Passing the Time with Online Bingo Games

There had been little downtime in my household as of late because of the wonderful thing going around called “the stomach bug”. This past week has been insane with clean up duties, changing clothes, kids not being able to attend school and just simply having to be on call more often than normal to ensure my babies could get better as quick as possible. I enjoy having down time to check out new games to play online, one of the games I have seen lately  is Paddy Power online jackpot bingo where you can go online and play bingo. I know many people who play online bingo.

Bingo Online

For many who have social anxiety disorders, online bingo really allows them to interact and play the game without having to interact in person. For parents, who are often taking care of their little ones, online bingo sites allows for them to let loose after the kids are asleep. There are many benefits to playing online Bingo, such as:

  • ability to make money playing game from home
  • relaxation after a long day at the office or home parenting
  • happiness in the excitement game playing brings
  • chance to get bonus points or money in account when signing up for first time

Do you happen to play online Bingo? I am curious to hear from those who have experienced online Bingo or know those who have, what were the reasons for you to partake in a little game of online bingo?

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Enjoying the Entertainment of Bingo Online from Comfort of Your Home

Today is day three of having no kids at home this school year, they have all ventured off into grades that allow them to be in school for the full school days and with that comes me having more hours to myself. What shall I do with such time? First and foremost, I have time to work on my websites, write more articles from the heart and work for more clients. Secondly, I am able to have about a hour of free time before I get the children from school so I am seeking different ways to entertain my brain, you know, so I can transition between work at home mode to family mode. While looking for different things I can do to entertain myself, I found an online Bingo site called Butlers Bingo where you can get your hand in a game of bingo without leaving your home.

Making the Money

While you can play board games for fake money and not really earn a whole lot, okay what am I saying, with board games you cannot earn a cent of real money, with online Bingo you are able to test your luck at winning some real cash during your downtime. Nothing is better than being able to test your luck at online Bingo knowing that you could earn some real cash. I have only played board game type Bingo but I do know of many people who make some good coin playing online Bingo.

From what I have read, Bingo is easy to catch on to play whether you are a Veteran Bingo player or newbie, there are different versions of bingo to play and Butlers Bingo offers a great FAQ section as well as live chat help to ensure that you are getting into something you are going to have fun with rather than stress out. Nothing is worse than trying to have some down time entertainment and being so confused or lost that you can’t simply sign up, login and start enjoying online Bingo.

Since I am on this “entertain Brandy” mode, what options have you used for Online Bingo or other online games to entertain yourself and maybe even make some extra coin with?

Playing Online Bingo to Pass the Time

When I am having an anti-focus moment in the home office I will occasionally be found surfing the web for games to entertain my mind. Since I work from home I need heavy self motivation which does not always come easy. (sign up now) is a great way to let the mind have some fun so that I can be entertained then move back towards getting work done. Maybe playing Bingo online seems silly to others, but honestly it’s a fun pass time. Online Bingo reminds me of when I was a little kid playing Bingo with my sister in our bedroom because it was a gift we received one year. My sister and I always enjoyed playing board games together to pass the time by while we were kids.  I do remember Bingo being one of the many board games we used to pass the time away with.

I love playing games so checking out online Bingo really wasn’t out of the ordinary for me.  It is interesting to find out upon reading more on the site that there are some myths about Bingo, such as this was not something that began in the US nor was it created by Parker Brothers. Online Bingo is one of the least expensive ways to have a little fun playing online, so in all honesty if you don’t wish to gamble tons of money away, you could have fun playing Online Bingo with a tiny bit of cash. No longer do you need to leave your home to go to Bingo night, you can sit at home with your online Bingo game, interact virtually with others and have fun playing a game that you enjoy.

Online Bingo is a fun way to engage in something you love, have fun playing a game while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Entertaining Myself with Online Bingo

As the holidays get closer I realize the dreaded fact that Winter too is coming. Since I am not a winter type of person I find I must find ways to entertain myself during these short days and periods without work to be done. I have been looking into entertaining my gaming ways with online bingo. This is a fun way to have fun while wasting time in between work and events with children.

Playing bingo online brings back the memories of my sister and I at a young age with our little bingo board game, yelling out letters with numbers until one of us reached “BINGO”. I loved playing board games with my family way back in the younger years, from probably age 12 and younger. Now I no longer have to pull out a bingo board game and find people to enjoy the game with me, because I have online bingo games at my finger tips right in my home office. Bingo is an exciting way to get your heart pumping and mind occupied for a moment, sometimes playing a quick online game is all you need to get back into the swing of reality with a clear head.

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Play Bingo Online

I have seen many people get addicted to various virtual games that can be played with friends online, one game that you can do is play bingo online which seems pretty neat. I have always wanted to play bingo but never understood the bingo terms of how to play the game and honestly as a single work at home mother of three I would more than likely be open to playing online versus trying to get out there to a local bingo event.

There are so many online bingo sites and one thing to be certain of is to know your budget, do not overspend! I can see how easy it would be to get addicted to bidding money and trying to make money playing bingo online, however, as with any game that requires any form of betting or money to be played in the game you must be aware of your family budget. I know budgeting allows me to have some extra fun time but I have to be certain to not overspend.

I love the idea of bingo, I recall as a little girl playing bingo with my sister for fun, we had this bingo game board and little chips we would play but I think my sister used to always cheat on board games so it got old. I bet she would have something different to say about that comment though! Overall bingo seems to be a fun and entertaining game.

Question for thought: Have you played bingo online or in a local setting in your home town? What do you think of online game playing?

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are that of my own 100%.

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