Fleas; A Pet Owners Nightmare

Let’s just start this off by saying I am highly allergic to fleas, I itch til death of my skin. I itch til blood is falling. I itch and itch and then it hurts. My middle child is the same damn way. Fleas suck. They breed quicker than rabbits and are one of the biggest expenses out there of pet owners.

We are dealing with fleas.

A couple weekends ago, Lee and I spent the day bombing our house. Okay, so it’s technically called a flea fogger, but I call it bomb. That is what it is, it lets out these chemicals that are suppose to kill the fleas and flea larvae. It worked.  The fogger worked for all about 24-48 hours and then, the dog started bringing fleas in again. We started bringing in fleas again.

Then they bred. Again.

So here we are two weeks after we last fogged the home and our pug is infested again. My ankles are getting bit. My middle child is getting bit, and my other two kids are now getting bit by these damn fleas.

We didn’t treat our backyard. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Live and learn I say. So we have to figure out another resolve to our backyard fleas. Apparently the type of sand in our backyard is a place that fleas just flourish in and I am so livid about this. I am about this close to calling an exterminator and having them come in and do our home and yard.

First things first, we want to get rid of our carpets. I spoke with our neighbors and their dog has fleas as well, but their home is not carpeted like ours, so their flea issue stays on their dog who they can give a bath to and be fine with. Our flea issue is deep in the carpets and the backyard. It’s time to rip up the carpets. So far I have one room done, but the other two rooms with carpet have sub flooring underneath, so we are trying to save cash to fix the floors with cheap flooring.

As home owners, we are super upset that our yard is a flea garden, seriously, but we are working to get cedar mulch (a natural insect and flea repellent) and lemon grass planted. We are ready and willing to do anything we can afford to do so that our pug can stop itching, we can stop itching and not see anymore fleas!!

I am sick of fleas. I wish someone could just offer their time to come stop this madness. Otherwise, I may go mad.  For now, we keep bathing our dog and continue to vacuum often, to include our furniture, but I am so ready to be over these fleas. Frontline doesn’t work. Flea bath doesn’t work. It’s time to call in the pros or something…

Disclosure: I may be exaggerating the flea issue just a wee bit because even just one sign of one flea sets me into this freak out. Just sayin’

Spending Time Being Relaxed with Children

I am all about spending time with my kids. I think it’s important for every parent to get down to your child’s level and just be one in the same with them. I am not talking about playing necessarily, even just sitting back on the couch with the kids letting them ramble nonsense and you ramble nonsense back if there is a pause in between your child’s ramblings. This is a great way to teach your child how to communicate too. In case you haven’t already realized, I am that tricky parent, I am all about everything I do with my kids from fun time to not so fun time, teaches some skill or life lesson that is going to be necessary for them to learn before adulthood.

That is my job as a parent – to prepare my children for adulthood but to also encourage a love of childhood.

Parenting your Child

My youngest son really does just enjoy it when he has full center stage attention. Little man enjoys being the spotlight of our family and we let him have it from time to time. Shown above, Little Man was chatting forever to me about his school day, about his toys, about stuff I couldn’t understand and so on. It was great! I had a smile upon my face and he was happy to just have his Mama’s attention for that short period of time. That evening was a great evening, he was well behaved.

I have noticed a trend in parenthood – if you give positive attention and focus on positive attention, you get positive children & behavior.

Daughter following me

My daughter isn’t always as easy to read because the older she gets the more complicated she can be. She is a girl and with that comes the complication of our hormones. Fun years I tell ya! I have noticed that even my tween daughter isn’t much different thatn her youngest brother; she thrives on having Mama’s undivided attention and while she doesn’t enjoy being the spotlight with a full audience, she does enjoy that one on one attention. We may often be found in the kitchen and as of late, she has started doing the dishes to help her Mama out.

In parenthood – if you show the children that they are important to you, they will learn to appreciate the value of people who are there for you.

Loving the Doggy

That little man of mine enjoys bugging our dog often, he honestly wishes for a kitty. I think once he’s old enough to clean a litter box then maybe he can have a kitty. Haha! For now, we have our Pug and we love her dearly. One thing I have learned is that a pet in the house such as a cat or dog, really does help calm children.

The simple act of petting a cat or dog can calm any child, because during that moment of petting or talking to an animal you are completely relaxed of all thoughts.

So there you have it, I firmly believe spending quality time with your children, even if just 10 minutes a day, will be the difference between having a bond and not having a bond the length of your child’s life!



Having a Pet Insurance Plan Will Make Life Easier Down The Road

Imagine you have just bought a puppy. After you’ve trained it to learn a few simple tricks, guided it through house training, and really integrated it into your life, how would you feel if you came back from work and found him hurt or very ill?

Let’s say you found out that he ate something unsuitable and needed a visit to the vet, but the bill would be outrageous. Would you look at your puppy, decide to keep the money and just leave it to face the consequences of not receiving any medical care? Even though it sounds outlandish, this is a sadly common and possible scenario when you choose to have a pet without insurance.

To avoid a case like the one described above, it is always advisable to have a health plan  – pet insurance plans can provide protection for your dog or cat, and peace of mind for you.

1. A pet insurance plan gives you assurance

Disasters strike at the most unexpected of times. Your pet may need help from a specialist or a vet when you don’t have the money set aside. Fixing them up may plunge you into debt or take money from another essential need. In fact, it may not even be possible to pay for your pet’s needs with your savings. A pet insurance plan relieves you from such complicated situations since it requires just a simple and relatively small payment once a month to get the coverage you need when disaster hits.

2.Pets can easily get injured

Puppies and kittens, especially, are extremely playful and curious; at times they can even get themselves into dangerous situations. This behavior can quickly cause injuries. Mature pets are not an exception either, and they have more health-related problems to take care of. If your pet is a problem animal, like many small dogs can end up becoming, you may even find that your pet starts fights with other, bigger dogs. Each of these problems is a potential for major cash expenditures when you don’t have an insurance plan.

3. It makes pet care an easy line item in your budget

You can choose when you wish to be making payments for the insurance. You can choose monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annually payments to simplify your expenditures. It helps you plan your finances and turns something that can be an unpredictable problem into a very simple expense that you add into your budget.

4. It eliminates tough decisions about your pet’s health

Making tough decisions when it comes to your pet’s health can be difficult. Not having the money to pay for a major surgery that can save your pet’s limb or even its life is something that you don’t want to experience. Having pet insurance to take care of simple problems like this can really go a long way to making you feel better about owning a pet, and will let you enjoy your time with your new dog or cat.

Don’t make the easy, ‘cheap’ choice and forego pet insurance. There is a chance that you may save money by not having it, but you’re also gambling with the life of your pet. If you’re still undecided, here’s a take on the need for pet insurance from a vet.

Zombie Pets by Bulls i Toy #holidaygift #spon

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These Zombie Pets are completely adorable, they are a cuddly, cute way to entertain your Zombie loving kids without the dramatic blood and creepy looking figures. Seriously. My youngest enjoys talking a good game about Zombies but in all reality he would much prefer a snuggle Zombie instead of a real scary Zombie – he scares easily.

zombie Pets

Bulls-i-Toy has nailed this toy perfectly, it’s cute but not too cute and soft for your young Zombie fan. Each Zombie Pet, there are 8 total, come with access to the Zombie Pets app which is available in Google Play and iTunes. Whatever your device is Zombie Pets app may be enjoyed by your children alongside their cuddly pet.

How Do Zombie Pets Work?

Each Zombie Pet comes with a QR code that can be scanned into your device to reanimate the Zombie Pet your child has. There is also a Fun Pack sold separately from the Zombie Pets that includes three sticker cards, one pop-up, one cling and a power-up coin which offer a value of $2, $4 or $6 of additional app play.

Zombie Pets app will encourage your child’s imagination and creativity with age-appropriate content in this online gaming environment. There are 8 Zombie Pets available for purchase, prices vary but you can see on Amazon.com a list of Zombie Pets with different price ranges to give the gift of fun this holiday season.

  • Rodney Hoppenstien – Armed with ears that slice, dice and cut through anything, Dr. Stan’s right-hand rabbit takes on the toughest missions against Boris’s minions.
  • Nigel Hitchsquawk – Dr. Stan’s dead-eye in the sky is a stealth bomber, making a mess of Boris’s evil army by dropping homemade “presents” from above.
  • Baxter Were-Woof – This loyal but mouthy hound uses his vice-like jaws and slippery slobber to subdue even the toughest adversary.
  • Buttercup Caponey - Dr. Stan’s trusty mare has a wild side. Her lethal buck-and-split combination strikes fear into enemies.
  • Mittens VonScratchula – Behind this cuddly cat’s kind demeanor lurks a cunning spymaster who uses her smarts and her claws to baffle the bad guys.
  • Sheldon Draco – Shy and easily spooked, Sheldon doesn’t come out of his shell often. But when he does, watch out Boris!
  • Squeaker Bates – Once this clumsy hamster climbs inside her ball, watch her morph into a minion-wrecking machine.
  • Diego Vorheez – Dr. Stan’s smart-as-a-whip monkey packs a wallop with his powerful primate mind and mighty whip-like tail

Learn more about Zombie Pets at Bullsitoy.com and PlayZombiePets.com.



Pets of any Breed will Benefit from FlexPet for Their Joint Solutions

Pet owners who are seeing their animals lose interest in playing, having a hard time getting started in the morning or feeling uncomfortable when you try to pet them, may have an animal that is suffering from pet arthritis. Animals lose their desire
to exercise when they have join pain and end up becoming overweight and even obese.


FlexPet has a special compound known as CM8 that is an all-natural formula to help pets with joint pain. Any breed of dog, cat or other animals can benefit from taking FlexPet on a daily routine. The CM8 complex will nourish the cartilage, lubricate the joints with vital fluids and support the joints to give the animal better mobility. CM8 is only found in FlexPet and is clinically proven to help your pet with all kinds of joint disorders.

People who are giving their pets over the counter aspirin are only dampening the pain and not treating the animal’s arthritis. Steroid medications can also cause ulcers, vomiting, kidney and liver problems and excessive urination in animals. People are educating themselves as to how FlexPet can help with dog joint solution, mobility and increase the energy in their pets. FlexPet with CM8 is an all-natural supplement that will give your pet special herbs and nutrients to the tissues, bones and joints. The chewable treats have a good taste and have no side effects to the pet. The supplements will strengthen your animals bone system, boost the immune system, and remove toxins from your animals. Your pet will become more active and be able to maintain a balanced weight with the right minerals, amino acids vitamins and other nutrients for strong muscles and bones found in FlexPet.

The chewable joint health tablets have no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and are completely safe for all kinds of breeds. There are no artificial flavors, colors or harmful chemicals. The tables come in a 60 count and can be found here for more information and ordering. The major ingredient, (CM8) or Cetyl Myristoleate reduces inflammation in the entire body and helps to lubricate the muscles and joints in the animal. Dogs and cats love the chewable tablets, which makes it easy to give to the animal.

The 60 tablets will last a month or longer, depending on the size of your animal. It is recommended that the animals be given the tablets as treats for at least two months. You should see great improvement in your animal’s morning movements becoming easy to get up and they will become quicker to go out and play. The pet should show signs of walking better and being able to get up and around quicker. The dogs and cats coats will become healthier and their skin will be healthier.

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