Look Mom I Don’t Need Conditioner, This is AWESOME

I was sent some hair products for young girls, of course that meant Miss Kiara was able to do a review for my blog. While she did the actual testing of Tweenz, I am doing the write up based on watching her excitement and use of these hair products for girls.

What is Tweenz?

Tweenz is a line of natural hair care products fortified with Nana Vitamins made for young girls, honestly even I used it to get a feel for the product, but do not tell Kiara. These products are sulfate free, paraben free, have no artificial dyes and are cruelty free.  This line is an extension from the Twist N Locks brand which has their own website, however, the best place to connect with Tweenz Brand seems to be on Facebook and Twitter.

Connect with Tweenz on Facebook. Connect with Tweenz on Twitter.

Tweenz Hair

The Test Begins

I showed Kiara that she had new hair care items to test out … I let her open the box and her face lit up! My daughter has long hair, while it’s straight and not so much frizz, she has such a difficult time keeping her hair from being a tangled mess and in turn no conditioner has ever seemed to really help her hair to be easier to brush out. Let me tell you what, having a daughter with tangly hair and being the Mom who has to brush it out is not fun for Mom nor daughter!

The first time Kiara washed her hair with the Tweenz shampoos she was amazed. She said Mama come feel my hair, seriously look! And she put her brush right through her hair, no problems. I was amazed! So was Kiara.

From now on this girl only uses her Tweenz Shampoo and on occasion the leave in conditioner, but beyond that she does not want to use the normal shampoo and conditioner products I buy (which are name brand, high end products to tell you the truth).

So when asked what I would recommend to help with young girls hair to not become such a headache each day, I would personally and honestly recommend Tweenz Hair Care Products with no question!

Free Product


Hair Cut Night Was Last Week

I am lucky that I have a long time family friend {may as well call her family} that comes to my house to cut the hairs off the heads of my kids and me. She is affordable, convenient and a great person to have for company when I am around kids all damn day. I try not to keep her too long with my rambling, but it’s hard some times. This past week I had plans for her to cut my hair and the boys hair. I dyed my hair a long time ago and am trying hard to let my hair grow out the orange/yellow that I dyed my hair in hopes for some cool blonde highlights in this black head of hair I have.

Brandy Ellen gets hair cut

So that is my new haircut, I made sure to keep it just below my shoulders because when I curl my hair, meaning increase my naturally curly hair, it pops up quite a bit, but when I straighten my hair it looks like the image above. Pretty huh? I love how she cuts my hair. She is da best!

Next it was the six year old’s turn to get his mop chopped, those boys have hair like their Mama, it just grows way too fast but once they get it all trimmed up it looks so handsome and is soft to the touch.

Boy getting hair cut

He doesn’t look so happy because he hates the hair that gets into his face during the cut, this is my kid that has some sensory type issues going on that no one can really seem to pin down as to why but we live with it and they are not so bad that he can’t live with it too. I love him.

Next it was the daughters turn, note that I was not planning on her to get her hair cut so she cost me a little extra than planned, but so worth it to see her get her hair trimmed up and lose those dead ends that were piling up. Oh and to see her smile after she was all trimmed up was priceless!

Kid got haircut

Last but not least you all are expecting a picture of the ham, K-man right? Nope, apparently he feels his hair is too cool for his own self and he is never, ever, ever cutting his hair so here’s a pic of him being a model with his long hair and new Shredz toys instead ….

The four year old model

Some day this boy o’ mine, the K-man is going to make his Mama some awesome money with his modeling skills ….  (the pose? Was 100% HIS idea, not mine).

Who Knew a Haircut Boosts Self Esteem & Mood?

My daughter has always wanted hair like Rapunzel, never getting a real “cut” except one time when she asked for layers. The time she got layers put in her hair, it was a small amount and even then not much was taken off of her length. This was of course by request of my daughter, her hair has always been something I personally feel is her choice to cut, trim or do whatever with – within reason.

Last weekend the Princess got her haircut, based on her requests of long bangs, mid shoulder blade length and front layers to look somewhat like a Selena Gomez haircut. The reason for the Princess wanting her hair cut? In her own words,

I just have always looked like this with the long hair and it’s boring. I want a change, something different so I don’t look like the same, it’s time to look different and I really like the idea of long bangs with layers and hair shorter, not too short, but shorter.

For this reason alone I felt she had a valid argument and I surprised her by taking her to get her haircut. Although she has been asking for months to get this type of hairstyle, it wasn’t until last weekend when I finally was able to get over to get it done. The girl is in love with her hair and was so smiley and happy for she was able to make her own decision and she looks like a whole new girl!

I have to say females really are a different creature of their own; we get a haircut and it’s as if we are a whole new person!


The Best Hair Products For Holiday Gifts

Do you have a woman on your list that you are looking to shop for this holiday season? Well then I have a few tips and ideas for  you to check out, most woman want to have the best hair iron possible, okay well maybe that is me because I love being able to go from naturally curly to flat hair. I can’t believe I am the only woman out there who doesn’t want the best flat iron, so check in with your woman to see if she too loves flat irons!

I am not one to blow dry my hair on a regular basis because I have such thick, long hair it would take me well over two hours to complete such a task. I have three children and my old school hair dryer just can not handle the hair I have on my head fast enough. I can’t spend long hours on my hair when I have kids who need to be tended to.  My need for a quick hair fix means that for Christmas I would love to get one of the best hair dryers out there.

To me, the best hair products are best found by doing a little research, if you are a man who has no clue about what a flat iron or hair dryer is well then you may want to ask around to some female friends or female family members to get up to date on the latest in hair maintenance products so that you can shock your significant other with your knowledge of what will be best for her hair.

Do you have a special woman this year you want to buy hair products for? What ideas have you already been given on what’s the best of the best hair products?


Looking Pretty To Watch Friends With Benefits

This weekend my sister and I opted in for some girl time and decided that Saturday night we were heading to the local theater to watch Friends With Benefits, now mind you the last movie my sister and I saw was No Strings Attached in the theater and based on the reviews I was a bit concerned the movies would be way too much alike that I wouldn’t like Friends with Benefits.

My sister and I got all dressed up and she straightened her hair. I realized I was getting all dressed up to go to a local movie only but sometimes girls just want to “feel pretty” and I was in a much needed “need to feel pretty” kind of mood. After my sister used my flat iron to get her hair all straight I decided to ask if she would straighten my long hair.

You see I am not a girl who likes to take long to get ready for anything and I thought flattening my hair was going to take at least two hours because I have a ton of thick, long hair, but it only took maybe a half hour or forty five minutes tops to flatten my mop of hair.

We headed out looking all pretty and visited my father for a quick minute at the farm and then we were off to see Friends with Benefits. I loved this movie so much, it was well worth my time. I found myself laughing, crying, relating and so much more. I truly loved Friends with Benefits and if you are a person who liked No Strings Attached or similar topics for movies then I suggest you at least give it a try even if you wait for the DVD to come out.

Have you seen Friends with Benefits yet?

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