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Distracted driving is a real concern these days with the brunt of society living in a fast paced lifestyle. People want to get from Point A to Point B in record time, but life happens in between. I have seen people putting their makeup on at a stop light and people looking up in their mirrors while driving to place lipstick on. The things we do in our vehicles while driving is not only a possible distraction for their own safety but it’s a distraction for drivers who bear witness to such things as; looking down instead of at the road, turning your head backwards to maybe speak to a child, doing your makeup in the drivers seat while driving, and so on and so forth. There are many things people have done that can be considered distracting to both the driver and other drivers on the road. I know that when I see a person doing something that clearly shows the driver doesn’t have both eyes on the road or their hands on the wheel, it distracts me from my driving. It takes me a moment to realize what I had just witnessed, it’s so mind boggling to me what people do behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving Campaign

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I think we may all have been guilty of distracted driving from time to time without realizing it and this can cause crashes.  The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Auto Alliance want to increase awareness about the risks of distracted driving. My advice to those who find themselves getting distracted while driving is to pull over as soon as possible. It’s that simple. I have been known to pull off the side of the road many times, it is usually because my son’s are screaming at each other in the back seat. If something is going on with my children that requires my attention or is distracting to the safety of my driving, I pull over. No questions asked. I tend to the kids, let them know their distracting Mama’s driving and I don’t move again until they are calm and acknowledge they will cease the distracting behavior.

Here’s a couple Tidbits of Information regarding Distracted Driving:

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), of the nearly 33,000 roadway fatalities in 2012, there were 3,328 fatalities and approximately 421,000 injuries in distracted driving-related crashes.
  • Orthopaedic surgeons—the specialists who put bones and limbs back together after road crashes and traumas—along with our partners, the automakers, would rather help all drivers “decide to drive” each time they get in the car and to keep bones and limbs intact.

The “Decide to Drive” program aims to empower drivers and passengers to speak up about distracted driving, continue the conversation at home, work and play, and reduce distracted behaviors behind the wheel. As parents, we already have enough to discuss with our children and educate them about, please add the topic of distracted driving. Lead by example. My example is that I usually have my cell phone on vibrate while driving to ensure it doesn’t distract my eyes from the road nor hands from the wheel. I also have used voice operated hands-free devices in years past for cell phones, in case of an emergency phone call during driving. Most phone calls and text messages can wait until you stop driving, if not? Pull over. 

As a proactive Mom and one who leads by example, I have kept dialogue open between my three children regarding safe driving practices, sure they may only be 11, 7 and 5, but one is never too young to soak up information! If I lead be example and keep the conversation going, they will be more educated on ways to not be a distracting driver when they reach driving age.

As part of this Decide to Drive Campaign, I am sharing with you a fun slogan contest called Decide to Drive Catchphrase Contest. This contest will run from May 30, 2014 – June 13, 2014.  Head over to the Decide to Drive Catchphrase Contest page for more details and to enter your choice of slogan to bring awareness to distracted driving! You could win one of two $500 runner-up prizes or the $1,000 grand prize! I cannot wait to see what the new slogan will be.

Connect with American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons on FacebookAuto Alliance on Facebook and “Decide to Drive” on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news, statistics and information to help you raise more awareness of distracted driving.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Chuggington Shares Some Traffic Safety Tips

This year, parents can teach their children how to stay safe on the roads by joining the more than 150,000 children who have taken the Traffic Safety Pledge as part of the ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’ traffic safety program, which provides families with important traffic safety resources. Developed by NHTSA, the nation’s trusted source of traffic safety information, and the creators of Chuggington, the popular preschool television series, the campaign includes tip sheets, traffic safety games, an activity book, coloring sheets, a PSA currently airing on Disney Junior and more.

Holiday Safety Traffic Tips

  • The holidays are a busy time at shopping malls — especially parking lots. Drivers should be on alert for small children when reversing out of a parking space. Parents should never leave children unattended near an open trunk, where they can get trapped.
  • While winter clothes keep children warm, they can also interfere with the proper harness fit of a child in a car seat. Parents must make sure to place blankets around their child after they fasten the harness.
  • Last-minute shopping can be stressful and rushed. Parents should never leave infants or young children unattended in a vehicle—even if the windows are partly open or the engine is running.
  • Remember to always buckle up! Not only is it the law – it could help save your life.  {although it’s not law for age 18+ in NH it is common sense for all}
  • Play it safe and check your local news source for up-to-the-minute traffic information and weather conditions of the interstates and roads you will be traveling.
  • Last but not least, make it fun! Heading out on a ‘road trip’ to Grandma’s? Pack an assortment of age appropriate holiday music, DVDs (like The Chugger Championship) and travel games to make your trip fun for the entire family!

Will you be traveling this holiday season? What do you do to teach your children traffic safety tips in your family?

Chuggington Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe Campaign

It is true, I am a Chuggington Conductor and I wanted to share some traintastic news with you all about the Chuggington Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe traffic safety campaign!

October is International Walk to School Month and Chuggington announced it’s partnership with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in September so they have put together this great educational campaign to help you teach your Trainees how to be safe!

I know as a mom of two hyper boys I have had to really focus on teaching them to be safe, it’s a constant reminder for the boys but my daughter took to walking safely at a young age; only 2 years old. I teach the boys to watch traffic signs while I am driving too which means they know what the red, yellow and green traffic lights mean.

Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe aims to educate parents and children about all forms of transportation safety. In support of the Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe campaign, Disney Junior will be airing PSA’s throughout the month of October. In addition you can find more safety tips, sign the traffic safety pledge, play games and more online today.

Disclosure: I am a Chuggington Conductor so I do receive new products and news from Chuggington to share with you all from time to time. All opinions are that of my own.

Buzzed Driving Campaign

buzzed driving

Image Courtesy Buzzed Driving FB Page

It’s that time of year, Holiday Season, and with that comes to mind drunk driving so many do drink and drive whether you feel a buzz or not I have seen many adults go out to have a few drinks at a family gathering, get in their vehicle and drive off. As a person who got an underage DWI (or DUI some states call it) I can personally tell you first hand what I learned from getting a DWI with BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) of .05 at age 18, losing my license and going through the course I had to take to get my license back.

I loved drinking and honestly I still do, however, you will not see me getting into a vehicle and driving after drinking. The reason? Quite simply because although when I got my DWI I simply had not “completely yielded” whatever that means, and no one was hurt but I have seen many stories of family’s who were not so lucky. When a drunk driver gets into an accident they are rarely the ones who are hurt, it’s usually another person and anotehr family left to mourn the loss of a loved one.

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NH LATCH Cross Country

With the holiday season moving into full swing, families across the country are in the car and on the go. Whether you’re driving across the country to visit family or across town to holiday shop, it is important that your child passengers are riding safely and that child safety seats are used correctly.

AAA estimated that 30 million people travelled this Thanksgiving holiday alone, and for many this is just the beginning of the holiday hustle and bustle. Now is the time to utilize the Child Car Safety tools provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation?s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Ad Council to learn more about proper car seat use and installation. You will find informative resources that include instructional videos.

Have child passenger safety questions that you need answered before you travel over the river and through the woods to Grandma?s? NHTSA is always available to answer your questions online through Facebook and Twitter @childseatsafety

Make it a Happy Day!

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