a positive direction from any challenge that you face.

Sit Back and Watch OR Take Action and Assist

We all have decisions to make in life, whether we choose to involve drugs and alcohol in our lives, or spank our children, or have a drivers license. Every single thing we do in life requires the process of thought and action. This is true with friendship, relationships and parenting or any area of life really.

As a friend you can watch as another person self destructs, destroys other people’s lives or suffers from issues either past or present. Sitting back and watching is so much easier than admitting to yourself that maybe you should step up and do something to help that friend. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a serious issue or a mild issue, friends are there to tell you how it is and give you an outside view on your life, even if you do not wish to hear it.

As a partner in a relationship you can sit back and allow your partner to slack off and make excuses for the things they do in life or you can step up and show you care by saying something. To be honest, this partner may not feel you are being very kind to them and they may get hurt by the things you say to them, put it this way … the truth hurts. Although who are you to tell this person a truth?! When you think about it, are you really the bearer of a truth for another human being? All you are is a partner providing an opinion of a situation you have watched over for a specific period of time and made the choice to step up and say something about the circumstances.

As a parent, you can sit back and allow excuses to rule your child’s life or you can hold your child accountable for their actions. It is often all too easy to fall into the trap of allowing excuses to work for your own or your child’s behavior, after all taking blame is hard for an adult to do so really you are going to have to teach your child this skill of taking blame and accepting the consequences for their actions.

It is hard to take action and assist, especially because most of the situations in life that may require a little assistance, helpful hand or piece of your mind are going to be challenging situations. The person may not want to hear what you have to say, the person may get hurt, the person may feel anger towards you, confusion, etc. There is a lot of emotions behind trying to help another person in their life, but if you are strong and keep positive, do not let their hurtful words bring you down, then you and your child, friend or partner will be overjoyed at the results that come from you taking action and assisting.

Keep your head up everyone! Life can only be lived one day at a time, try not to look too far ahead and look back just far enough to learn never to make the same mistake twice. Live for today, hope for tomorrow and remember yesterday vividly.

May Never Understand

You know since I have become a blogger and more open about most areas of my personal life it seems to some I can’t do anything right. Others seem to feel I make impulsive decisions without a thought, however, little to most people know I spend hours upon hours thinking about decisions I make and come to an end result based on three key factors:

  1. Will this affect my children in a positive away.
  2. Is this a heart felt, sane decision.
  3. Is this what I truly feel will make me happy.

The end result with any decision we make in life has to do with our happiness and no one other person can feel what you feel in your heart. No one other person can read what thoughts are in your mind, they simply see your actions. Sometimes actions are the result of many hours of driving myself crazy running through scenarios in my mind of the outcome of my decisions. I very rarely act right away on anything, I drive myself out of my mind with thoughts to ensure the ultimate decision I make is based on what I feel is right for my children and myself.

As I stated, I am a blogger and share a lot of my personal life stories online, the main reason behind opening my life and heart & soul to my readers is to ensure they see I am not perfect and can see that even though we all make disatrious mistakes we can learn from them and grow as a person. My ultimiate goal in life is to not only be happy in my own decisions but to share my mistakes and how I learned from them so that others too can learn from those mistakes I made or those they have made.

I know I share a lot of personal information with the internet, but there are still a lot of things behind the scenes that are private and will never be shared online. Believe it or not as open and honest as I am with many of my mistakes and decisions in life there are still a lot of personal behind the scenes issues and personal situations I choose not to share with my readers and my family outside of my home. I’ve found in all the years I’ve tried to open myself up to some of my outside friends and family they rarely agree with my decisions, rarely understand where I am coming from and although I know they love me dearly some days I feel like a child again.

I know I am happy, I know I make decisions on what seems to be impulse to others but in my own mind I know that I spend hours upon hours worrying and thinking about decisions I make.  I am happy and confident in who I am and the decisions I have made in my life and I am confident I have learned from all mistakes made, that my friends is all we can do … be confident in who we are and what we aim to be, although some other people may never understand.

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