Enjoy All-Year-Round Fun at an Indoor Water Park New England

Vacations are special events that people of all ages greatly anticipate and enjoy. However, the increasingly demanding and hectic lifestyles that many people are currently leading are preventing them from taking vacations as frequently as they would want to. As a result, planning a vacation is often met with certain restrictions in terms of distance, budget, and time.

Fortunately, indoor water parks entered the American mainstream in the mid-1900s. They proved to be worthy alternatives to faraway beach destinations not only because of their swimming pools, but also for their various amenities and water activities. If you are looking for an indoor water park, New England offers many choices and promises endless fun without having to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest ocean or spending a fortune on pricey resorts.

Today’s indoor water parks can truly give even the best resorts a run for their money. Some of them can have more than 10 lodges in which guests could stay while they enjoy the vast array of pools and slides. The largest indoor water park was built in 1985 and has an area of more than 5 acres. Moreover, it houses the largest wave pool in the entire world!

People that are more adventurous are sure to find something they like in an indoor water park. Some parks offer daredevil raft rides that swirl people up the sides, which can measure up to 30 feet. Another ride drops rider-filled rafts down multiple storeys through a chute, and sailing over hundreds of feet of water. Tree houses can also be seen in many indoor water parks, and are very popular among young guests. A tree house would include cargo nets, suspension bridges, and buckets filled with water to keep the climbers wet.

The biggest advantage of planning your vacation in an indoor water park is that you do not have to be concerned about what season it falls on. In addition, indoor water parks can be found in virtually every state in the US, so people have numerous options from which to choose. Apart from water rides and amenities, guests can also play games at the arcade, relax at the spa, have fun at the zip line, and go up on a ski gondola. Others even have museums built inside the water park to provide guests with a unique experience.

Indoor water pools are one of the few places where both young and old people can have equal amounts of fun. The slides often comes in various sizes to accommodate all ages and preferences. Some of the water parks incorporate a general theme to their ambience and rides in order to give their guests an experience that other water park do not offer. Some of the themes that indoor water parks have include Polynesian, African Safari, and even Science.

The multitude and variety of the activities that indoor water parks have to offer can wear you out right away. Thankfully, you can simply go to your room to recharge and freshen up before going back to the rides. Most of these water parks provide free bath products and towels for their guests to ensure their comfort and convenience. Another great advantage of spending your holiday at an indoor water park is that it can fit any type of budget. Most water parks offer vacation packages that cater to almost any budget, and schedule.

Some Pretty Neat New Hampshire Wedding Venues #engaged #wedding #fiance

I am engaged. We were planning on a Spring/Summer 2014 wedding date but as time went on and my best friend announced her wedding date of September 6, 2015, we decided to push our date to 2015. With that being said, as time goes on I don’t want to wait, but we will see. With all that we have going on in our personal lives we have yet to take time to check out anything to do with weddings. That makes me sad. I wanted to enjoy the excitement and joy of searching around for New Hampshire wedding venues, to compile a guest list and to really just have fun with the cheap wedding planning part of things. This past week was a rough one for me, so I thought looking up some pretty wedding venues in New Hampshire would make me smile.

Here are a few venues in New Hampshire that I would just love to be married at ….

Whitney’s Inn – Jackson, NH

Jackson Inn New Hampshire Wedding Venue

Image Credit: www.whitneysinn.com

Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, NH looks like the perfect escape for a wedding party. They have a rustic appeal in my opinion which is something that speaks for my simple, laid back, country style personality. I could see this place speaking to us on our level, nothing too ritzy yet still elegant. Taken from the website “its unique post and beam barn, the Shovel Handle Pub, and beautiful 12 acres at the base of Black Mountain, provide the perfect setting for groups of 125 or less. The inn can also host outdoor tent weddings for groups of 200 or less.” I love how this one place has multiple location options for your special day!

Alyson’s Orchard – Walpole, NH

Image Credit: Creative Vision Photography via www.alysonsorchard.com

Image Credit: Creative Vision Photography via www.alysonsorchard.com

If you can’t get married on your family’s farm, why not check out Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH. I think this location would be perfect during peak apple season, why? What a smell those ripe, sweet apples would give off naturally for your special day. I love the idea of an outdoor wedding because I love nature. I love the wind blowing in my hair on a hot Summer day, I love smelling the scent of flowers and all the aromas being outside in Spring, Summer and Fall bring. Taken from the website “with three unique, welcoming lodging facilities, a reception hall for up to 250 guests, and over 25 years of experience in the wedding industry, Alyson’s Orchard is renowned as one of New England’s finest destination wedding sites.” Again, I see a place that offers a wide range of activities alongside simply having your wedding ceremony there.

Searles Castle at Windham in Windham, NH

Searles Castle at Windham for NH Wedding

Image Credit: www.searlescastlewindham.com

The Searles Castle at Windham is really a princess dream come true, while I never spent much time thinking about a princess style wedding event, I certainly started to lean that way after visiting this website. What a memorable event we could have with our wedding if we decided upon Searles Castle at Windham. What bride wouldn’t want to have one of these three entrance options; arrive by Limousine, a Cinderella Carriage or through the Castle’s Windsor doors?! I would totally feel like this princess who is indeed marrying her prince. I think this would be the most elegant of wedding ceremonies to choose from. They help you with the planning from start to finish and have many package options available for you to choose from.

Overall, I think my dream wedding would be at the Searles Castle in Windham because it’s not something we would get to experience every day. I can experience the rustic wonder of our great outdoors and the apple orchards most any day of the warm weather season, but to be married in a place that is a castle? Well now, that does sounds like the chance of a lifetime!

Out of the three venues I have shared from New Hampshire, which one would appeal most to you?


What makes Nantucket Island So Special?

Nantucket is like no other island in the world. This beautiful whaling village looks just the same as it did 200 years ago with widows walks, grey shingled cottages and cobblestone streets. The historic factories and warehouses now serve as home to world-class galleries and museums. Located just 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Nantucket is the sister island to Martha’s Vineyard, but is a completely unique destination in itself.

Nantucket has a pleasant, mild climate as compared to the rest of New England, with the months of July and August being the warmest times to visit. Its humidity is fairly high in the summer but it stays rather comfortable due to the ocean breezes. The best time to visit this island is preferably September or early October since the weather is warm, most hotel and restaurant rates are cheaper, but shops and attractions are still open.

Who could imagine that such a small island has so much to offer? Explore the Cisco Brewery, pristine beaches, art galleries, picturesque lighthouses, museums, breathtaking views, trails of biking and hiking, unique shops, and stay at the incredible Nantucket rentals that dot the island.

Here are three reasons to consider a visit to Nantucket Island:

Nantucket Lighthouses
Nantucket has three historic lighthouses and each one of them continues to light the way for those visiting the shore. The lighthouses have forever held a place in the island’s history, attracting sailors for centuries and guiding them to safety through dark nights and the unknown waters surrounding Nantucket. Visit them and find out so much about the island’s history from just a simple tour.

Nantucket’s rentals and historic homes
These historic homes draw thousands of tourists to the tiny island each and every year. You will find the most historic and architecturally significant buildings lining the streets, with their actual dates of construction listed in front. The most elegant historic homes are found on the Main and Orange streets where the ship owners, merchants and wealthy sea captains lived. Their owners, adding to the seaside charm of the island, have expertly preserved each one over the years.

Nantucket Restaurants
The restaurants in Nantucket Island are known all over the world for their incredible cuisine, top chefs and (unfortunately) expensive prices. Nantucket has some excellent restaurants as well as charming cafes all around town that serve reasonable lunches and dinners. Nantucket delis and sandwich shops are perfect for picnics on the beach, and another option for a quick meal. You can find plenty of the best ones with a quick Yelp search.


Nantucket beaches are some of the best and most beautiful in the world. Most of the beaches are private properties but many owners have made theirs public as well. Beach lovers will have to check out the sand, waves, and views that vary from beach to beach depending on the location. Some of the most popular beaches are: Children’s Beach, Brant Point Beach, Cisco Beach, Dionis Beach, Surfside Beach, and Madaket Beach, but there are so many more to explore as well.

Historic Sites
Nantucket Island is designated as a historic island and there are plenty of different types of authentic sites, including preserved homes and churches, an old windmill that still grinds corn, a civil war monument and also an old jail. These sites are easy to find on walking tour maps available in town.

If you haven’t been yet, Nantucket is a great place to visit for a few days or even a few weeks. Be careful though; many people visit for a day or two and then end up moving there for the incredible food, friendly people, and amazing sites!

I keep Saying Let’s Rent a Camper

One thing we did not get to do this past Summer that my family has wanted to be able to do is stay a weekend somewhere, preferably camping out so maybe we can have our pug with us. I don’t like the idea of trying to find a place to put Jenny the pug up nor do I have anyone who can house sit the doggy. I know our kitty would be fine, as we can leave him ample water and food, but the dog? Well dogs are not self sufficient in ways of the kitty. With that being said, I joked often about renting a camper van type thing this past Summer so we could get out and enjoy the great outdoors. There is a website I use as a resource for campground sites all over the New England area but so far I prefer to stick with the York Beach, Maine area.

York Beach Maine

How much fun would it be for us to be able to enjoy this nice view for a full weekend? I think it would be great to rent a camper van and spend a weekend in complete loss of electronics, nothing but camping out, beach visits and watching the moon rise over the ocean. I would so love such a thing, but that didn’t happen. I was doing a bit of research into hiring a campervan for a family road trip and found this campervan hire site to be a great resource.

This school year we will be saving money while paying off behind due bills so that we can take a little family trip over the Summer of 2014. Maybe we can spend a whole week away somewhere, now that would be totally awesome. I will have to keep my eyes out on campervan rentals so that I know the current rental price. It makes sense, as a family, to rent a campervan, because in all reality it isn’t something we would have space to place on our lot at this time, with half an acre of land we really want to ensure our children can enjoy the full cleared lot.

The best campervan for our family would be something that had ample space because when we all get together there are seven of us total, two adults and five children between the ages of 13 and 5. Taking a family vacation, via a campervan, would mean that board games would be played, electronics would go out the window and we would be forced to play games together and get to know each other more in our blended family life. While I know how I would want to travel and sleep, one thing I try to do is read more Travel Blogs to find great destinations aside from my normal ones I usually see each year. Taking a campervan rental for a family vacation would be a wonderful way to build family togetherness and strength, at least that is my opinion on the matter.

Does your family go camping each year? How does your family enjoy that?

Remembering a Wonderful Summer of So Many Changes

This Summer brought on changes for my family because we not only blended our family with the boyfriend and his children, but we moved to a new house. Having a lot of changes at once can be overwhelming for adults but especially for children of any age. That is why we worked hard to ensure this Summer was as fun as possible, and probably why we have more boxes still unpacked than I would like to admit. It was important to Lee and I to ensure our children blended together happily, while everything went really great at first, at the moment we have an issue with one of our children which may or may not be resolved with time and space as well as a listening ear. The summer though? The memories we made, while the times were great …. and I can only hope next Summer brings on less changes and more finances to get out to more places in the New England area.

sand castle

We built sand castles on our many trips to Sunapee State Beach. We went swimming out to the deep end of the Lake Sunapee while I watched the boyfriend cringe at first seeing his children so far out. I think after this Summer Lee has loosened up a bit when it comes to his children being out deeper than he originally was okay with. I wouldn’t ever put or let any of our children get in harms way on purpose, it was just something he had to let go with and he did, with time.

York Beach Maine

We all went on a day trip to York Beach, Maine where Lee’s kids had not been before. It was a nice treat for all while we splashed around and some swam in the Atlantic Ocean on that fine Summer day. We brought our lunches and snacks as well as drinks so it was literally just a day that cost us some gas, and with my new wheels it wasn’t that much in gas money spent. Memories were made, laughter was had. It was a wonderful time.

water balloon fight

We had a water fight in the backyard one day when there wasn’t much gas to go anywhere and I had a blast watching as the boys chased each other around smiling, without fighting for once. They had such a blast just laughing their butts off getting each other {and me} soaking wet in the process.

We had a lot of days just hopping into the van and heading to VT for a swim at my Dad’s house where we would spend hours and I got a lot of exercise in that pool this Summer. The pool days were by far close to my favorite days, it was so much fun to watch how confident our kids were in the water. I also enjoyed racing with the boys across the pool.

Ice cream

We always remembered to break for ice cream whenever the chance was there. While I am not a huge ice cream fan, the kids are and so is Lee so a nice, cold ice cream cone treat was always a messy yummy extra this Summer.

ant farm

We became the proud parents of an Ant Farm as we won this at the local library during the Summer Reading Program, and I believe our ants have finally passed away though. They stayed alive in this ant farm a lot longer than I thought they would.

Chili Home made

I started cooking from scratch using a $5 Dinner Mom cookbook as well as other recipes I found along the way. Above is the chili I made for the first time and it was well enjoyed. I love that the family is taking to my recipes because cooking from scratch is healthier, plus it allows for a lot of left overs, usually!

Baby Time

You can’t forget that I became an Auntie for the first time too, miss Olivia pictured above is seven months old there and currently. We were sure to get in as much ‘baby time’ as possibly this Summer in addition to our family fun times.

first loose tooth

And lost but certainly not least, my Aj lost his first tooth. The big tooth is already growing in as shown here, he has anther loose tooth to the right of this one with the adult tooth coming in behind it, so we will see if that comes out soon! The tooth fairy brought him $1 for his first tooth, he was so happy.

Of course, our families did a lot together as a blended unit of one this Summer, but I can’t even begin to share everything in pictures. We took hikes, we went swimming in various places, we played board games, video games and we simply spent the Summer getting the kids introduced and hoping to find a way to get the kids to understand “family is not just about blood”, while blood family is totally awesome, sometimes in life you are introduced to a new way of living; such as a blended family unit where no matter what you are welcomed as if each and every one of you grew up together. That is the type of family life Lee and I are trying to promote; the fact that when all people are here or away, this is part of their “real family” too. I look forward to seeing where this year leads us … altogether!

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