Happiness Is …

Waking up to boys making a lot of noise and turning to see that it’s 7am instead of 5am.

Snuggling up on the bed with the three kids to have a movie night.

Knowing that I am successful in the decision to work strictly from home.

Knowing that my kids appreciate me, even at my worst.

A smile and a “have a nice day” from the grumpy cashier at the store, who just can’t help but smile back at me.

A great big group hug with the ones you love.

The Writer In Me Loves Journals

I am addicted to writing, so is my daughter. I must have so many journals laying around the house and my daughter has like five that I can think of just hanging around in her room where she draws pictures or writes stories, ideas, etc in. I love journal writing for many reasons:

  • A journal allows you to document thoughts for later review.
  • A journal allows you to capture memories.
  • A journal allows bloggers to write ideas when maybe they don’t have immediate access to a computer word document.
  • A journal is a great way to start writing that novel you always wanted to write.

I have been looking around for a new journal because the ones I have seem to have gotten attacked by my sons who have a new found love of coloring on everything, yes even the walls in the house, lovely! Anyways, as I search around for the perfect journal for me in a busy household of three children I have noticed that Leather Journals seem to have a high quality to them that may make the journal last a bit longer.

I have to be honest, I stopped using a journal as a diary a long time ago when I was in my teen years and my mother found my journal diary, never again will I write those thoughts down or things that happen in my life that are things no one should read. My trust in the idea of a diary has died, but I hope to use my journal to pursue my poetry writing skills as well as starting that novel I hope to some day write and help others with positive thinking skills.

What would you use a journal for?

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