Ever Wonder How To Get Refund from Website Auto Pay Setup?

Anyone who has ever signed up for a website online using PayPal or a credit card has been in this position before at least once; when you want to cancel that auto payment setup that is automatic whenever you sign up for most websites online. That fine print is important to read, I have learned the hard way many years ago to read that fine print, especially if you are putting your PayPal or credit card information into a website.  It can be extremely difficult or confusing to try to opt out of this auto payment structure should you decide you are no longer interested in the paying subscription part of the website.

That is why there are many tutorials online to help show you how to get a refund or stop the auto payments from coming out of your credit card account or PayPal account. For example, you may sign up for the site called MyLife, never heard of it? I have. There are commercials for this site saying it’s a great place to find those you have been hoping to find. Also, with a paid account, you can access MyLife history that shows you who has been searching for you. It sounds like a neat concept and many have benefited from using this website.

For those who have used this website, they may be all done using the paid version of the site and wish to get a MyLife.com Refund, that is where the tutorials online come in handy. You see, PayPal is tricky to get rid of those “subscription payments” for their account transaction navigation seems to change time to time. The other thing is that you can not simply call your bank to cancel the credit card payment for you signed a contract by clicking to allow the website to take a payment from your account. You will need to go into the individual website if you used a credit card payment to work on either getting a refund through their website or turn off automatic payments.

Have you ever signed up for a website only to find out later it was an automatic payment option that you didn’t realize and had to go through the process of cancelling that payment? Was it an easy or difficult process for you?

Picked up My Kmart Layaway in Store

I recently discussed how I placed items on layaway using Kmart.com, well I also made some payments online as well as my final payment and pick up in store. Here I am today to share with you what the experience overall was with payment and being part of the Kmart Layaway program.

Setting Up First Layaway & Making First Payment

I decided to start my Kmart layaway online as it was more convenient for this busy Mama of three. Choosing my items for layaway was easy and Kmart has a tool so you can make sure that the product is at your local store for pick up so that you know items on layaway can be picked up locally. After all items were placed in my cart I proceeded to checkout. All went smoothly, except the only note I would like to make to you all is that if you pay with a gift card that the $5 layaway fee seems to be something that Kmart requires paid with another payment method. I chose PayPal.

Making Payments on Layaway with Online Payments

I love that Kmart remembers your payment option so that your payment is automatically deducted every two weeks as required by your contract, however, I was not wanting the payment to automatically come out of my checking account via PayPal. That was the only issue I had with my payments, I did not go online fast enough to pay with my Kmart Gift Card. My tip to all is that you remember to pay on time if you do not want to use your original form of payment for upcoming layaway payments. Your contract is setup so that payments come out of your payment method automatically when placing your layaway online.

Pickup and in Store Payment

I took a trip to Kmart for pick up of my layaway items with gift card in hand. Heading back to the Kmart Layaway area I was anxious to see the product in person. The layaway man was extremely nice and took my gift card without any issues, paying off my balance of the layaway and out I left the store with box in hand full of toys for the munchkins.

My Overall Experience with Payment Using Kmart Layaway

I loved the ease of automatic payments, next year I will most definitely use Kmart Layaway online again because the experience was fabulous. I also am quite forgetful so having the payment automatically come out of my checking account or PayPal next year will certainly be a great tool for me.  Setting up, making payments and picking up my Kmart Layaway was easy, convenient and comes highly recommended by me for you all who want to do Kmart Layaway in the future.

Disclosure: I am a Kmart Brand Ambassador, I received a gift card and compensation to share my experience with Kmart Layaway with you all. With that being said all opinions aer that of my own.

My Kmart Layaway Trip Online

I set off to check my local Kmart for items I may want to get the kids this Christmas with the Kmart Layaway program but found myself lost because few items were there and I had the two boys with me so that is when I checked out and went home to shop from the comfort of my own home. Awww thank you Kmart for allowing me to place items on layaway while shopping from home while the kids are asleep.

My Online Shopping Trip

Kmart was super easy to navigate, which rocked because I work from home so when I am shopping whether in store or online I always want to be fast. I was trying hard to find a Nintendo DS for my daughter but every which way I looked my local Kmart wouldn’t have it for in store pick up so I ended up looking at other electronic and fun items for my kids that would be worthy of putting on layaway. I was able to get three or four nice items that I wouldn’t have been able to get had I not been able to put on layaway.

The economy is tough on us all so Kmart layaway helps us purchase items that we can afford in the long run but not in the present day. The kids will certainly be happy with what I got them on layaway and I am happy because I could 1) shop online and 2) place those online shopping items on layaway with Kmart.

What I like About Kmart Layaway

I love that you can choose between an 8 week and 12 week plan. Since we are close to Christmas I have an 8 week plan and only specific items can be put on a 12 week layaway but still it’s nice to have the option. Another great thing is that you can calculate out payments. For instance, I really want a flat panel television and Kmart has some great prices and a wide selection so if I were to put that on my layaway I would be able to use the Kmart Layaway calculator to determine if the payment options were within my budget!

Love at First Sight

This is only the second time in my life I have a used a layaway program and first for me to have used Kmart’s. I must admit so far so good, I was able to place all of the items in my cart online into layaway and will pay some payments online with some in store then cashing out at my local Kmart store to pick up the kids Christmas gift items.

I will keep you posted on how the payment process goes for both online and in store soon!

Disclosure: I am a Kmart brand ambassador which means I do receive compensation for writing this article. All opinions and personal stories are that of my own 100%.

A Shopping to Kmart Layaway I will Go

I am working on a trip. It’s not a trip that will require a day long drive but rather a short trip to my local Kmart store, without children, to try Kmart’s layaway program.  As a mom to three it’s so much easier to create a Christmas wish list with the kids and then head out to place that has layaway, giving you ample time to pay for your times. You see Kmart has a cool layaway plan:

  • $5 service Fee for new layaway contracts
  • $10 cancellation fee
  • $15 or 10% down payment (whichever is greater)
  • 4 easy payments (online or in store), every other week.
  • You can pay the contract down faster if you want. i.e. in only 2 or 3 payments
  • Cart minimum of $15 for 8 week layaway, $300 for 12 week layaway

My Reason for Loving Kmart Layaway

One thing that really sticks out to me about the Kmart Layaway program is that you can pay online. I am a work at home mom of three, two kids in school and a busy schedule. I don’t have time nor the memory sometimes to get to a store to pay for anything. I don’t like having to bring my kids into the store for a simple payment to be made. Paying online is very convenient and you can even shop online to put things on layaway which is really cool for someone like me who doesn’t always want to go in store to shop or always has children with her so couldn’t get away with shopping in store for Christmas items. Besides the layaway program, I honestly shop at Kmart way more than any other store when looking for competitive prices and a unique selection.

Current Kmart Layaway Offer

  • Initiate your layaway contract between 11/16 and 11/27 and you can get a $5 or $10 gift card (8 or 12 week contracts respectively)
  • Use Promo Code: LAYAWAY at checkout – or visit kmart.com/layaway to download a barcode flyer that is good for use in store.
  • Must be a SYWR Points BONUS Member to be eligible (must have an account & an email attached to it). Visit http://www.kmart.com/shop-your-way-rewards/dap-100000000380502 for SYWR details.
  • See kmart.com/layaway for full details

Kmart Layaway Benefits vs. Competitors

  •  Available on virtually all items in the store and online (marked as “Available for Layaway”) – including small kitchen appliances, sporting goods, fitness equipment, pet items, health and beauty items, and of course – clothing (as well as toys, electronics etc. which are what other retailers offer)
  • No per-item minimum cost requirement. i.e. if you buy 5 $10 shirts for the kids, your cart is layaway eligible. (This is not true for other retailers that have a per-item minimum cost.)
  • 8 or 12 week options for the layaway contract in most stores, please call your local store to verify, or check on Kmart.com. 12 week is available in most stores (except stores in MD, which DO offer 8 week, but not the 12 week option).
  • Good year-round – Others end on 12/16 (you must complete your payments and pick it up by then, or the contract is canceled), Kmart’s last day for layaway pickup before Christmas is 12/24. Plus if you want to put an item down and pick it up in January for the “Big Game” you can do that too.
  • Initiate contract on Kmart.com – just like regular shopping, just select “layaway” as the arrival method. (Other retailers exclude online items.)
  • Make payments on Kmart.com
  • Layaway at Kmart is available on Black Friday – stock up on awesome door busters, pay off later! (Other retailers exclude Black Friday deals.)
  • Payment calculator on Kmart.com/layaway so you can set your budget before you even start shopping.

FYI: The Kmart Layaway program details shared in this blog post are valid in the continental United States stores only. Good news is, yes Kmart Layaway is also available at Sears.

Disclosure: I am a Kmart brand ambassador which means I do receive compensation for writing this article. All opinions and personal stories are that of my own 100%.

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Consolidate Unsecured Debt

I have seen a lot of debt consolidation commercials, and with the current economic situation I am sure that many people are looking for ways to get their unsecured debt consolidated into one low monthly payment.  There are many programs to help you consolidate your unsecured debt.

How a a debt consolidation program works is they take your information and all unsecured debt information from you. Once the company has your information they contact those companies the debt is owed to and work out an agreement with them. The end result is that you are able to make one low monthly payment to the debt consolidation company and they disperse that payment monthly across all the unsecured debt you consolidated into the program.  Since you have now consolidated your unsecured debt into one low monthly payment through the debt consolidation program,  you are able to live a bit easier knowing that your bills are being caught up without completely breaking your pocket book.

Well I say if you are finally sick of sinking deeper and deeper into debt that maybe you should get some credit counseling soon, it may be the best decision you make to help your family get back onto their feet. I know it was the best decision for me back when I was a new adult with credit cards, why not now as an adult who is just in a rough financial situation?!

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