$1 Million Lotto Winner from Michigan Dies

I play the PowerBall every Wednesday and Saturday, playing the same numbers that I had come to me in a vision. Actually, what it was is one day I had it in my mind to buy a PowerBall ticket, out of the blue. So I did. On my drive from the store to my home, I already knew the numbers. It’s as if these are my lucky numbers and I had a complete vision of me winning the PowerBall, of course I have no clue when this will happen but I firmly believe in visions.

Because of this new love of PowerBall, I have been paying attention to what’s going on with the lottery & being that I am a numbers fanatic I try to see if there is any pattern to the numbers, which of course there really does not seem to be. Lottery numbers are completely random.  To my surprise today while looking at various lottery news, I found out that a girl from Detroit may have died from a drug overdose after winning $1 million from Michigan Lottery.

Apparently this young 25 year old woman was still collecting welfare benefits after winning her $1 million. Apparently this young woman, Amanda Clayton, was accused of collecting $5,475 in food and medical benefits from August 2011 through March. {source: NBC news} This money she collected would not have been provided to Clayton had she claimed her lottery winnings. The attorney for Clayton stated she paid back $5,500 after her winnings.

I guess there is now a law in Michigan where lottery officials must report those who win to the health & human services state branches to ensure any welfare recipients who win must claim their new income. I do agree that it should be common sense to report your lottery winnings to the state if you are on assistance. In NH, they even go as far as to look at your recent bank statements {at least one month prior} and they usually do a six month check on people, which means, I don’t know how this young woman could have collected so much after winning $1 million, but you know, state workers have huge case loads around here so I am sure in other states it’s just the same.

This poor young woman won $1 million and then was found dead, supposedly due to a drug overdose. I could not imagine. My thoughts go out to the family of this young girl. I get that some may not feel bad for her drug overdose and the accusations that she had against her, however, if you have never been addicted to drugs & if you have never been living in this woman’s shoes you can not even begin to judge. This is a sad situation all around & I do hope it’s a lesson for many to learn from.

I am Obssessed with Blinds and Covered Windows

I am a bit OCD about one thing, okay maybe a couple of things, but my biggest OCD moment is ensuring that all of the windows are covered when darkness falls upon the Earth each night. I have always been someone who will tack up a towel or blanket on a window if no curtains or blinds are there because I just do not like the idea that it’s dark out there and light in here.

Chances are that there are only wild life, such as the three deer who frequent my yard, staring into the windows at me, but I don’t care. In my mind all of my windows must be covered because that makes me feel safe and secure. I love that there are so many blind options for windows and blinds tend to be something I would be more apt to purchase over curtains for the main house windows.

The reason I much prefer blinds over curtains is because they are quick and easy to pull up and put down, while curtains are great ways to encourage my curious little one to hang from. Yes, K man loves to hang from curtains and it drives me BONKERS. So each time I can replace a curtain with a blind it leaves me with one less headache or situation with the little one.

Do you prefer blinds or curtains, how about OCD issues, anything that you have to just deal with each day or else it literally drives your mind crazy?

Getting There Peacefully: Taking Road Trips With Children

The freedom provided by cars has been helping families take vacations around the United States since the middle of the 20th century. Airplane and train tickets must be bought individually, so using them for transportation may be unaffordable for families.

Cars, on the other hand, cost the same regardless of how many are traveling in them. Road trips, however, are known to drive children to extreme levels of boredom. Here are five tips for taking peaceful road trips with children.

1) Make a checklist and check it twice 

Stopping for food, diapers and other necessities can significantly slow a road trip. Parents can help shorten their trips by making sure that they are well-stocked with the necessities that the trip will require. Parents should also include entertainment options on these checklists. For vehicles with television screens, parents should make sure that they have enough DVDs to keep the children relaxed during the entire duration of the trip.

2) Find the best time to travel 

A bit of creative scheduling can reduce the effective length of the trip for children. Leaving early in the morning when children are generally sleeping can allow parents to knock out part of the trip with sleeping children. Two parents can rotate travel duties to keep up their sleep schedules. More adventurous parents can even consider leaving at night. Traveling when there is less traffic can shorten the trip substantially, and sleeping children are peaceful children.

3) Plan fun stops 

The United States highway system is dotted with whimsical, entertaining destinations. While stopping to see some of the places will lengthen the trip’s duration, they do give children, and adults, the opportunity to walk around and stretch their legs. Children loathe monotony, and miles of straight, boring highway can quickly lead to restless children. Occasional stops can reduce their crankiness.

4) DVDs are not always enough 

DVDs can provide some respite from boredom, but children often become tired of television shown and movies. Parents can help alleviate this boredom by playing board games and traditional road games with their children. These games lead to interaction and thinking, which can help reduce the monotony of road travel. Magnetic travel games are a great option to consider.

5) Use your trip as a time to clean and upgrade your home 

Preparing and packing for a trip requires families to organize their items and pack what they will need on the road; this is a great time to clean and think about potential upgrades or remodels. Perhaps it is time for new carpeting? Maybe it is time to look for new vanities for bathrooms? A trip may give a family a new perspective on their homes, and this perspective can lead to insights about how to best make upgrades.

Most parents would pay a premium to fly to their destination, but the added expenses may be too great to justify. Fortunately, a bit of planning can go a long way toward making a road trip more enjoyable for both children and adults.

Walt Disney DVD: StarStruck Extended Edition

Today I am sharing a review of StarStruck: Extended Edition, a DVD from Walt Disney.

StarStruck Walt Disney

This is a musical adventure-filled romp that hits all the right notes for kids and tweens. This tells the story of Jessica Olson and her older sister Sara who are heading to Hollywood from Kalamazoo, Michigan on a family trip to visit their grandmother.  Sara is obsessed with a pop star and hopes to track him down while in California but Jessica wishes to go sightseeing rather than tracking down some stuck up pop star.

The sisters arrive in L.A. where Sara takes Jessica on a hunt to find the pop star, Christopher Wilde, and as a chance meeting seems possible with the star the girls set off on a series of adventures that are comical and feature many of L.A.’s landmark locations.

This movie will tear at your emotions and get you take a look at who you really are, deep inside versus what others wish you to be. Great DVD that I give five out of five stars!

Bonus Features on this DVD/CD Combo:

  • Extended version of the movie – only available in DVD.
  • More Music with eight Rock-Along tracks to sing-along with.
  • Three hot music videos.

Facts about StarStruck:

  • #1 in it’s time slot for kids ages 6-11 and tweens ages 9-14.
  • Most watched February original movie premier in total viewers.
  • This DVD is only way to get exclusive content not aired on TV.


StarStruck is certainly a modern day Cinderella story that promotes messages about honesty, humility, self-acceptance and strength of character. As most of you know those are all very important messages to me personally which is why I am happy to share this DVD with you, nothing hits me harder than a movie or book that shares the challenges of learning who you are and sharing the path to self discovery.

Rating: TV-G in US and G in Canada

Feature Run Time: Aprox. 92 minutes

Languages: English

Suggested Retail Prices:

  • 1 disc DVD – $26.99 – US
  • 1 disc DVD – $29.99 – Canada
  • 2 disc DVD/CD combo – $29.99 US
  • 2 disc DVD/CD Combo – not available in Canada

Purchase on Amazon or at your local DVD store.

Disclosure: I received this DVD reviewed from Click Communications. All opinions in this review are that of my own based on my family’s experience with the product.

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