Where Did We Spend Our Mother Daughter Day?

We recently were able to have a Mother Daughter day during February vacation. This was a planned event because my ex husband contacted me stating he had vacation time to use, he wanted to use it to take our sons an extra overnight during the vacation. I was so happy, because I only get a break from my sons for two days every other week during the school year, during Summers they see their Dad twice a week for a few days alongside their every other weekend visits. School years are long, and it’s sad the boys can’t see their Dad as much so I am always game to say YES when he asks. If the boys want to go, they can go, simple as that.

My daughter was so happy when I told her we would be having a mother daughter day during the vacation! I thought maybe we could go to the Upper Valley Humane Society and hang out in their cat community rooms or maybe go visit my sister and baby niece. Ki was game for both. We timed it just right so that we were able to visit my sister and get some fam girl time in while still head to the Humane Society afterwards to get our kitty time in.

Mother Daughter Day

Livy has grown so much, she is about 13 months old now and walking. While Livy is only saying a few words, she has a whole lot to say. She loves books and she loves her Auntie as well as her cousins. Livy is a joy to be around. My sister is shown above in the right photo getting a HIGH FIVE from Livy. The things Livy has learned amazes me, my sister is truly an amazing mother.

We had a blast just hanging out with the girls. My sister, my daughter, my niece and me laughed so hard and chatting it up. Livy even started to brush our hair, what a cutie pie!

Mother Daughter Day

This was such a great day to have with my daughter and I am happy that we enjoy visiting with family because that made the day  more special for my sister who is often home without many friends. You know how that goes, you have a baby and all of a sudden you have to find more Mom friends because those friends who don’t have kids just “don’t get it”. The joys of motherhood. It was a happy time this day though and allowed me to be in my happy place for a few days afterward.

Mother Daughter Day

Livy is climbing all over the place and laughing a real belly laugh now. What a fun thing to witness, a babies first laughter. It was adorable. Livy was trying to climb over her cousin without success because those pants were keeping her from lifting her leg high enough. It cracked us up watching her climb everywhere while babbling her own stories to us!

We had a great couple of hours visiting then ventured off to the Upper Valley Humane Society where we sat in the cat rooms trying to get shy cats to come to us, reading all of the information on the adoptable kitties and wishing that we could adopt a kitty right now. I know we can’t afford a second pet at the moment, so we simply go and socialize with the kitties from time to time in hopes that it brings the kitties some joy to have company while they are waiting for their forever homes at the Upper Valley Humane Society. 

It was a wonderful day. I am always thankful to get a mother daughter day in. It made February vacation all that more special for us.

Spending Some Time with my Sweet Niece Livy

I am in love. Seriously in love. With my 13 month old niece, Livy, that is. Look at her adorable smiles, she was so happy that Auntie Quack Quack came to visit and babysit her while her Mama (my sister) went for an appointment.

Watching my Baby Niece Grow Big Happily Blended Blog (3)

Let me explain the short story behind why I am Auntie Quack Quack; when my daughter was a baby, quacking with my hands was a way I could calm her when out in public with me. I naturally gave it a try one day with Livy, who was a little upset and low and behold it worked! Since that day I have been deemed Auntie Quack Quack because my Quack Quack whether it be in person or over the phone makes Livy smile. I am trying hard to get Livy to say Auntie but she has only said it maybe twice, her preferred term for me is Quack Quack. Sigh.

Watching my Baby Niece Grow Big Happily Blended Blog (4)

This particular day, last Tuesday was such a joy! Livy smiled big for me the whole time and enjoys playing this “you can’t get me” game where she crawls away from you quickly after pushing towards you to tease you like “come and get me”. Livy has quite the personality and now that she is “on the go” it was not easy for me to get her to nap. In the past, a simple lullaby in Auntie’s arms would relax her to sleep, not so much this particular day. Livy wanted to run and explore and play with Auntie, okay not run but crawl quickly!

Watching my Baby Niece Grow Big Happily Blended Blog (1)

One of our favorite things to do is to read this Care Bear book, actually a hand me down from my home to Livy. I passed down a lot of the books we had accumulated after Livy was born so that Livy could experience a love of books just like my kiddos. It’s adorable that to this day Livy remembers our Care Bear book and she often grabs it, turns pages and smiles at me to read along while she “reads” page by page. She is simply precious!

Watching my Baby Niece Grow Big Happily Blended Blog (2)

My sister and I chat on the phone often but I don’t get to visit as often as I would like to because she is 45 minutes away and as I wrote the other day, I have my hands full with my seven year old son. I was told Livy is starting to take steps and standing up all confident, this picture above shows her cute face standing there and she stood there, while letting go of that toy forever. It was as if she was showing off her new skill to her Auntie. Later on, my Dad showed up after my sis returned home and Livy actually walked about 2 feet to me, stood at my legs, looked up and held her hands upwards in a “pick me up” way. I scooped her up all proud and happy. February 11, 2014 was the first time my niece walked to me!

I must admit, after years of realizing that my sister probably wouldn’t have a baby and I wouldn’t ever become an auntie, this experience has been a true blessing for my sister and myself. Being an Auntie has shown me how my sister felt about my first born child, she truly loved her in a way that you love your own child. I would do anything to ensure Livy is protected, and my sister. I love them dearly and never in a million years would I think I could love another baby the same exact way I love my own children I gave birth to. Family is such a blessing to have.



A Nice Visit With my Sister and Baby Niece Liv

I do not get to my sisters nearly enough as of late, gas prices increased and work in progress plus our Summer was a bit of craziness with the blending of families and well, the issues of not having a co-parent as easy to co-parent with as my kids are blessed to have with their Dads and me. Needless to say it’s been a jungle around here, but I do my best on our kid-free weekend to get over to my sister’s house to visit with her and her sweet baby girl Liv, or Livy as I usually call her.

Baby  Niece Sept 2013 (1)

My sister will tell me how much of a handful Livy is behind the scenes and as Lee and I walked up the path to my sisters we could hear Miss Livy screaming loudly but as soon as we walked in, oh she was all smiles and quiet as can be. I giggled, said “aww you are trying to prove your Mama a liar livy, aren’t you?!” and she half smiled. You see, Livy is a tad bit anxious when it comes to having visitors, usually it takes a bit for her to warm up to us. In the past she warmed up to Lee before me, so I always tell her her flirting buddy is here, Uncle Lee. It’s such a fun time when we meet to visit with my sister and the baby. Lee, my sister and I all have great laughs and conversations. I also get to get that baby fix in, because Lord knows we don’t need anymore children in this household. Or at least, I hope He knows.

Baby  Niece Sept 2013 (2)

We took a nice stroll outside where Livy showed us how much she doesn’t like having things on her head. Lee was able to get the hat on long enough for me to get a photo to share with our Aunt Michele on Facebook, as she is the one who made this hat for Livy. We had a great time hanging outside, listening to Livy babble like crazy. I have a few videos of her on my Instagram feed from our visit last weekend too.  It is always a nice time to see my sister be able to relax a bit while we take over keeping Livy occupied during our visit.

The plan is for me to visit my sister more often, like once a week so that her and Livy get used to me caring for Livy and allowing my sister more free time. My sister is just like every other Mom with a child, she needs and deserves a break for her mental health well being. I hope to offer that break and space for her to be able to calm her mind and stress levels.

On a side note; when do you think my niece will ever grow some hair? The poor girl is near bald. I want to put cute bows in her hair and braid her hair ….. miracle gro?

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