Are Legends Born or Made?

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Are legends born, or made? To find out Heineken®, as part of its latest global campaign ‘Voyage’, is undertaking it’s most daring experiment yet.  This campaigns mission is to truly test what men are made of by dropping them into the wilderness with nothing but a plane ticket to get home, a tuxedo and the nearest airport is miles away. I have always believed that when given no choice, our adrenaline kicks into high gear and we can survive anything as human kind. Let’s see what this campaign shows us about that theory of mine.

This video is introducing you to ‘Voyage’, a new campaign from Heineken® that takes different men from across the world and drops them in remote global locations with nothing but the most basic of supplies and directions. The result is ‘Dropped’ – a series of episodic adventures as we follow the participants to see if they can survive.

On the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel viewers will be able to follow each ‘Dropped’ voyage, access documentary-style content and also contribute their own video entries to the ‘casting couch’ -  with a chance to be able to partake in their own Dropped voyage. 

To me, it sounds as if ‘Dropped’ shall be placing people based on their own personality traits, let’s say someone thinks that they are the most outgoing person in the world, then they will have to face that personality trait they feel they have and allow the Voyage to test that beyond normal limits. I may be wrong, but I think that is the general concept I gathered from watching the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel, what do you think about this new campaign?

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Nothing More Wonderful Than Boys Who Look up To their Daddy

My sons make me smile so much so. These two boys are the most wild of creatures at times, I even have to question if my four year old is not 90% animal a majority of the time, the kid is so fully of wild man/animal nature that it shocks me. Never have I seen boys who are so close in age get along so well, feed off of each other to instigate the family and simply have this amazing close knit bond that my whole family seems to have. I am proud of my boys and who they have become thus far, being that they are only 4 & 6, I am sure there are going to be many more years of me being proud of their abilities to be individuals and keep a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.

Boys just want to have funOne thing that I noticed about my sons, that I never have witnessed before with anyone, is the way they look up to their Dad. The boys will often tell people, my boyfriend included, that their Dad is the biggest man ever. Dad is stronger than Hulk and Dad can do anything. The fact that these boys look up to their Dad in such an amazing, loving and proud way makes me smile. I love seeing that these two boys are able to enjoy the family they have here, they really do like my boyfriend and his kids as well as their sister, but they have this bond with their Dad unlike anything I have ever seen. The boys are not fearful to let other people know that their Dad rocks and it’s adorable to witness.

My two sons Dad recently bought a suburban, it has a lift kit in it and super big tires, if you ask the boys they will tell you that their Dad has a big truck with monster truck tires; adorable. The boys love that their Dad is there for them, interacting and being Dad. I love that my boys have this with their Dad, even though we may not have worked together in a marriage, we simply co-parent pretty well and it shows in how our sons behavior is around the clock. These boys are blessed to have two parents who are so willing to realize that we are great friends, but simply two people who, when living together, just clash in such a way that made us realize we are better off staying friends than pushing a relationship and hating each other.

I love that my sons have both a Mom and a Dad they look up to, but let’s face it, they are boys so it’s even more wonderful that they have a father with whom they can relate to, cherish and look up to so that someday they can be “just like Daddy”, that is what parenting is all about – being proud of them so in turn they are proud of you. Nothing warms my heart more than kids who cherish their parents and nothing warms my heart more than knowing my kids cherish theirs 100%.

Fun Time with Preschooler

It’s usually pretty easy to entertain my hyper four year old son during the mornings before preschool …

Painting with Preschooler

Being that I am and have always been a crafty sort of person, I have a huge supply of various paints, craft supplies and newspaper for times like today when the four year old requested that I paint with him.

Using Recycled Items for Crafts

I recycle my cardboard, paper and plastics. This comes in handy on days when the kids want to do any form of crafting. Seen in picture above, we were painting a cardboard box that was from our recycle bin and using the newspaper from recycle pile for protection of the dining room table. The paints are courtesy my daughter’s supply. Shhh don’t tell her.

Proud Preschooler

And when that project was all done, K-man moved onto construction paper making legs, as he called them. Taping construction paper into what is really a circle and stuffing them with crumpled up newspaper. Not quite sure what those will be used for, but he is happy so that’s all that counts!

What are some crafty ideas you have that my family can enjoy?


Thinking About Editorial Calendar and Blogging World in 2013

The year 2013 is just around the corner and with the New Year comes people celebrating all night long til that breath taking ball in Times Square, NYC drops with the countdown to midnight. At midnight you are to get a kiss from that love one, at least so I hear. With the New Year on the forefront of everyone’s mind so is the discussion of New Year’s resolutions; if you have been following me for the four years I have been online, then you will know that I do not make resolutions; what I do each New Year is revisit my goals to see where I stand with them and I set some new ones.

Happily Blended NH Mom Blogger Goals

Even though my main stream of income is being a NH Mom Blogger, and it may seem like you just sit and write; which I really do, there are goals to be set in place. I was actually talking to my Dad about some of my business goals this year, for example it’s time for me to step up a notch with my brand, I also have to take some time to setup an editorial calendar for the year, maybe use the Blogging Planner as a way to help me set guidelines so that I can be better with the search engine traffic during the various holidays and national celebrations such as Breast Cancer Awareness month and others.

So as I move into my New Year 2013 as a single mom of three, I wonder what is it that I have completed and had set for goals in 2012 and what is it that I need to do in 2013 to make my 2013 start with a BANG? I am making a list here to see if I can come back at end of 2013 and have reached or surpassed these goals:

  • Have a steady brand contract for each month, whether same one or new each month, that pays for my time to spread the news about their brand/product or service.
  • Start writing more passionately about things that are lessons learned in the life of raising three kids and being single.
  • Share more Blogging Support and Work at Home Support articles with tips, tricks and advice on how others can be successful working from home whether for part time or full time income.
  • Get at least one more ad network to work with me via CPM.
  • Increase monthly income by $400 per month using ad networks, paid content and brand ambassadorships.

In order to meet and/or surpass my goals, I promise to:

  • Apply and/or accept programs that are a true fit for what I am passionate about instead of taking whatever is offered to me.
  • Focus on pitching brands/products that I can write about with passion, thus creating a better content supply here on site and my other blog.
  • Plan ahead, maybe with the Blogging Planner, so that each month is planned ahead of time with some open slots as advertisers or guest bloggers may need to be fit in periodically.
  • Write more guests post on other blogs that are a good fit. Find new Blogs to comment on and read regularly.

Overall, I think know this New Year 2013 is going to start with a BANG because there is no other way for me, the kids need a roof over their heads, heat in their home, clothes on their bodies and a Mom who is making money so she doesn’t sink into a state of depression not being able to support her kiddos. This New Year 2013 in blogging as  a NH Mom Blogger on my blogs is going to ROCK like no other year before.

What are some of your blogging goals for 2013 New Year?

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