I keep Saying Let’s Rent a Camper

One thing we did not get to do this past Summer that my family has wanted to be able to do is stay a weekend somewhere, preferably camping out so maybe we can have our pug with us. I don’t like the idea of trying to find a place to put Jenny the pug up nor do I have anyone who can house sit the doggy. I know our kitty would be fine, as we can leave him ample water and food, but the dog? Well dogs are not self sufficient in ways of the kitty. With that being said, I joked often about renting a camper van type thing this past Summer so we could get out and enjoy the great outdoors. There is a website I use as a resource for campground sites all over the New England area but so far I prefer to stick with the York Beach, Maine area.

York Beach Maine

How much fun would it be for us to be able to enjoy this nice view for a full weekend? I think it would be great to rent a camper van and spend a weekend in complete loss of electronics, nothing but camping out, beach visits and watching the moon rise over the ocean. I would so love such a thing, but that didn’t happen. I was doing a bit of research into hiring a campervan for a family road trip and found this campervan hire site to be a great resource.

This school year we will be saving money while paying off behind due bills so that we can take a little family trip over the Summer of 2014. Maybe we can spend a whole week away somewhere, now that would be totally awesome. I will have to keep my eyes out on campervan rentals so that I know the current rental price. It makes sense, as a family, to rent a campervan, because in all reality it isn’t something we would have space to place on our lot at this time, with half an acre of land we really want to ensure our children can enjoy the full cleared lot.

The best campervan for our family would be something that had ample space because when we all get together there are seven of us total, two adults and five children between the ages of 13 and 5. Taking a family vacation, via a campervan, would mean that board games would be played, electronics would go out the window and we would be forced to play games together and get to know each other more in our blended family life. While I know how I would want to travel and sleep, one thing I try to do is read more Travel Blogs to find great destinations aside from my normal ones I usually see each year. Taking a campervan rental for a family vacation would be a wonderful way to build family togetherness and strength, at least that is my opinion on the matter.

Does your family go camping each year? How does your family enjoy that?

Earn Gas Money with Stop & Shop Rewards – Giveaway $50 GC

Free ProductWith Summer nearing an end and families looking to get that last month of Summer vacation time in, there is a need to save money on gas, right? Well that is why I am here today to explain a bit about Stop & Shop’s rewards program where the more you spend on groceries the more you save on gas. Crazy, right?!

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Stop & Shop

I know that I am thinking about planning a second trip to York Beach in Maine this Summer as well as a Science Museum and hopefully even a water park as well as traveling to the White Mountains at some point before school gets here. I want to be able to fully enjoy the remainder of the Summer with the family so that when school starts we can say “wow what a Summer we had”. Isn’t that what every parent wants? Or am I the only crazy “let’s have a blast this Summer” sort of parent?!

Moving on …. there are many locations for Stop & Shop, so be sure to look at all the Stop & Shop locations prior to entering the giveaway below so as to ensure you can actually utilize your Stop & Shop $50 gift card should you be the winner.


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Bit of Winter Storm Nemo #nemo #snow #kids

The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the foot of snow slammed on us by Nemo over the weekend.  The little one climbed up the snow bank from the snow plow to slide….

Winter Storm Nemo in NH

And then smiled as he went down backwards and did a spin to the bottom…

Snow Sledding in Nemo

The older two boys went outback to take advantage of the backyard hill…

Sliding in Nemo

Then finally my daughter came outside and since I was the picture taker, there are no pictures for proof that I DID go sliding this year ….

Sldiing in the backyard Nemo

It was a blast of a weekend with moments that I had certainly wished for a pause button just to enjoy those special moments I had with my family for a tad bit longer!

Hope everyone is safe and sound and warm! Happy Monday!

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Publisher’s Clearing House $5k a Week For Life Sweepstakes

PCH is having their $5k a week for life sweepstakes now where you can sign up to Enter for your chance to WIN $5000 a WEEK for life! Publisher’s Clearing House will be announcing the winner for their $5k for LIFE sweepstakes on February 28, 2013 on NBC and don’t you hope that’s you?

I have signed up for the PCH sweepstakes in the past because it’s an easy way to sign up for a chance to win crazy amounts of money. What would I do if I won $5k for life?

  • Pay back and off any debt I have accumulated at the time of winning $5k a week for life.
  • Purchase that cabin or land in Maine for my Dad he has been dreaming about having.
  • Purchase a home outright for my family.
  • Start working on that children center I long to have to keep kids off of the streets with a hip, cool and safe hangout option.
  • Save money for my children’s college tuition’s, should they choose that route as adults.

Of course those bullet points are the most important things to me in this life, but I am sure there would be some spoiling at first because the kids and I have lived very tight for many years, it would be nice to do a little spoiling of each other at first.

What would you do if you won PCH’s $5k a life forever?

And the Schedule Changes Again

When Summer vacation started I had to go back to working nights, meaning that my thinking cap had to work after a long, busy day with kids rather than at the start of a day leaving me some alone time after kids went to bed. Now it seems with Summer I do not get that alone time as often as I did during the school year but that does not mean I am not having fun.

This week Summer school begins for my middle child, so that means a new schedule to get used to. The good news is that Summer school is not five days a week nor is it all day long like regular school so my son will be able to have Summer fun. Also Summer school ends a few weeks before school starts up again so that leaves time for some end of Summer days fun.

My Dad recently took over a farm stand in Vermont and even though it’s a great place with wonderful potential, it isn’t a one man job. This means the family really needs to step up and help. Being that I am business orientated and of course enjoy helping out the family any time I can, I will be able to volunteer my time a few days a week while my son is in Summer school. I am looking forward to staying active at the farm stand and watching this business grow. A family business is something that I believe my Dad has always wanted, that and living in Maine, so this is sort of like a dream come true. I know I love the idea of a family run business and this is one even the kids can help out at.

The picture in this post is what the farm stand looked like before my Dad started cleaning it up and making it prettier, but you get the general idea of a beautiful place I hope.

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