Do Children Need Special Mattresses?

Do Children Need Special Mattresses

Special mattresses help children get the quantity and quality of sleep that they need. Image

Home furniture salespeople can tell you an interesting fact: despite investing heavily in education for their children, most parents will happily cut corners when it comes to the mattress and bed sheets that their children sleep on.

It’s an understandable fact of life, and one that’s no fault of the parents. After all, it seems silly to invest in high quality bedding for children, given that they sweat, wet the bed, and occasionally use their mattresses as makeshift trampolines.

Despite this, there’s a great deal of value in buying your children a mattress that fits in with their unique requirements. From growing pains to pure comfort, giving your child a special mattress has numerous benefits both for them and for you.

Children benefit from supportive mattresses

We’re easily sold on premium mattresses. We patiently listen while the salesperson explains their benefits to our spine, our brain, and our body. We sit down on them in the department store and sink into a trance on their soft, ultra-comfortable surface.

We’re easily sold because premium mattresses are better. Since children grow at an exceptional rate and spend as long as ten hours per day in bed, it just makes sense to give them a comfortable, supportive mattress to sleep on.

Great sleep for your children means great sleep for you

We’ve all seen the telltale physical signs of infant parenting: stress lines under the eyes, rapid-onset wrinkles, and a constant look of sleepiness and fatigue. While no infant will sleep perfectly, a good mattress can improve your children’s sleep.

Enjoy a full night’s sleep without having to wake up every half hour. Benefit from deep REM sleep – something that many parents quickly forget about. Wake up and feel refreshed and full of energy, instead of ready to slip back under the covers.

Fast-growing kids need a comfortable place to sleep

Sleep deprivation has horrible effects in adults. It has even worse effects in kids. As a child, the body produces an incredible amount of growth hormone. This hormone is essential for the growth – both in height and sheer size – that children experience.

One of the most prominent effects of childhood sleep deprivation is a suppressed endocrine system – namely, a decrease in growth hormone output. Give your kids the hormonal health that they need for optimum growth by investing in a special children’s mattress.

This article was written by, a leading supplier of special mattresses for children. Visit their website to learn more about ensuring that your kids get a great night’s sleep, every night.

Protect-A-Bed Making Pet Owners Happier Giveaway @Protect_A_Bed

Everyone loves their pet, right? Sometimes they even let their pet sleep on their bed, right? Well I know Jenny the Pug sleeps on my bed as well as my daughters bed whenever she can.

Jenny the Purebred Pug

While my dog doesn’t pee on my bed, she does lick and lick herself for hours on end it seems which leaves my sleep number mattress wet and uncomfortable.  I don’t have time to let my mattress air out before I try to lay down to slumber and I hate all of the fur and allergens that get on my bed from owning this bed sharing dog. I also wasn’t aware of pet dander and the effects it can have on your sleep quality when I made the decision to allow my sweet pug on our bedding, that is until I heard about Protect-A-Bed’s mattress encasement. Protect-A-Bed wants to make pet owners and their pets happier, this means meeting in the middle by using the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement, this cover for your bed creates a healthy and clean sleep environment for pet owners.

mattress_allerzip_smoothMany pet owners are concerned with dander from having their pets being on their beds and that is one of the reasons Protect-A-Bed came up with this product, to ensure pet owners can rest sound knowing that the AllerZip®  Smooth Mattress Encasement protects your family bedding from allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. Protect-A-Bed is aware of those who face pet allergies, whether major or mild, when it comes to being a pet owner or visiting a pet household.  Not only is Protect-A-Bed offering you a chance to sleep better without the pet dander, but they share blog posts on tips for those who sleep with their fur babies.

Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement price varies based on size you prefer to have and is also waterproof. I love that when I forget to give my dog a bath on time each week that she can sleep on my bed without me being bothered by her dander. Speaking of that, I need to go bath Jenny the Pug tonight. For whatever reason you may be shopping around for a mattress encasement, I say check out Protect-A-Bed and see for yourself why I am sleeping sound at night while sharing it with my snoring pug.

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I Dare you To Jump Off Top Bunk Bed

Each and every morning at my house goes something like this;

Alarm finally wakes me, after dinging for 15 minutes.

I hit snooze, multiple times.

Ki comes in to wake me.

Boys wake up and come in to my room demanding breakfast.

Finally I drag my butt out of bed to get them ready for school.

However, one fine morning after going to sleep around one in the morning, I woke up wide awake after a really odd, but life like dream to find that my sons were talking. I glanced over at my video and audio monitor to see that both boys were on top of the bunk bed just hanging out.

I slowly closed my eyes.

Then at 6:38am I hear “I bet you can’t jump off the top bunk bed” and “I can, I not scared” … that would be the five year old son daring the “I have no fear” three year old to jump off of the top bunk bed.

I jump out of bed, suddenly more awake than I was a moment ago.

Pressing the microphone button on the audio & video monitor I inform the boys that they best not jump off of that bed and that I am coming down to get them. Of course my morning scratchy voice makes them think that Daddy is coming because apparently I sound like a man in the morning.

The boys start laughing, saying “daddy is coming, quick jump off the bed”.

I race down the stairs trying not to slip down them in my slipper socks and am yelling that they best not dare jump off of that bed and that I am coming. I walk into their room to find that they want to leap, without notice, off of top bunk bed into my arms.

If that doesn’t wake a parent up, I don’t know what else would.  I love my boys, but in all honesty, I was not prepared for the things that happen while raising these little boys.


Shop for Quality Serta Mattresses

When shopping for a mattress, what qualities do you look for? Maybe you are like me, being most comfortable on a semi-soft and semi-hard mattress or maybe you are more like my oldest child who likes her mattresses a bit more squishy. Whatever mattress type you are looking for ShopNBC is a great place to find quality Serta mattresses.

What should you think about when shopping for your next mattress?

  • Remember that not all mattress stores carry the same models, so do not shop based on model numbers to avoid frustration.
  • Comfort, Support, Durability and Space are the three top things to think about when shopping for your next mattress.

Finding a varied selection of mattresses is important, because I enjoy a specific feel when laying down to sleep. I run all day long with three kids and then all night I am online writing to support the family. The few hours of sleep I get during the night time hours must be quality hours and that only happens if I sleep on a bed that fits my needs. You can find a wide variety of Serta mattresses at online retailers like ShopNBC for your convenience.

Every person has a different body type, different weight and of course different curves, making it near impossible for a company to have a one size fits all mattress type.  Some people prefer to sleep on a twin mattress while others want a King size bed so they can sprawl out without bumping their partner. I prefer a queen size bed that is not too hard and not to soft.

What type of mattress do you prefer?


Thinking I Need a Twin over Full Bunk Bed

I have two sons who are 2 years and 6 days apart, therefore they share a bedroom, they share handed down clothes and well they share everything you can think of. The problem with always sharing is that their room isn’t quite big enough to have their toddler bed with twin bed setup. I am often bumping into things in their bedroom and can’t seem to find the space to sit and play some of their larger Chuggington train sets. I have always thought a bunk bed would suit these two brothers the best but I have always been in love with a particular style of bunk beds and that would be the twin over full bunk bed.

I just love the idea of a larger bed being underneath with a smaller bed above, this would mean that the boys could use their bunk bed longer, hopefully even into the teen years. I know when my parents decided to put my sister and I into a bunk bed it had two twins with those Bunkie boards on them. I hated the size of a twin bed once I started to get older, taller and wanted to have more space to move around. offers a wide variety of bunk beds for any family who is like me and thinking they really would benefit from having their same gender children sharing a bedroom while still allowing ample space to play and move around.  I am always looking for ways to make the space we have count, a bunk bed would simply be another positive direction in creating more running and playing room for my children.

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