Cherish Every Breath You Have

I have this habit of observing people. I don’t mean to do it, I simply happen to be a person who listens well, watches closely and takes in every moment with any person I come into contact with in person or virtually. It doesn’t take long to realize who is a positive, kind person and who is a miserable, not-so-kind person. I’ve been through a storm of crap in my life; I could go on and on with all of the bad stuff that has happened to me. I don’t.


I feel that, to dwell in the bad things that happened will only cause more bad things to happen. I firmly believe that if we focus and remember those happy moments and the pieces of our life that are worth living for that we will be positive, kind people.

I don’t have much patience when it comes to adults. I tolerate adults minimally because I watch as many complain day in and day out or worse, they can only mention and think about all of the bad that has happened to them. Their response, when I attempt to direct them to a happier place is that I haven’t been through what they have been through. This is correct. No two people have walked the same path in their life, touche!

There is a little secret about life that I want to let you in on though; every single person in this world has had a storm of bad things happen to them, some worse than others, but somehow some way there are those people who push forward and beyond those bad times while there are others who feel those bad things give them a right to be miserable forever.

Be happy to be alive. Inspirational words from Brandy Ellen!

To me, life is far too short to remember and think about all of the bad that has happened. If you think only of the bad things then you are pushing your heart to turn black, stone cold. I personally prefer to be happy. I want to enjoy my life for as long as I can breath! If I am breathing and awake every day, then that’s a day worth living.

I challenge you all to this – do not allow others to bring you down in their misery, after all misery loves company. Lift above the bad that has happened, rise beyond the darkest moments in your past and LIVE. Live life to the fullest, cherish every breath you have, hug your loved ones, show kindness to fellow human beings. I guarantee you that once you start to cherish the life you have, that great things will start happening. Don’t give up if good things don’t come right away, after all, they say good things are worth waiting for. Keep chugging ahead and waiting for those good things all the while being happy; happy that you are alive!

Do not take life for granted, those bad things don’t have to break you unless you allow them to!

Budsies Review and Giveaway – Turning Artwork into Stuffed Animals

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Today I am sharing with you, a wonderful way to turn your child’s artwork into a forever stuffed animal. I was able to do two stuffed animals based on each of my youngest children’s artwork. I have to tell you, Budsies did an amazing job at getting my son’s artwork matched up to their drawing. The only complaint I would have, and advice for those who order, is that you note if this is for a boy or girl. I have two boys who do not like “girl colors” and sadly there is a lot of girl colors to their Budsies. This is just something to make note of when you order, the quality and match-up to the artwork was not lost at all, they do an amazing job!

 Budsies Gift

You can see in the image above how my son, Aj’s artwork was matched perfectly! I love how they included the lines that he drew in his king robot artwork. The antennas were included and the crown that Aj had on top of his robot. The stuffed animal matches up to the artwork like you wouldn’t believe. I am simply close to speechless about this.

Budsies Artwork

Next up you have K-man’s artwork turned into a stuffed animal. Again you can see how well matched up my son’s artwork into the stuffed animal. The stuffed animal has two heads and the colors match up. I can see why purple was done here, as that is really what the artwork showcased, again I should have made a note to change the coloration on his artwork. It’s funny how the boys can color with girl colors but when it comes to stuffed animals or toys, they cannot fathom having a girl color.

My Thoughts on

Overall I have no complaints, takes about one month to ship so that is something to make note of. I was let known of that fact ahead of time. They have excellent customer service and their website is very easy to navigate. I did have issues with navigation at first for their payment screen and within 24 hours it was fixed so I could order. That was an awesome plus for

Next up, I think the softness and quality of the stuffed animal is perfect. I don’t feel this is a “chinsy” stuffed animal that is going to fall apart. It seems to be a well made product.

The only other note is to make sure to specify any color alterations you have to the actual artwork, those who work at rely on what you type in the comments section while ordering to truly match up your child’s artwork into a forever stuffed animal. It’s up to you to ensure you are describing it properly in the ordering comment section.

Where to Order Budsies?

You can order Budsies directly on It’s a quick and easy process! Each Budsies cost about $59.00 and to me that’s priceless when you see your child’s face light up as they realize their artwork has just become “real”.

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OMG … Monday brings the 2013-2014 school year for my two older kids and the week after begins the youngest first year in Kindergarten. Wow how time flies when you are having fun juggling kids and work from home! I see many parents already have kids back to school, but not me, not until this week!  Today, I am having a double birthday party for my sons who turned 5 and 7 this month ….. what are you all doing today?

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The 7 Year old Boy Now and Other Things

Sweet Aj is now 7 years old. He has grown so big in the past 7 years. About two weeks ago or three, he had a med change from risperidone to abilify. Due to many reasons, but as usual with a medication change it takes time to get the dosage right and it takes time to see if this is even the right medication. Finally Aj is on track and while he scowled at anyone who dare make a “big deal” out of him turning 7 today, he was a happy boy who had a day with Dad and came back with birthday presents.

On Monday my other son turns five. I don’t know why anyone ever says “terrible twos” for me, it was age 6 when my oldest and only daughter started acting “off” or in any way that I may deem “terrible two-ish” and my youngest boy has started being a tester of patience since age 4. As her nears 5 years of age I see no end in sight with his patience testing ways. This week it has been NO SLEEP. I don’t know what has gotten into him but he is wired.

I have been cooking better foods, from scratch. We have been eating healthier. This has helped with us all being fuller quicker! I also weighed Aj in today, each week on Tuesday morning I weigh him. We are suppose to keep track of his weight because it went pretty high on his rispderidone. The abilify is not known to really push weight onto kids, so I am making sure that is true. Aj is now down to 93lbs when he was up to 100lbs. I am happy to see his weight going down.

Anyways.. I know this was super rambling, but in all honest, with the lack of sleep from K-man this week I can barely speak, talk and I am really having a difficult time even being around people. This coming weekend there will be no kids in this house, that means Sat, Sun and Mon I will be able to recoup my brain, catch up on sleep and move forward for more happy week ahead! For now, I write when needed and take a break when needed.

Have a wonderful evening my friends! If you are looking for me, I will be the one on FB trying to keep my eyes open until my almost five year old decides to CRASH asleep!

Getting in all of the End of Summer Sleep Overs

My daughter is blessed in that everyone loves her and wants to sleep over or have her sleep over. That means once the end of Summer break comes she starts scrambling to get in all of her last minute sleep over plans.

It’s sad for me that she sleeps at people’s houses, because she is already gone so much with her Dad so it seems I barely see her and during the school year I see her even less. I am happy that she loves life so fully though, so I guess I will just continue to cherish the time we have together.

Usually when it’s a friend they sleep over here, rarely does Ki spend a night at a friends house when she is at her Mama’s house. I just am the fun popcorn making, movie time sleep over type Mama. I assume that makes it easy for Ki and her friends to want to sleep here.

For now, my daughter is getting ready to go sleep at her Great Gram’s and she will attempt to make friends with the horses, sheep and goats. My daughter loves animals and loves her Grena dearly so this will be a great sleep over night for her.

Meanwhile I am home with the double trouble team, tomorrow Aj turns 7 years old and he is spending alone time with his Daddy tomorrow as a way to  make him feel special on his special day! What a busy couple of weeks to end out Summer break, it’s going to be a blast but if I disappear that is why …. I am busy making sure the last couple of weeks of Summer go out with a BANG (in a good way)!
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