Sweet Deal – Free Massager

Sweet deal — Get a FREE Massager with Any Horizon Fitness Cardio Equipment Purchase! This just hit my inbox today and so I am passing on the fantastic news! It’s a great way to keep up with your 2013 fitness goals, I think!


I know I need some more sweet deals to hit my inbox so that I can have a fire lit under me to start working out daily again! My body is taking a huge toll from lack in workouts!

Have you been keeping up with fitness routines? Can you push me to do the same?

Yes I am affiliate with this company, so I may earn a small commission if you click to use this deal, however, I am sharing because I feel it’s a sweet deal to share.

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Essential Oils, Getting Body & Mind Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, with that comes kids out of school and more pressure on the stay at home parent to keep the kids from being bored, sitting around in front of the television and if you are like my family, then you plan many pool and beach days! Essential oils are something that our ancestors used to help mend illness, keep our skin soft and manage a variety of health issues that we seem to use prescription medications for these days.

I am not a medication taking sort of person, never have been. I believe there is usually a more natural cure for any illness or disease you may have, it’s just a matter of whether that option is legal and how to find it. Essential oils can not only assist in helping you get over illnesses but they are a great way to keep your skin soft and shiny. With Summer coming and beach days, don’t you want to have the best health and skin possible for that bathing suit?

I say get ready for Summer by ensuring that your mind, body and soul are ready to have a blast with the children this year!

How do You Celebrate 30th Birthday?

I would love to be that “mommy” I always am and say that I want to spend my birthday with my children, but honestly, I don’t wish to this year. I have spent every moment of every day with my sons and I am ready for a break. Figuring my 30th birthday is the best excuse I went on a Google search mission for ideas on how to spend my 30th birthday.

Since my actual birthday is on Friday and my sons father works I won’t be able to start celebrating until Saturday but I do plan to celebrate. An idea that I had was to spend the night in a local hotel, because I would like to stay close to home but have some peace and quiet. A local hotel sounded like the best option since I don’t really have any relatives homes I could stay at.

Apparently your 30th birthday is the time to conquer any life long fears and just let loose.  I had a fear of flying all of my life and in June of this year flew for the first time,  since then I flew to NYC for a Ragu Brand Immersion day. I have overcome the fear of flying 100% just before this years 30th birthday. Hooray!

I haven’t ever been to a spa nor received a professional massage so that is another idea I have for my special weekend. I pan to search and find out where there are local places so that I can get some relaxation, because these shoulders are rock hard. I had thought about a deep tissue massage, I like it rough, but my mom recently had one & said it hurt her in some areas so I am not sure about the deep tissue massage idea, maybe just a normal massage.

So there you have it, I want to spend at least one night in a hotel and have a real massage. I also want to have my laptop with me so I can do some much needed writing. My head has been overwhelmed with parenting and client work so I need to back off and have a chance to miss my kids and my work.

I will come back a happier Mom and person … at least that is the idea.

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Singing Bowls, Just An Upside Down Bell?

I recently learned about something called singing bowls which apparently have also been called medicine bowls to some. These bowls are actually like bells but upside down and have different tones that help with different things!

I read that singing bowls can be used in health care by oncologists, psychotherapists, massage therapists, recovery, stress and meditation specialists. It is amazing to hear of various products or remedies countries have to help heal or keep children focused. I think that all too often we over medicate human beings when in all reality we could simply take some time to learn more about herbal and medicine doctor type techniques that have worked and move forward in a positive, more natural way.

So have you ever heard of these singing bowls? What do you know about other methods to help people versus the traditional medicine we see in hospitals?

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