Today I Turn 32 Years Old

Today is my birthday and I’ll cry if I wanna.

I’ll dance if I wanna.

I’ll embarrass you if I wanna.

I’ll sleep if I wanna.

Today I turn the big ole 32 years of age… and I couldn’t be happier to be another year older

Each year I learn more about who I am, what I love and what it is in this world that makes me “tick”.

I welcome the 32nd year of my life with open arms.

Happy Birthday to ME.

Happy 32 Birthday to Brandy Ellen

Please Don’t Be So Impulsive

One of my many faults, if you wish to look at it that way, is that I can be somewhat impulsive. While I do think before acting a majority of the time with big, important decisions -when it comes to my business ventures I sort of just dive in head first and hope it works out. It usually does. When it comes to ideas on what to do for family trips, I dive in and just go with my first brilliant idea, usually that works too.

Picsart App The Daughter

The issue is that now my children are starting to show signs of being impulsive. While my daughter loves singing, she has never done a Broadway show, ever. Currently she auditioned, and made the part, for School House Rock Live Jr. A production being put on in my local town. While the daughter mad one part in two songs and mainly was taken for part of the chorus, she is finding out just what sort of commitment one gives when signing up for such a show that is not part of the school.

My daughter is used to doing random things at the school such as the school concerts and she plays flute in band but when it comes to something like this big deal Opera House show, it’s all new for me and her. Practices are nearly every evening right smack dab in the middle of dinner and bedtime routine for my sons. My daughter is exhausted and starving by the time she is done with rehearsal each night, even though I do feed her before and provide snack to have her eat or bring on way there or home.

Mother and Daughter

It’s taken a toll on my daughter and the family. While my daughter is super excited to be in this show, she is also super ready to take a break after this shows final performances are over, a break from any extra activities so that she can simply just be a kid and enjoy childhood. I am glad she made that decision and maybe next time around, she will now know what type of schedule a Broadway show takes on, meaning she will not be as impulsive to audition.

When I asked her why she auditioned for this, because she has been sort of frustrated with her schedule being tied up – she replied “well I didn’t think I would actually make a part”. I giggled … the director has told her that she has a “loud voice that while being loud can stay on key, in pitch”. I am so proud and cannot wait to see her performance!

The Magic of Santa Claus

I had a discussion with my father one day about how my oldest believes in Santa, she is 10. I think that it’s important to keep the magic alive. Santa Claus is such a wonderful magical person to believe in, why kill the magic for your child before they are ready to have that magic killed? Santa is alive and well in my home and the kids look forward to seeing him at the Spirit of Christmas in Cornish, NH every year.

The youngest recently told me that I better be good because Santa is watching me. That is the joy of this time of year, you can tell your kids to behave because they want to make Santa’s nice list, not naughty, unless you are my four year old adventurous son who apparently prefers being naughty (so he says).  I remember the day the magic died for me with Santa, it was when I realized Santa and my Dad have the same handwriting. That was sad to me, it was as if  something punched me in the stomach, the magic had died.

I will forever keep the magic alive in my home and each year Santa visits us leaving not a huge amount of presents but just enough to keep the magic alive and strong. Now if only department stores would realize how important it is to keep the magic alive, by hiring Santa Claus people that look like Santa. This year my sons went to our local Walmart with their Dad, only to be disappointed with their store Santa Claus who apparently had dark facial hair under the costume making my four year old pipe up and say “that Santa is an impostor”.

All of the little kids were waiting in line excited to see Santa Claus but not my boys, they were not impressed. Although they realize most store Santa Claus’ are not real, it was sad that Walmart had placed a Santa that didn’t look like the real deal in their store. What if my son’s had ruined that moment for all of those children in line that day? It wouldn’t have been a very good day for those families waiting in line with their happy, excited little kiddos.

I end this with, if your child believes, why ruin it? I say until they start to question the magic then keep it alive. It’s so important for kids to remain kids as long as possible and if the magic of Santa dies, then so does a lot of other childhood magical moments. I am not ready for that and thank goodness neither are my children.

Back to School Fun with Magic Whiteboard

School is in session for some and starting soon where I live, so I thought I would share with you some cool back to school products. Today is the Magic Whiteboard and while this is a fantastic back to school idea, it is also an awesome every day product. We have been using this as a new chore chart & it’s done wonders in increasing children doing chores in the house, yay!

Magic Whiteboard comes in a nifty container that you would normally think of aluminum foil coming in, very similar but quite larger! Each roll weighs less than 2lbs, perfect for those going off to college to bring back to school with them. You can tear off one perforated sheet at a time or use more to create a wall up to 65 feet long with just one roll.

The Magic Whiteboard sticks to any surface without peeling or scraping the surface – think static cling but on a sturdier level! It’s simple to take down and put back up somewhere else. Makes a great “doodle board” for your child if you have dry erase crayons like I do.

It’s all of the importance and ease of a dry erase board without the lugging of big boards and permanent structure. I am a dry erase fanatic so to have a product I can take along with me anywhere or use in more than one location – I am sold. As soon as school sports season starts I will be using one of the sheets of Magic Whiteboard to chart out the soccer and cheer leading schedules for my kiddos.

Ways You Can Use Magic Whiteboard:

  • Doodle board for your preschooler
  • Graphs and charts for work/business
  • Chore charts
  • Schedule of events for school or work
  • and so much more!

Just let your imagination be your guide, and seriously, check the Magic Whiteboard out for your college student or yourself soon! I really think you will love it as much as I do! Especially if you are an organizing sort of person or business guru!

Disclosure – I received a roll of Magic Whiteboard for free, but all opinions are based on my own personal experiences and are 100% that of my own.

Mister K Shows How to Dance & Get on Swing in Photos

Up until this weekend I did not realize that my camera, given to me by my Dad, had a movie option. Friday while at the Fort at No 4 I was standing around, waiting for the classroom kids to get out for lunch while Mister K ran wild on the grounds when I looked down to see a video recording option on this camera! Anyways, the point is this, I only knew I had a camera so I have been doing “action” shots with camera instead of a video recorder for two reasons; I didn’t think I had a video camera option since my Flip died & I tend to like telling my own stories behind pictures!

See how fun it is to try to tell a story behind this collage I made with a few photos of Mister K dancing? You tell me your story of what this picture set is all about; is he doing a chicken dance, just being a nut or do you have a more creative version of this pictures? The kids and I have so much fun doing this “game” of what is going on in these pictures. Fun family times!

I love this picture set, it’s pretty straight forward; Mister K wanted to show me how he is a big boy now and gets on the swing all by himself. Now if he would no longer need me to push him I would probably cry. Although he is getting better at keeping his swing going. My how quickly he has grown, can’t believe he will be four in August.

What sort of pictures do you take? Are there any “action” sort of ones like these collages I made and do you have fun creating a story behind family photos just for fun?

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