Addiction is Real and It’s Not Easy, but There is Help

With the recent death of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman many are discussing the topic of addiction; some people are able to see the real disease addiction is while others are not so clear minded about that fact. Addiction, as defined by Merriam-Webster is having “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something”. Addiction predominantly refers to drugs or gambling, but in this day and age addiction is far more publicized with one having a drug addiction. A drug could be anything from over the counter pills to prescribed narcotics to hardcore street level drugs; it also can be related to alcohol. In case you were not aware alcohol is also classified as a drug, hence why there are treatment centers for alcohol abuse like the new jersey alcohol treatment centers.

Is Addiction a Real Disease? The General Public is still in Debate

While the verdict is still out to the general public to debate whether or not someone who has an addiction is weak, making a conscious choice or not, my opinion is that; addiction goes deeper than the physical attribute of making a conscious choice to overdo it with drugs. Addiction is a serious illness that can consume anyone, take my life for example. I have a large family pool of those who are alcoholics, one would not realize this as my family is amazing, but alcoholism is one of those rare addictions few see because you can be a functioning alcoholic. This means you are a heavy drinker but can still keep a job, a roof over your head and support your family. There have been times where people I know had to go to a treatment facility much like the new jersey addiction treatment centers to get the help they needed to overcome such an addiction.

Addiction Has Become a Coping Mechanism for Most

For those who suffer from addiction it may not be easy for them to ask for help, I firmly believe one who develops an addiction has deeper emotional issues than those we see on the surface. Many have turned to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope with the real world, on the outside many who develop an addiction may seem “normal” and as if they “have it all together”, but sadly that is not the case. People with addictions get really good at hiding their troubles, it’s all too common for a friend or family member to find out about another person’s addiction and be in complete, utter shock. While having an addiction isn’t easy for anyone involved, there are many addiction treatment facilities that offer a way for people to overcome addiction and move on to lead a happier, healthier life.

There is Help for Addiction

I firmly believe in helping people who have addictions, but the first rule of an addiction is that the person who has one needs to be able to admit they have a problem. If someone you know or love is suffering from an addiction try to use some form of intervention so that you can get them to a treatment facility and give them a chance to find their inner happy again, without utilizing drugs or alcohol as a means to cope. It’s a long path to recovery but helping, rather than judging someone with an addiction is the best route to go, there are places such as Advanced Health and Education that can assist both the person addicted and their family members in moving forward.

Baby K’s New Word: Buttcrackin’

So we have moved and we are enjoying the great outdoors. One thing I have learned about my son, Baby K, is that he doesn’t like to keep his bum in his pants .. ever! He actually started to strip on a recent video I took and I clicked STOP on the Flip prior to him showing his bum. I don’t get this kid at all, but he certainly is a riot!

The other day we were outside doing our bike and scooting thing up and down the driveway when Baby K looks at me, goes to pull his pants up and says “I’m buttcrackin’” I said “what?” He says “I gonna be buttcrackin” as he proceeds to pull his pants down just enough to show his butt crack to inform me of the definition of what buttcrackin’ is.

I died of laughter….

I have no clue where this three year old learned that word. It’s not a word I have ever used nor would think of using. My father is pretty sure it sounds like something my sister would say and so we have officially blamed aunti for teaching Baby K a new, hilarious, word.

Webster’s dictionary must add buttcrackin’ to it’s slang words and the written definition would be … what?

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