School Lunch Boxes and Kids Chores

I wish I was the mom who let my kids have school lunches. I have seen the school lunches and I am glad they are there as an option for some kids but my kids will not be eating them. Maybe on a rare occasion I do let them have it, but not usually. I can’t let Aj have school lunch for he gets really stuck in a routine so if he has it one week he will want it that same day next week, and so on and so forth.

This means every night of the week I am to make a new lunch for my kids. I try to spruce things up but overall they end up with similar lunches each week. I usually try to sneak in a healthy option of cucumbers or sliced peppers or something for the little man because I am determined to get that kid to like more food options besides unhealthy ones.

Kids Can do Chores From age 2 and up

After a long day of work at home, picking up kids and dealing with homework. The last thing I want to do is pack up a lunch. Sure, I have been making uncrustables from home on the weekends. It helps alleviate some time. I also slice up green or red peppers to place in sandwich bags for quick toss into the lunch boxes but that doesn’t alleviate the time needed to clean each of the three kids lunch boxes out and pack it all up for the next day.

This is where chore ideas are coming in. I need my three kids to get back on track with chores. I think their new responsibility will be to empty and clean out their own lunch boxes. Why not? They are 5, 7 and 11 plenty old enough for that task and as I have sunk into this life I am currently living, I have started to lose some of myself and that includes making kids do some chores. We are a family and the kids have always had responsibilities but I got sucked into where I am now and they have fallen backwards along with me. It’s time to start assigning lunch box cleaning to the kids.

I think the best way to alleviate the chore list for mom is to encourage more involvement from the kids! At age 2 the kids are plenty old enough to start having small tasks to do around the house. I have always explained chores to my kids like this, “we are a family and as such, we are to each do a small part to help each other lead a funner day. If we each have a task to do, that alleviates it from Mom’s hands and in turn creates more time for us to spend together having fun!”

Wish me luck …. it’s never easy to get kids BACK into chores after slacking for over a year!


How to Eliminate Bed Bugs Without Chemicals

Bed bugs are often picked up in hotels and other holiday accommodation. Image

Bed bugs are often picked up in hotels and other holiday accommodation. Image

Over the last few years, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance. Formerly a health hazard rarely seen outside of history books, these blood-sucking bugs are starting to reappear in major cities such as London, New York City and San Francisco.

Unlike other common household pests, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to defeat with common sprays and chemicals. Because of this, it’s often more effective to get rid of these frustrating bloodsuckers using natural solutions.

These four techniques have been provided by – a global expert in clean, comfortable mattresses. Before you turn to chemical treatments, give them an attempt to fight away these annoying household pests the natural way.

                                       1.     Clean bedding and clothing in very hot water

 Bed bugs feed on your blood during the night and tend to love either inside or close to your bed. Strip your bed of all fabric and wash it at the highest heat setting to kill off these annoying pests.

Dry your bed sheets and pillowcases and check them for bed bugs. You should also clean your pyjamas and any clothes that are stored close to your bed, as bed bugs can easily travel from your bed into nearby wardrobes and coat pockets.

Do not put your sheets back on the bed until you’ve been able to carry out the next step – cleaning your bedroom and bedframe.

                                         2.     Vacuum everything in the affected bedrooms

 Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can hide in even the smallest of spaces. Because of this, you’ll have better luck attacking them with a vacuum cleaner than you will with the typical ‘search and destroy’ pest removal methods.

Strip down your bedroom and vacuum every space that bed bugs could inhabit. This means your cupboards and shelving, your wardrobe, and even small spaces between different pieces of furniture.

                                      3.     Replace infested mattresses and bedding

 Once bed bugs have moved into your mattress, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate them naturally. If you can see bed bugs moving around in your mattress (check near the seams and under the sticker) it’s generally worth buying a new one.

 Check your bedframe for bugs, as they will often turn small cracks and crevices into their residence. Bedframes can generally be de-bugged using a vacuum cleaner and heat treatment, while mattresses generally need to be completely replaced.

                                         4.     If all else fails, try a bed bug heat treatment

 If you’ve carried out all of the steps above but still can’t beat the bed bug threat, you might benefit from a home heat treatment. Professional pest removal companies can heat up your home to an extreme temperature that kills bed bugs within minutes.

 Speak to a professional before you consider a heat treatment, as some furniture can be affected by the equipment. Heat treatment should be a last resort that’s reserved for bed bug infestations that refuse to disappear.

Statue Of Liberty Tours

When it comes to Statue of Liberty tours, no company is better known in the local area than has gained a reputation for affordable, informative trips that leave everyone involved with a sense of pride without leaving everyone with an empty wallet. has coordinated its tour efforts with local hotels to provide deals on accommodations that other companies in the area simply cannot offer. With the proprietary package deals that you can get on, you can save loads of money without giving up any of the amenities that you think that you have to in order to go on a Statue of Liberty tour. Take a look on the website if you have not already; you are sure to find a package deal that you can afford during a good weekend. You can make your purchases directly from the website for the entire deal without a great deal of hassle as well. There is no reason that you should have to stay at home if you want to see the Statue of Liberty and learn about its storied history. Let the trip and tour experts at help you plan out a reasonably priced trip that will take you to the Statue and beyond.

I know when we went to NYC we never did get out to see the Statue of Liberty but I do hope to plan a NYC trip again for the family to experience seeing the Statue of Liberty up close.

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What type of Musical Instruments Are Best?

I have a household full of music lovers, while I have mostly guitar and drum loving men and boys in the household, I do have some piano and keyboard lovers as well. Kiara has spoken to me in the past about how neat it would be to have piano lessons, while I agree that would be cool, I honestly do not think I can afford it nor am I sure she is interested in piano any longer.

Musical Instruments

When Kiara started thinking about the piano it brought back memories of my really young years of living in the farm house with my Mom and Dad in Vermont. There was this huge piano in the house, I am not sure what kind because honestly I have never heard of any “brand or type” of piano beyond various terms I have come upon online such as Used Steinway Pianos that can be found for sale online.

The name or brand of the piano is completely irrelevant, the memory involves me coming downstairs and just not being able to resist touching that piano. As I walked by I would have to bang a button, as I walked by other times I would slide my fingers across more than one button. In return I usually recall getting in trouble for touching the piano, but as a child I just could not resist this beautifully huge piano sitting there in the corner.

That piano used to call my name, I swear!

{Press Release} Journey of the Oz Balloon Tour

This is something I just had to share with you all, Journey to Oz Balloon tour is happening in anticipation of the release of “Oz The Great and Powerful,” opening in U.S. theaters and IMAX® on March 8, 2013.

Oz Hot Air Balloon

Stops for the “Journey to Oz Balloon Tour” to date include:

·       “Oz The Great and Powerful” premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood  (February 13)

·       Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif. (February 17)

·       Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla.  (February 20)

·       Central Park in New York City (March 5 & 6)

On February 15, the “Journey to Oz Balloon Tour” app will go live on the official Facebook page for the film ( Starting then, fans will have the opportunity to unlock screenings in cities near them. Users will vote by Tweeting with a custom hashtag for their city (e.g. #DisneyOzSeattle) or by sharing on Facebook.

Are you in any of the areas where you will be able to see this balloon??

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