What is Happening With Society as it Stands Now?

Children Get Banned for SillinessIn recent news I read an article online that discussed a boy who was being bullied due to bringing a My Little Pony lunchbox into school. Apparently, due to the theme of My Little Pony seeming more feminine than masculine this young boy was being picked on about his choice in cartoon character lunch box. I am all for boys being masculine and girls being feminine. Totally, 100%. With that being said, we all can like similar cartoons or shows that appear to push to be liked by one gender over the other. I know many shows I watch are geared towards men, but I enjoy them just as much as the next male in our society would. There is nothing wrong with that.

We are raising our children to be judgmental and rude.

There is something wrong with that.

The part of the lunch box story that really struck a cord was that the school system denied the boy from using this lunchbox any longer, citing he had to bring a different lunchbox because this one was causing too much of a ruckus. Rather than dealing with the children who were picking on the boy, they decided to shun the boy for his choice of a lunchbox. I could see if this was deemed inappropriate content for a school, but I am pretty sure My Little Pony; a cartoon that promotes friendship, doesn’t fall into the inappropriate category. The children who were picking on this boy got a message sent to them immediately upon hearing this boy was having his lunchbox banned, the kids heard, “we can be in control of our elders and our peers”.

What is wrong is that our school systems appear to be sending the message to children that they can rule the world if only they be cruel & mean.

We need to be raising our children to accept and embrace our differences, this is what makes us a unique society to live in.

A more recent article that popped up on my feed was about a young girl who shaved her head in support for a friend who is battling cancer. The school banned the 9 year old girl from attending school because their policy cites that the child must have a wig or her natural hair grown back. That is their policy. Of course, the girl was able to return because this story got enough media coverage, but again, what in the world is wrong with our school systems?!

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Lunch in Style with @Chuggington LunchBoxes

I give my kids cold lunch, I have written about the idea behind no more hot lunches for my kids before and so we are in desperate need for some cool lunch boxes. Right now the kids have their own lunch box but it won’t last all year long and so I am excited that we have the Chuggington Lunchboxes to fall back on!

My son K was all excited about this Chuggington lunch kit from Accessory Innovations but he doesn’t eat cold lunch, he doesn’t even go to school. So I worked my magic on my son AJ to have him switch his current boring lunch box with this Chuggington Ride the Rails lunch box, but he hasn’t started using it yet.

My son AJ is routine driven so although he truly loves the idea behind having a Chuggington Lunch Box he is only wanting to use it at home when we travel but not to school yet. Which is fine, at least my kids love these is all I am saying!

I hope your kids love the Chuggington lunch kit from Accessory Innovations too!

Disclosure: I am a Chuggington Conductor and received this product free. All opinions are that of my own.

Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches

My sons were able to try a new addition to their lunch and daytime snack routine with Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and
Vegetable Pouches
! Take note, my son Aj rarely smiles for a picture and he totally was happy about this new snack idea that he smiled right away holding it up for me to take a pic!

Apparently Aj had seen kids in his class have snacks similar or the same as the Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and
Vegetable Pouches this year in Kindergarten. I was excited to hear that he was familiar with the brand and at least the concept of healthy eating!

About Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches

  • Made with 100% natural fruit or fruit and vegetables
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Excellent source of antioxidant Vitamins C & E
  • 2 servings of fruit or fruit/vegetables per pouch {One serving is ¼ cup of fruit or fruit/vegetable for toddlers}

Made For Toddlers

  • Easy for toddlers to self feed
  • Encourage independent eating skills
  • Come in a re-sealable pouch
  • Pouch is easy to take on the go
  • Fun to eat

Five Flavor Combinations

  • Banana Blueberry
  • Apple, Pear & Peach
  • Apple & Sweet Potato with Cinnamon
  •  Pear & Squash
  • Apple, Mango & Strawberry

Baby K took a more serious approach, because he is the youngest of three and he knows he better eat that snack up or else someone else is going to get it from him.

I tried all sorts of flavors with the kids, because I received a good sample package. Aj enjoyed having the Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches as a special surprise inside of his lunchbox each day when he went to have his snack and lunch time at school. I took pride in knowing that my son was okay with me putting some healthy choices inside of his lunch box each day.

I certainly will be a Mom who buys Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches because after the stats I heard last week at an event in NYC, most kids get less than 10% off their servings of veggies and fruits daily, I realized just how little my kids really do get as I don’t eat the recommended amount for myself either. Thank goodness for Gerber for creating a fun, yet healthy & quick idea for snack time!

If you are looking for more information about Gerber please feel free to visit the Gerber website and connect with Gerber on Facebook.

Disclosure: My family received product samples for free. All opinions are truly that of my own.


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Back to School Chuggington Style @chuggington

As you have been reading my middle child {first born son} has headed off to school this year and it’s been a rough road as his anxiety has creeped up on him but he is doing better and I wanted to share with you what he brings along to school to be in “style” this year!

AJ is rocking a personalized Chuggington backback from Ty’s Toy Box this year with his full name on it, the picture of his personal backpack will not be shared, but I will tell you he loves it and it is one great backpack for this rough and tumble boy!

You get the idea right? It’s cute, it’s Chuggington and your child’s name can be put on it. The price from Ty’s Toy Box is $24.99 and there is also a personalized Chuggington water bottle. Your child can head back to school in style whether it’s kindergarten or preschool this year! Maybe even a first grader who loves Chuggington as much as my family does. I will say that my daughter is in fourth grade so she used her Chuggington backpack for beach days over the Summer, but not for school.

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