I Truly Love my Life

Sons are a blessingI truly do love my life, I feel blessed to have three AMAZING children. I have a roof over our heads. I have been self employed for four years. I have amazing friends and while on my dating ventures I am meeting some more amazing people. I am truly blessed.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to realize what it is you are thankful for when it’s staring you in the face every day. Hidden blessings seem to be passing by me every day and yet I fail, at times, to notice them as blessings. When my two older kids, who normally are butting heads, sit down to play something together or walk down the driveway hand in hand; those are true happy moments, small blessings.

IMG_20121211_190233When my youngest stops from doing whatever hyper activity he is doing just to say “I love you Mama” that is a true moment worth savoring since more often than not his favorite saying is “I hate you” even though he seems to say it in the most sweet way, it’s still sad to hear him say that.

When my daughter comes home from being gone for two days and just wants to feel my arms around her in a big hug. NO words. Just a hug. That is a blessing. When my daughter doesn’t call me mean once a day, that is a blessing.

IMG_20121211_164412Even when my kids do the most crazy off the wall things – that is a blessing- because I know they are comfortable enough with me and in my home to be who they want to be, to test limits, to figure out who they are as individuals in a zone where they know Mama will love them always.

I have shown my kids unconditional love and they have shown me blessings in disguises one after another, every day. I love my life and it’s always nice to remember that the little things really count the most.

I Met My Love Online: Staci & Alex Match.com Story & Some Advice

It’s amazing what technology has done to our world, we are now able to date from miles away or meet people just next door to us by utilizing the world wide web. Today I get to share a cute love story from a couple who met on Match.com while they both were living in LA.

We are Staci & Alex – a match.com success story!

My recently engaged fiance and I met online! We are very happy to say that
match worked for us :) We met over 2 years ago in LA via match; countless
dates & a big move across the country, we are happily in NYC and engaged to
be married June 2013!

I can’t not say enough about online dating and how great of an idea it is – 3 girls in my new office have since joined match after hearing our success story.

I will be honest and say that in the beginning I was VERY picky about who I
met on match.com, I don’t really know what I was being such a stickler about – because once I let my guard down and opened myself up to ‘dating’ I met
some of THE best guys – including my wonderful fiance! When we did meet, I
had probably gone on 14 dates in 3 weeks time (no joke – when I meant open,
I meant open for all kinds of guys!), thought my new date was nice and fun and there was no reason he didn’t deserve another date. I thought those same thoughts on date 2-6, by date 7 I knew I had met the man that completed me! Alex’s story is a bit different – he may have been ‘match.comstalking’ me for several months, trying to work up the courage to email me!
Finally one day, he had the courage and emailed me a hello…..

Match.com Best Advice (what worked for me)

  1. Don’t waste time on ppl you know you won’t like ;) There are plenty of awesome ppl out there – save yourself for the one! BUT be open – you NEVER know who you might meet!
  2. ALWAYS talk on the phone first! You can easily read chemistry over the
    phone and nip an awkward 1st meeting in the bud.
  3. ALWAYS meet for just a drink on the first date – dinner is too much
    time….unless the date progress’s to dinner.
  4. ALWAYS be open – I know it sounds bad, but I refused to date guys under 6’1′ – until I ‘lowered’ my standards – I would have never met my 5’6′ love!
  5. HAVE FUN – dates are fun, meeting new people is fun! Go into with a
    positive attitude and you will get positive results!
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