School House Rock Live Jr at Opera House

My tween is in her first show, a real show. Not that of a school play but a real life Opera House production … School House Rock Live Jr and the shows are this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That means … she has five shows over a three day period of time. Not to mention the endless evening hours she has spent at rehearsals. It’s been an experience for her and me, to say the least.

I am happy to say that once this show is over, she has firmly stated that she is not to do any activities for a while. Kiara just wants to be done with this show and enjoy down time being a kid and having family fun. Perfect timing too, because hopefully warm weather will come and we can do our evening walks again or something together. I love mother/daughter time, and so does she.

Mother Daughter Time

With two rowdy boys, it’s no wonder I do not like taking this tween of mine to rehearsals because they are usually 4-6 or 5-7 which is right smack dab in the middle of my normal dinner time and bedtime routine for my two sons. I am extremely strict when it comes to my night time routine with the boys and they must be silent and asleep by 8pm 7 days a week, yes even on non school days.

While I am so proud and happy that Kiara will be in a live production, she is making it hard for me to be super happy because she is having major nerves kicking in. Kiara wants me to be at the show but has requested I bring no one. Not her brothers. Not her Grandmother. Not her Great Grandmother. Not her Grampa. No one but me.

I honestly had to question if she even wanted me there, not that it would matter, I would not miss this first production for anything, even if she was convinced from nerves she didn’t want me there. So I am prepping for a crazy busy weekend but I will do it with a smile upon my face because I am just happy to have kids who want to do various things and learn what it is that they enjoy in life!

My job is Mom, tax driver, cleaner of home, holder of hearts and encourager of everything. I love my job.

Please Don’t Be So Impulsive

One of my many faults, if you wish to look at it that way, is that I can be somewhat impulsive. While I do think before acting a majority of the time with big, important decisions -when it comes to my business ventures I sort of just dive in head first and hope it works out. It usually does. When it comes to ideas on what to do for family trips, I dive in and just go with my first brilliant idea, usually that works too.

Picsart App The Daughter

The issue is that now my children are starting to show signs of being impulsive. While my daughter loves singing, she has never done a Broadway show, ever. Currently she auditioned, and made the part, for School House Rock Live Jr. A production being put on in my local town. While the daughter mad one part in two songs and mainly was taken for part of the chorus, she is finding out just what sort of commitment one gives when signing up for such a show that is not part of the school.

My daughter is used to doing random things at the school such as the school concerts and she plays flute in band but when it comes to something like this big deal Opera House show, it’s all new for me and her. Practices are nearly every evening right smack dab in the middle of dinner and bedtime routine for my sons. My daughter is exhausted and starving by the time she is done with rehearsal each night, even though I do feed her before and provide snack to have her eat or bring on way there or home.

Mother and Daughter

It’s taken a toll on my daughter and the family. While my daughter is super excited to be in this show, she is also super ready to take a break after this shows final performances are over, a break from any extra activities so that she can simply just be a kid and enjoy childhood. I am glad she made that decision and maybe next time around, she will now know what type of schedule a Broadway show takes on, meaning she will not be as impulsive to audition.

When I asked her why she auditioned for this, because she has been sort of frustrated with her schedule being tied up – she replied “well I didn’t think I would actually make a part”. I giggled … the director has told her that she has a “loud voice that while being loud can stay on key, in pitch”. I am so proud and cannot wait to see her performance!

Proud Mom Moment – I Think I am Behind the Scenes

My daughter is extremely talented, she has a love for so many things. Kiara reminds me of how I was and still am, a woman of many talents and passions. Most recently Kiara auditioned for a part in Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr, which is a broadway production all cast by kids, this means the whole production is run by kids. The kids do the costumes, the props and the acting! It’s such a wonderful experience and since we adore School House Rock, it was a no brainer that my daughter wanted to audition.

Positive Girl Aurthors - Mom and DaughterThe audition was private, meaning I did not get to hear nor see her audition behind the scenes at the Opera House, but I was able to see her face after she auditioned. The girl was so nervous yet so proud. Kiara was able to note her faults and the production team was able to allow her time for a second chance at her voice level, knowing that she said she has never, ever auditioned nor taken part in anything such as this before.

We waited to find out if she had made the cast and let me tell you what, a big ole happy dancing Mama is what I turned into when I saw that my daughter made the cast as part of the chorus. I loved reading all of the names of the local kids who “made the cut” because I know some of the parents.  Kiara was so excited yet her nerves kicked in, she has a touch of my lovely anxiety and so even though she was excited, the nerves can get you once reality sinks in.

Jenny the Santa PugI am so proud of my daughter for taking the leap to audition and push herself to overcome her anxiety. The other day when we picked up her script and music to rehearse for the show, I was saying how excited I am that she will be on this stage and that I get to witness her first time “acting”, that is when she promptly replied “well Mama I am only in the chorus, it is behind the scenes”. That is when I was turned from happy Mama to “what do you mean behind the scenes?” Mama.

Whether or not the chorus is visible to the audience during the show or not is something I won’t know until we get closer to having rehearsal time, but for now I know that even if she is behind the scenes, I am proud of my daughter for stepping out on a ledge and taking the time to audition for a part in a local Broadway show. Such a fun experience this shall be for her!

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