A Short Primer for Car Owners Looking for Car Transport Services

Specialized auto transport services came to being because standard moving trucks cannot accommodate cars. It is not always feasible for individuals to drive their vehicles to a new location when the time comes to move from one area to another. The car owner’s peace of mind lies on the capabilities of the auto transport company. Most auto transport service providers keep a close partnership with moving companies and shipping firms in order to ensure prompt delivery at reasonable prices. These days, car shipping quotes are usually available online for relocation services, making it more convenient for car owners.

A peek at the car transport industry

It is important for vehicle owners to know about car transport practices prior to hiring a company to transport their car. Aside from making the effort to survey all available services, it is imperative to have a good grasp of the car transport industry.  Knowing about the procedures involved, including the details of what car shipping entails, will help the car owner understand the current price offers. It is also important to be aware of industry standards and regulations so that the owner of the vehicle can make informed decisions when choosing which outfit to entrust the move to. The transfer and shipping of cars and other motorized vehicles are regulated by laws. When these regulations are violated by service providers and/or their partners, the fines could amount to millions of dollars. The car transport industry has stringent standards that need to be followed.

Debunking car shipping myths

There are specific guidelines given to car owners prior to the vehicle transport itself. Car owners have to follow instructions such as keeping within weight limitations. There are also rules with regard to inclusion or non-inclusion of personal belongings and electronics items. The information that car owners must learn about must also extend to learning about the myths that surround car transport and shipping. Debunking these myths could save lots of money and spare car owners the burden of worry.

For instance, one of the more popular misconceptions is that the shipping cost will be cheaper if the hubcaps, wipers, antennae, and outside mirrors are removed. The truth is there are weight restrictions and additional items are not allowed to be placed in the car to get a free ride to the new destination. However, there is no need to remove hubcaps and related car fixtures because the rates are not based on whether they are attached or not. Shipping and transport rates are not dependent on whether the windshield wipers are taken out. Aside from the weight and vehicle dimensions, industry standards are taken into consideration.

There is also a misconception that door-to-door service is much more expensive than terminal-to-terminal services. Some car owners elect to retrieve their vehicles from the terminal and just drive them home. All the while, the converse is the truth. Door-to-door services are usually cheaper mainly because the other option requires terminal fees which add up to the total cost.

With these in mind, vehicle owners are advised to exercise due diligence when looking for car transport services. Doing research on shipping quotes and regulations can save owners from the hassle of fines and the risk of putting their cars in the wrong hands.




Before the Move … Getting Things Prepared for Moving Truck

I am amazed at how well we all worked together as a family unit, yes all seven of us, to get the truck packed up for the move. Granted my daughter wasn’t there for that first day of packing up the truck but she assisted before she went with her Dad. I was very impressed watching Miss Ki use a socket set to take apart her own bed frame so that we could pack it on the truck the next day.

Independent daughter (2)

Yes, my daughter takes right after her Mama in the independent woman department. I love that, while at her age hormones keep raging, she still does things to help around the house and shows her independent nature often. It was fun helping Ki packed up her bedroom but now we have her boxes full in new room while we wait to find a bunk bed setup as she is sharing a bedroom with Chey and they need more floor space. Their pull out twin bed and other twin bed takes up too much of their floor space in room.

Hopefully soon we can let the girls unpack their bedroom boxes and settle into their new room better, but for now they enjoy having their own space in our new family home!

Keep the Kids Calm During A Move

Moving is a pretty hectic time for most people, regardless of how old they are. Between the stress of getting packed up and the uncertainty involved in transitioning to a new home, there are a lot of things going on and it’s tough to manage them all. Moves can be especially hectic for kids, whose stress often converts into temper tantrums and other outbursts that only make the process more difficult for you. Try some of these tips to keep your kids calm during a move and help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Give them advance notice

Kids are smart. They can tell something’s different when you’re getting ready for a move and may demonstrate this knowledge non-verbally, such as becoming extra clingy. Rather than going on with life as normal and pretending nothing is happening, it’s best to tell your kids what’s going on well in advance. That way, they can start getting used to the idea and even help get ready by taping boxes or helping pack. Start talking about the possibility of a move when you’re starting to scout out houses or apartments and get them excited about the process. Everything you do to prepare in advance will prevent a huge shock when moving day arrives.

Explain the process

Watching all of their belongings get put on a big truck and driven away by a strange person can be really scary for kids. Take some time to explain what to expect on moving day. Let them know you hired a moving company whose job it is to get all your stuff safely to your new home. Also explain what kids will need to help you with before moving day, such as sorting through their toys and books, and staying out of the way as the movers load up the truck.

Assign kid-friendly jobs

Boredom is one of the major causes of misbehavior. When you’re so busy preparing for and executing a move, you may not be paying as much attention as usual to keeping your kids busy. Before you start the move, brainstorm some jobs each of your kids will enjoy helping with during each stage of the process. For example, you can have a child be in charge of labeling boxes as you pack them or being in charge of the Goodwill donation pile. When you’re cleaning your house, little ones love helping hold the dustpan or push the vacuum. These tasks will keep them occupied and help prevent outbursts due to feeling left out.

Keep kids fed

Children are especially susceptible to tantrums and emotional outbursts when they’re hungry. With such small bodies, going an hour or two past a meal time can be a pretty big deal. While you’re packing up your kitchen, make sure to keep a stash of kid-friendly food close at hand so your kids don’t get too hungry on moving day. Take a break to go out to lunch at a restaurant of their choice. If your kids start getting a little grumpy, offer a favorite snack. Even if you’re usually pretty strict about what they eat, one day of exceptions isn’t going to ruin everything.

Although you can never guarantee your kids will be perfect angels during a move, keeping them involved throughout the process will help your big day go more smoothly. Know as well the process doesn’t end when you get to the new place. Let them help set up their play areas right away so they can start having fun in the new house while you work on unpacking and settling in.

Utterly Exhausted

Yes. I am utterly exhausted.

Ever get to that point in life when so much has been tossed at you that you just need to crash?

Yup, that is me.

Started having some family business going on. Stretched me emotionally.

Still dealing with that.

Then my van decided it would be really cool if it stopped working driving down the interstate about 65mph. Dead. No moving van.

Sold that van to avoid cost of a tow and fixing the transmission issue. Yes, someone came and bought it sitting on the side of the interstate dead.

Went a couple of weeks or more with one vehicle for morning hours only.

After week one I was ready to have a new vehicle.

Spent four days looking at various vehicles and here I am now with a new to me family vehicle.

Ready for a nap. So, that is where I am at. Will be back with some more love stories of those meeting online but for now … I am too exhausted to think.

Oh Happy Valentine’s Day by the way. Hope you have a lovely day!

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Some People Look For Help When Moving Out of Home

I have moved many times but never have I hired Movers to assist in such a task. I have jammed my van full to a point that one would swear it would explode, tossing boxes and clothing all over the highway. I can only assume that Moving Companies will help you better pack up things and move in one quick sweep versus using myself and throwing odd ball items in one by one without being packed in a box.

Whether you are looking for Moving Services to move across country or just down the block, they will truly assist in making your transition from one place to another a lot easier. The first place to start with a moving company is to get a quote. Most Moving Quotes are free without any obligation to utilize their service so I say you have nothing to lose if you want to get a quote to see how a moving company can assist you in moving with one quick sweep.


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