Shopping for my Tween Daughter

The time has come, that time when your child no longer accepts and adores your clothing selections for her. Yes, I firmly believe it happens to all of us. We all have been at that stage where the clothing choices our parents made for us would make us cringe and argue the fact that we are now too old to have our Mommy or Daddy buy us clothing. I remember being that age and I was a nightmare, I am sure, now I get to relive that stage with my oldest, which is nearing middle school age and is ready to show her true personality through clothing choices.

There are some limits you can place, as the parent, on your tweens or teens clothing choices and here are some that I have placed with my own daughter:

  • Halter tops are unacceptable as they show off too much skin for every day wear outside of the beach or pool.
  • Be appropriate in your choice of graphic tees that spread a message, make sure the messages on graphic tees are age appropriate and school acceptable.
  • Choose a variety of clothing so that you can dress appropriately for the weather.

My daughter’s current obsession is with printed leggings, she just adores leggings with a matching graphic tee shirt on top. I have recently noticed that has a wide range of tween and teen clothing options for any picky dresser. There is a LOVE graphic tee that I know my daughter would totally wear, unless I bought it that is. Parenting gets more difficult as you head into the age of teens picking their own clothing, you must ensure that they are allotted their independence to choose high waisted jeans if they so desire but limit their clothing to age appropriate messages and ensure they cover their body fully. My rule is, the less skin showing, the better.

Shopping for tweens or teens really can give one a headache, it’s no easy task, but if you set rules and boundaries from the beginning; yes that means dressing them appropriately when you are the one choosing clothing from day one, then you will find their clothing choices will continue to be appropriate well into their teen years. Support your tween and teen in their individuality and remember; life is far too short to spend it arguing about matching clothes; let your child’s clothing be their artwork.

Celebrating Turning 11 Years Old, 11 Days After Birthday

This past weekend my daughter had her 11 year birthday celebration! Some family came and her friends came. There were snacks, music, fun and laughter – cake and ice cream and presents. Miss Ki got all dressed up in my skirt and an old shirt I had given her as she waited for guests to arrive…

Birthday Girl Attire

My little girl isn’t a little girl anymore … I can’t believe she is now 11 and that next year she will be in Junior High. Sigh.

Setting Bday Table up

After Miss Ki got all dressed up she proceeded to the backyard to ensure her birthday picnic table was all set up and ready for when guests arrived. My little touch to her decor was mints with smiley faces that said “smile .. be happy”. I just couldn’t resist and she rolled her eyes as she agreed those are totally “all Mom”.

Party Mints

Among the party guests were my sister and Miss Olivia, that sweet little baby was an amazingly happy little girl the whole time.

Baby Olivia and Mom

The party went really well, Miss Ki had two girlfriends and one boyfriend as her guests from school who all got along great.  There were so many fun presents; an easel, oil paints, craft kits to create new fun jewelry and toys, as well as a Monster High Doll from my Mom and much more.

Birthday Girl

It was a very eventful day, full of so many laughing, smiling and interacting. The only issue that came up was with my seven year old son who felt that sissy’s friend who was a boy wasn’t there to hang with her and her friends. This is because my seven year old son truly believes that boys are not friends with girls, he believes this to his heart and, well, that in turn created some issues that I tried hard to keep at bay.

Happy 11th Birthday Miss Ki, it was so nice to see you smile all day long and have a beautiful celebration!


How Do you Go From Summer Brain to School Brain

It’s that time of year, many of you have had children in school for a couple of weeks now, but mine have only been in school for one week and kindergarten starts this coming week. I will have two children in school this year leaving me all alone with Baby K during the school day. I can’t wait to see how well Aj does in kindergarten and I do hope he overcomes his anxiety so that he can truly enjoy school, miss home and be happy when I pick him up from school!

One of the areas I am personally struggling with as a mother is to get my brain from Summer time to school time. I know school is in session and Summer is over, however, my brain wants to be lazy and sleep in, have no routine and just fly by the day. I am not sure how to tell my brain to come back to reality, do you have any tips?


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Race The Old Man

Here at my house we have a bedtime routine, it involves getting pajamas one, going to the kitchen for AJ to take his medicine, then brushing teeth followed by story time for the kids. In between kitchen medicine time and teeth brushing in the bathroom we do a race.

Let’s back this up a bit, about the age of two AJ refused to do anything you wanted him to do and he developed a very competitive attitude. I mean competitive, he had to “win” at eating meals, he had to “win” at buckling up, he had to “win” at everything he did on a daily basis, right down to him having to be the first one with his coat on to leave the house.

AJ is still pretty competitive, however, his winning attitude has changed a little, if you catch him on a good day he is a good loser, but if you catch him on a bad day he is a sore loser which makes conflict with the other two kids. The newest edition to our nightly race from the kitchen to the bathroom involves something AJ came up with on his own ….

Plastic Urkel
Image by mike fischer via Flickr

AJ likes to hike his pants up just like Steve Urkel did and call himself an old man. This old man is super fast though, he runs as fast as the speed of lightening! It is real hard for Baby K, Ki and I to beat this old man in a race from the kitchen to the bathroom I tell you!

So there you have it, every night I race an old man and he wins! Ok call me a slow poke!

Back To School Time is Coming

I can’t believe that school will be starting before we know it! August is next week which means the mad dash to start getting things ready for back to school, my daughter is still too young to worry about things like school lockers because that is a high school extra thing around here, not lower grades. Unless you now get a school locker when you are in the fifth and six grade school we have, who knows, haven’t been in that school in many, many years.

As school starts, especially if you have a high school age child or even middle school age child you must start thinking about the paper, the pens, the crayons, the markers and things like clothing, shoes and accessories. I remember when I was in school I didn’t like that my Mom would buy my clothes at Ames, I always wanted the clothing that was “in style” and of course the clothing that was “in style” costs so much money that my single mother wasn’t going to dish out the money for that even if she could have afforded it.

Now as I watch my oldest grow up and get into the higher grades I see that she may be just like me in the area of wanting the best of the best, which means the most expensive in the eyes of children, and even in some adults. Am I right or am I a right? So as back to school time nears what are you looking to purchase for your children? Is it items for their school locker, clothing or something else far fetched that they are required to have for their classroom studies?

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