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When I first started off in my venture of working from home, I knew I had to have a website. Working from the privacy of your home is fantastic but you have to be sure that you have all of the tools for maximum success, one of those tools would be a website. The fantastic news is that, and I found this out many moons ago, you can use a free website builder to get your website up and going!

I had little clue as to what website building entailed, basically I did take an advanced computers course in high school that allowed me to learn how to build/edit websites using Frontpage, but beyond that I was clueless. Being able to use a free website builder online helped me to get a website up quickly so I could make money faster. Basically, your website is a vital part of making money from your online ventures, but being able to build it on your own quickly saves money and time!

You will learn as time goes on that working from home means that you will have to dedicate more time, more energy and stay more focused than ever. There will be times where you learn how to do something by yourself because it will save you a crazy amount of money. Those who can build a website from the ground up, to include a nice design for your firm, earn a lot of money. I personally didn’t want to be giving out all of my hard earned profit and so I started to use free website builders and eventually taught myself some basic coding so that I can now edit a template to make my websites appeal for my audience and my eyes.

Think about a website as the first impression someone has of you and your business, you want that be a great first impression that makes them come back for more, right? Well then make sure that your website is selling that amazing first impression to your audience!

Ever Wonder How To Get Refund from Website Auto Pay Setup?

Anyone who has ever signed up for a website online using PayPal or a credit card has been in this position before at least once; when you want to cancel that auto payment setup that is automatic whenever you sign up for most websites online. That fine print is important to read, I have learned the hard way many years ago to read that fine print, especially if you are putting your PayPal or credit card information into a website.  It can be extremely difficult or confusing to try to opt out of this auto payment structure should you decide you are no longer interested in the paying subscription part of the website.

That is why there are many tutorials online to help show you how to get a refund or stop the auto payments from coming out of your credit card account or PayPal account. For example, you may sign up for the site called MyLife, never heard of it? I have. There are commercials for this site saying it’s a great place to find those you have been hoping to find. Also, with a paid account, you can access MyLife history that shows you who has been searching for you. It sounds like a neat concept and many have benefited from using this website.

For those who have used this website, they may be all done using the paid version of the site and wish to get a Refund, that is where the tutorials online come in handy. You see, PayPal is tricky to get rid of those “subscription payments” for their account transaction navigation seems to change time to time. The other thing is that you can not simply call your bank to cancel the credit card payment for you signed a contract by clicking to allow the website to take a payment from your account. You will need to go into the individual website if you used a credit card payment to work on either getting a refund through their website or turn off automatic payments.

Have you ever signed up for a website only to find out later it was an automatic payment option that you didn’t realize and had to go through the process of cancelling that payment? Was it an easy or difficult process for you?

Finding Promo Codes on the Internet is Easy

As a Mom on a tight budget, I must admit that I frequently search the web for online promo codes so that I can save money in any and all areas of life.  With the Internet being readily available to so many, even if one does not own a computer at home they can access the Internet at a local library, thus being able to take full advantage of Sprint promo codes to start their own cell phone plan or other known carriers. Every company for every type of product or service seems to have some form of an online promo code over the Internet. Simply use Google to search for promo codes combined with the name of the company you are looking to save from and voila, a promo code should be found.

Sprint and Virgin Mobile Promo Codes

Whether you are on the look out for promo codes to save on clothes shopping for your family or looking at various cell phone carriers, you are sure to find a promo code on the Internet. For instance, not only can you find Sprint Promo Codes online but you can also find Virgin Mobile promo codes online as well. Saving money is a big deal, with so many employers on wage freezes and many employers doing lay offs, it seems saving money with promo codes is the way to go. People still need clothing, food and supplies for their household but they are on a tighter budget and that is where promo codes for various companies comes in handy.

Have you ever searched an Internet search engine for Promo Codes before? Did you have good luck finding decent promo codes?


Introducing Translia Translation Services

This post is brought to you from your friends at

Translia is an online translation service platform that has come on board to offer affordable translation services that even you may be able to afford. In the past only large corporations or high income entrepreneurs were able to afford to hire a translator but with Translia they are hoping to bring everyday business folk to their site as a way to find affordable translators.

Translia offers unique services that allow clients to have assistance in choosing the right price and and time when choosing translators for their translation projects. Clients are even able to get free translations by professional translators. Translia is so confident you will love their services that they have a 100% client satisfaction guarantee and clients do not pay until they are they are completely satisfied!

Translia has another unique factor, most smaller translation projects are turned around within the same day in most cases, and that is more than you will find with other translator service sites.

If you are a person who has works with projects that may require a translator to translate then you should take a look at Translia and see what they can offer your next project!

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Meet Charles J Orlando: The Problem With Women … Is Men

I am so excited to be offering not only my personal opinion on the book, “The Problem with Women is Men- The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness”, but a giveaway for one lucky person to win this book! @charlesjorlando has provided me with some wonderful information to share with you about his book, himself and his views.

About Charles J Orlando

charles4bw Charles Orlando is a life coach and the author of “The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness“. When he’s not cooking breakfast-in-bed for his wife or playing Guitar Hero with his kids, he can be found blogging at

In Charles J Orlando’s Own Words

“If men could break out of their caveman mentality and see the perception women have of them—it would be blindingly obvious to them why divorce rates are up, why kids’ grades are down, and why the women they claim to love are taking enough anti-depressants to put even Keith Richards into a drunken stupor.” – Direct quote from Charles J Orlando

About The Problem With Women … Is Men: The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness

Relationships. Marriage. How do they work, and why don’t they last? Flip on the TV or peruse the self-help section at any local bookstore and you see the same theme over and over again: Women need to alter their behavior, and should work harder at understanding men. But nothing could be further from the truth. Women in committed relationships are not to blame for men’s bad behavior, or 100% responsible for failed relationships. Based on author Charles Orlando’s past experience as a “morally challenged” young man, and hundreds of interviews with men and women, The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness takes readers on a humorous, blunt, tell-all romp through the world of men and their issues. Women can regain their sanity, men can evolve beyond their primal instincts, and perhaps society will start to raise the bar on what the term “man” means.


Why I Love The Problem With Women … Is Men

As I read this book I found myself relating to the stories shared by many  women. Not only could I relate to having been in similar past situations, I could relate in the present day. Now I am not saying this book made me think my husband is a horrible man and I am ready for a divorce, because after all that is NOT what this book is about. “The Problem With Women … Is Men” really opened my eyes to a whole new view on relationships and marriage. Family life is no piece of cake and a relationship is even harder, it truly takes work to keep your relationship fresh and new! I can only hope my husband will read this book soon, although I don’t feel he is a caveman type of guy I occasionally feel his views of a relationship differ a bit from mine, so much so that at times I have to shake my head at him in disbelief of what comes out of his mouth.

I had many conversations with Charles via Twitter DM’s about his book, not to mention the many times I had to tell him sorry for taking forever to read this book, as you know I am a Mom of three with two in diapers so to actually sit down and read a book takes time. I was willing to take the extra time each weekend to work on finishing this book and must admit I am not “completely” done reading it but am far enough along to tell you that “The Problem With Women … Is Men” is a fantastic, well written, open minded view on men and how they think (or can think). This book is not a male bashing book, it’s quite simply an open approach to discussing the challenges that men and women face in our society and how we can work together towards creating a better relationship.

Women are viewed and treated  in ways that shock me daily. I recall reading over at MomDot when she shared a CNN report about Mommy Bloggers. The comments left on that blog post amazed me, because they were so negative towards women in general. It is sad to see in the year 2009 some men still think women are meant to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, really?

“The Problem With Women … Is Men” combines humor, sarcasm, true stories and opinions which makes this book one of my favorite books of all time to recommend to you!

Get Your Hands On This Book

You can purchase The Problem with Women is Men- The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness on Amazon for only $14.95 OR you can take your chance at winning a FREE copy of The Problem with Women is Men- The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness!

Giveaway starts today and ends on September 7, 2009

Here is how to enter:

  • 1 Entry: Become a Fan of The Problem With Women … Is Men on Facebook. Leave a comment telling me your Facebook profile name, already a fan – that counts.
  • 5 Extra Entries: Blog about this giveaway linking to both The Problem With Women .. Is Men ( and Happily Blended ( Share why you want to win this book or a personal story of your own on how a partner/spouse may have treated you. Come back here and leave a comment with link to the post.
  • 2 Entries: Subscribe to Happily Blended via email or RSS reader. Leave a comment stating you did so.
  • 1 Entry: Follow @charlesjorlando and @brandyellen on twitter. Leave a comment with your twitter username – already follow us? that counts.
  • 1 Entry Each: Tweet @charlesjorlando & @brandyellen about this giveaway once a day. Leave a comment for each tweet and try to use hashtags #contest #giveaway
  • 5 Entries: Head on over to The Problem With Women … Is Men’s website, read a blog post and leave a comment on your favorite post. Come back here and include the blog post link that you left a comment on to include your name you listed within the comment so I can double check this.

Good luck – have fun and remember … KEEP SMILING!

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