{Life as Auntie} A Night Babysitting Miss Olivia

If my sister had her way, she would be with her daughter 24/7 but she also knows the importance of finding a way to catch a break. As of late, my sister has had appointments and since I am the only one my niece knows beyond her parents; the babysitting is in my hands. I do not mind one bit.

Babysitting my Niece was a blast

I absolutely love my niece and since my “baby” is now five years old, I welcome any chance to take my niece for a few hours or even overnight. This particular evening we babysat Miss Olivia for about four hours. Sadly, Olivia had been woken up by accident when brought into the home and so in the above pictures she is still a bit uncertain of being away from her Mommy and Daddy. One thing about Olivia, that also calms my sister, is that Olivia calms quickly for me and seems to feel safe as well as secure in her Auntie’s arms while Auntie sings her a lullaby or two.

Cousins Playing Nicely

I was a little concerned having Olivia here during bedtime hours for a couple of reasons; I wasn’t sure if she would get comfortable with my fiance again or my daughter so that I could do the normal bedtime routine for my sons or not. I also was concerned about my “baby” because K-man really doesn’t like his Mama paying any attention to another baby. What I got was a lucky surprise! My son played with his baby girl cousin, gave her toys and even showed her around his bedroom. To boot, he fed her dinner at dinner time too. K-man was so proud of himself and had fun talking to Olivia and singing her a song while playing his ukelele, it was simply adorable!

Cousins Olivia and K-man

The four hours or so that Olivia was here made our evening so wonderful! The night ended with Miss Olivia giggling and babbling at Jenny the Pug. I just adore this baby girl and was thankful that my sister knows me and trusts me enough to let go and allow this time for her daughter to gain a relationship with her Auntie and Cousins. I thank my sister for allowing me and trusting me to care for her child while she attended her meeting.

My Past Two Visits with Olivia; Getting my Baby Fix #babies #auntie #family #love

I have not updated you all recently on the last two weekend visits I had with my sister and niece Olivia. Olivia is growing like a weed, so big she is and that was even more evident when she came with my sister to Aj’s soccer game last week. At the soccer field there is always these twin girls, who are completely adorable and tiny. These twin girls are always crawling around, curious about their world, and sometimes they are just standing in one place; at no time did I even think that these twin girls were older than my niece because of their size, however, they are 11 months old and my niece is 8 months old – big difference in baby months for sure!

Getting Baby Fix with Olivia (2)

One of the weekends I went over to my sisters is with all three of my children; the theme? Get cousins together day. The outcome? Get girl cousins together and let boy cousins run aimlessly through my sister’s home. Sounds about right. My sons are not too interested in their baby girl cousin just yet, maybe once she is moving around they will be more interested in her but for now she is just a mini person who sits, babbles and cries so they don’t really have too much curiosity about her yet. As we continue to visit with my sister and Olivia each week, Olivia is opening up more and recognizing me whereas before during each time I stopped in she would have to take more time to be comfortable with me; she is nervous with “new” people.

Getting Baby Fix with Olivia (3)

I brought baby Olivia a gift; an Elmo that talks and is bigger than her. At first she was quite bothered by this large stuffed Elmo but in time during that visit she warmed up to him and with my boyfriend speaking Elmo talk using the doll – she soon was “best friends” with her Elmo doll. One thing that made me happy and is shown in the far left image above; Olivia loves my home made apple sauce! The past couple of times I went over for a visit I brought my sis and Olivia some of my home made apple sauce to enjoy. They love it! I love that Olivia is showing happiness in a lot more pictures and look to the far right – my sister and her baby Olivia, isn’t that the most happy looking Mama? I love my sister tons.

Getting Baby Fix with Olivia (1)

Normally, you may recall, most of the pictures I share of Olivia are inside. Right? I am not sure why because the girl loves being outdoors, so one visit we had with sis and Olivia we decided to take a stroll outside. Olivia let me hold her for a long time and we checked out the Fall leaves in New Hampshire while her Mama went to the store real quick. That marks the first time my sister left Olivia with me; I’m excited to be taking these baby steps towards being able to have my niece overnight in the future!

Olivia enjoyed the leaves and while I had to keep her from eating most of them, she was happy. It was a wonderful time visiting with my sister and niece again; I sure do love family. I love these two girls dearly – can you tell?!

They Call It Gas

When a baby smiles, a newborn baby that is, they call it gas but I do not care what they call it, I swear when I was rubbing the cheek and head of my baby niece Olivia that her smile appeared because she loves her auntie. My touch and my voice brought that smile to her face, I swear. Not the formula that had her all up in a ruckus because of a belly ache, it was my touch and sweet voice that made Olivia smile while sleeping on her Grammy Eastman’s lap. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Baby Olivia

Yesterday I had a nice visit with my new niece Olivia as well as my sister and brother in law. I went over to their apartment to spend a few hours, or maybe two, to visit them and get to have my baby fix for the day. Of course, my bad auntie side showed when I said that Olivia is boring because all she did was sleep. My sister promptly called me a meanie. Eh, that is me. I say dumb things sometimes. Heck, I have a 10, 6 and 4 year old, the days of them sleeping all night let alone during the daytime hours has been gone for years.

Baby Olivia Sleeping

I must admit my niece is so sweet, cuddly, soft and beautiful. I love her so much and she is only about five days old now. Olivia is already the spitting image of her parents with the attitude of my sister, I can not wait to spoil and love this baby and be the best auntie ever to her, always.

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