The Moody Changes During One Week a Month

I swear there is something wrong with me, each month, make that every three weeks; I get moody. I do not like anyone, I am short fused and more apt to tell someone off or speak without thinking let’s just say. I am not that person. I am usually pretty good at minding my own business, being nice to others and being happy, but when you get that once a month visitor on it’s way, I turn into the person I was while pregnant.

There is a reason I hated being pregnant, I was extremely hormonal. Hormones were so rageful that I didn’t know up nor down and hated everyone. I am not the “hating” type of person, I rarely use that word, well I use it more now because my four year old says it way too much and has me saying it. In all honesty, I feel hate is too strong of a word to just toss around, but when you take that time of the month, rather the week before it arrives; I can honestly say I HATE it.

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I turn into my evil opposite. I worry about things that need not be worried about. I yell more, rather raise my voice. I don’t have the patience for anything. Doing dishes upsets me. Doing laundry puts me into tears and I usually have no problem sleeping because I want to sleep as often as a depressed person would. It’s so hard to remain positive during that week before my period and I just do not understand hormones.

I really do wish that I didn’t have my nonfriend {that’s what I call this time of the month} because I don’t want anymore kids, three is quite honestly enough and I do not want to have to keep putting everyone around me through the mood swings I encounter every three weeks. Midol does help, but I ran out and well keep forgetting to buy it, but Midol can not keep me tamed the whole week, it just makes the symptoms slightly tolerable for myself and others around me.

Congrats To All in Mom Central Blog Grant Contest

First – thank you to all who voted for me in the Mom Central Blog Grant Contest.

Second – I made it!

Yes .. it is official, Mom Central released the results of Category 1, 2 & 3 today and guess what? I am in the Top 15 in Category 1 which means I move onto the next round of judging!

I am honored, happy, excited and so much more for myself and others who have made it onto the next round of the judging process.

I seriously cried, tears in eyes when I found out I made it to the second round. See I am even crying when I haven’t even won yet! I am just hit very deeply at the support that everyone gave me, it means the world to me to know so many people are standing behind my mission and are supporting me! Hugs to you all!

I wish everyone luck and can’t wait to see who the 5 winners are! Want to see if you made it or if someone you know/read did? Check out the Mom Central Grant Program finalists.

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Stress Can Ruin A Body

I don’t think I have ever really been so stressed that my body reacted from the level of worry and stress I was under. Although I am overall a positive person who tries her hardest to remain calm and focus on positive energy I am human and things to pile up on me sometimes. That is what happened on Monday, my mind got put on overload with some issues and more sleep issues on top of that.

I woke up to find my stomach was feeling all stretched and uncomfortable and my mind was foggy. I could barely do a thing, all I wanted to do was sleep. Well later that day I started my monthly non-friend as I call it and it was not scheduled to arrive this week since it had ever so kindly visited me last week.

I did have a female appointment scheduled with Planned Parenthood but had to cancel it due to having a non-friend visit yet again for the second time in a month. I spoke with my friends and I have been told that stress can make your body do this … have a second menstrual cycle in the same month. I am annoyed but hey it’s life!

Finally I am back on track and as soon as my non-friend stops visiting I will be happier and try harder to keep from stressing and worrying over situations to avoid having my body react in such a negative way.

Have you ever been so stressed or so worried that your body reacted in a funky way? Please say I am not alone!

Keeping Your Happy

Life is simply too short for two things:

  1. To live unhappily.
  2. To sweat the small stuff.

Thus the reason for this post, I want to ensure you are all living what makes you happy. I don’t mean you are always happy and smiling, what I mean is that you are living a life that is truly, in your heart making you a happy person. For me, I haven’t been living my happy for a while, but I am able to focus on my children, my blog and my business to create the happiness inside I needed to move forward.

Finding myself in a situation where my heart wasn’t feeling what it should, I had to make a hard decision, that ultimately will change my whole family situation. This is a hard situation and no one should have to feel like this, but the hard decision has been made, the situation will be resolved and i will move on in a positive way.

The fact of life is that it’s way to short to worry as much as I have been for as long as I have been. Sometimes a situation happens in your life that places you in a position to act on a tough choice but as long as you take the time to truly think about the situation, listen to what your heart is saying and from my experience, don’t think about things and make decision when your menstrual cycle is there, because in all reality I don’t think clear during that time of month, nor can most of us.

When faced with a tough decision you need to sit down and do what is “therapy” for you, this may be counseling, it may be talking to a close friend, it may be sitting in utter silence or for me it’s writing. Writing is my therapy, so although I haven’t been writing as much as I usually do on my blog, I have been writing letters and notes all over this past week and finally have come to the realization of a decision that has been weighing me down for nearly a year now. The decision has been made, the situation will be resolved within a few weeks and already I am feeling a bit of relaxation knowing I got it off my chest and am able to move on.

So if you have anything weighing on your shoulders, be certain to think clearly about it, truly take the time to weigh your options and move forward in a way that will make yourself and your family a happier one in the long haul!

I still feel guilty, I still feel sad but in my heart I am happier than I have been in the past year. So sad to say this out loud, considering what’s about to happen in my life, but it’s true, I am actually finding my happy again because it was lost along the past year … finally my happy will return and my independent nature of taking care of myself and my children as well as optimistic thinking will make me succeed in happiness again!

Make it a Happy Day!

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