Microsoft offers Free Camps to NH Kids #technology #parents

This information came across to me and since I am in New Hampshire, I felt it worthy to share with you all.

The camps take place from June 16-Aug 21.
Each camp is 4 days, Mon-Thur. 10am-12pm for ages 8-10 and 1pm-3pm for ages 11-13.
Here is the schedule.
Week 1: JUNE 16-19 Smart Photo Taking
Week 2: JUNE 23-26 Smart Movie Making
Week 3: JUNE 30-JULY 3 Smart Game Coding/ Smart Game Designing
Week 4: JULY 7-10 Smart Movie Making
Week 5: JULY 14-17 Smart Photo Taking
Week 6: JULY 21-24 Smart Game Coding/Smart Game Designing
Week 7: JULY 28-31 Smart Game Coding/Smart Game Designing
Week 8: AUG 4-7 Smart Movie Making
Week 9: AUG 11-14 Smart Photo Taking
Week 10: AUG 18-21 Smart Movie Making
Registration links are live at
Registration is for the ENTIRE week, participants are encouraged to attend all 4 sessions. Cost is Free!

MS office 2010 Winner

MS Office 2010 Giveaway ended and the winner chosen by is….

Anne from Upstate Ramblings —  who said “I like the gift tag template from word.

Congrats and please complete THIS FORM so that I can send your information along to the sponsor!


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Not an Attack Site

So malicious code was found within this site again, you can visit my main page but to look at an actual blog post individually you will get a screen that says my site is an attack site. This site is CLEAN, however, until Google fully reviews my site and deems it safe, basically confirming my host has removed all malicious code, the error will continue to show. I do apologize for the inconvenience but the site is safe. Malicious code has been removed. Thanks.

Computer Drivers … Are They Updated?

Being married to a computer tech type person makes it easy for me to stay on top of the latest driver updates for my computer, but many are not that lucky to have another person who they can rack their brain to ensure their windows drivers are up to date!

The reason you should make sure that your computer drivers are up to date is because this will ensure that every accessory that is plugged into your computer will be in good working order, not to mention it keeps your programs running smoothly. Let’s say you just hooked up a new sound system for your computer, but you have no sound coming out of the speakers. Make sure you check that your volume control has been adjusted properly (not on mute), and be sure the correct sound drivers have been downloaded to your computer.  Usually no sound from your new speakers can be resolved easily with the most up to date driver being installed.

Windows Vista is famous for not having all properly installed drivers, because it’s such a new operating system that very few programs or accessories came with the correct driver on the original installation CD. Properly checking that your windows drivers are installed will ensure that you are getting all that you can possibly get out of your computer and computer accessories.

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WordPress Upgrade Equals Mess With Plugins

I tell ya, I love WordPress, ever since I switched from Blogger to self hosted WordPress I have been like  a kid in a candy store with all the plugins, ability to make a business website with WordPress and just so many other fantastic features. Well this was until I upgraded to WordPress 2.8. As a person who is married to a computer pro, I should know better than to upgrade until something has been out long enough for all those other programs to catch up. For instance, not all programs are compatible with Vista, why? Well because Microsoft rushed, got it out and now wants to push it down our throats yet we can’t be guaranteed that our programs will be compatible with it? I mean really?!

Okay, Okay, you have me, WordPress talk and Microsoft Operating Systems, not really comparable, but the point is if something is NEW do not try it until it has been out a long time or if you have a way to test it on something that is not as important. For me, I should have copied all my files from my current domain name and transferred to another domain to “test” out WP 2.8 prior to upgrading – why did I not do this?

I was in a hurry, I was sick of seeing that “you need to upgrade” notice across my screen. I am an organizational addict, which means if something is pulling an update notification every time I login, or my email has more than a couple unread messages – I am going to organize. I guess you can call me OCD in some ways but it’s who I am, I enjoy being organized and up to date.

Now that I have my upgrade completed I have spent more time than I had to spare deactivating plugins and reactivating them to figure out WHY my whole WordPress dashboard wasn’t working. I could no longer upload images, preview my blog posts, nothing. It was like writing blind and basic.  No more additions to make my blog posts look “cute” or “professional”, just plain ol’ text and maybe an image if I wanted to literally write in the HTML code to get the image just right – which I am capable of doing, but really had no interest in doing.

Finally I figured out there were a few plugins conflicting with WordPress 2.8 – now do not ask me which ones as I removed 3-4 and then left them removed .. I may take the time this weekend after we see Thomas to test which ones were creating the conflict, but for now I will just leave them be and mind my P’s and Q’s before I say something else and it all goes down! LOL

Overall I am very happy with my self hosted WordPress account, lots of features and so many cool SEO plugins.

So did you upgrade? Do you have any venting about WP you would like to add?

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