6 Ways your Kids can Make Money This Summer

It’s summer, and your children are no doubt looking for ways to spend their time. They may be saving up for a new video game, tech device, or vacation – so they are likely looking for ways to make a little cash too. Before you go emptying your wallet paying them to do every little thing in your home, have them consider working around the neighborhood for money.

Below are 6 ways that kids can make a little extra dough this summer!

6 Ways Kids Can Earn Money this Summer


This is perfect for a responsible teen that loves kids, especially those that have little siblings. Babysitters can offer their services for moms needing to run errands or who want a date night without their spouse. The job typically pays $10-$20/hour, depending on the number of kids being watched.

Washing cars

Everyone wants to drive a nice looking car, but most people don’t have the time to do anything more than run through a cash wash. Kids can set up their own washing service in their own driveway. Before allowing this, be sure to talk about investments (car soap, sponges, water usage) and how they will pay for these things. Many children will make enough to cover the expenses and still pocket some cash when washing cars.

Selling lemonade and other treats

It’s been around for decades, but this art of making a little money still works! If you live in a neighborhood with a decent amount of traffic, encourage your kids to get creative and sell something. Lemonade is the go to, but they could also sell pastries, cookies, or other goodies to go along with the drink. Investments would need to be considered for this type of money as well.

Walking Dogs

This is a daily job that could easily be done by a couple kids. Since it’s a constant need, those offering the service of dog walking could have a nice piggy bank by the end of the summer. Most dog walkers charge $2-$3 per walk, but you could always suggest your children negotiate a rate for a week or month worth of the service.

Mowing/Caring for lawns

This is yet another service that is needed regularly throughout the summer. Mowing is a hot and sweaty job – so most would gladly pay a kid to push the mower rather than having to do it themselves. Other services that could be offered include watering plants, pulling weeds, and trimming shrubs and hedges.

Hosting a yard sale

Most kids have toys, books, clothes, and other items they no longer want and need. Let them go through their things and set up a yard sale. This would likely be a one or two time deal only, but it could bring in a substantial amount of money for their summer savings.

How do your kids make money during the summer?

Kelly Confidential: Have a Lemonade For A Cause

I recently wrote about the fact that you can have a chance to win an Electrolux French Door Refrigerator, click here to read the post. Since I am very passionate about clicking daily for breast cancer and raising more awareness about ovarian cancer – Kelly Confidential just had to be brought up again.

Kelly has teamed up with Electrolux to help raise funds for ovarian cancer research, basically you open a virtual lemonade stand {which I have always wanted since the days of a kid}, and for every stand opened Electrolux will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.* So really it’s FREE for YOU and you get a chance to win a fridge, how cool is that?

Yes I am all about being the grand winner of the fridge, but I am MORE about helping raise awareness about ovarian cancer, and helping raise funds to research ovarian cancer.

Here is the video interview from MomTV.com about this campaign, I hope you will watch, enjoy, stop by my lemonade stand and hopefully create one yourself .. have fun raising money for a great cause:

*As part of its lemonade stand campaign, for each stand opened, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF (with a minimum of 10k and a maximum of 15k).

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Win An Electrolux French Door Refrigerator

Oh I so need a new fridge! I have yet to mention in my blog posts that for the past couple of years my electric bill has been through the roof. We have cut back on our electricity usage and nothing changed. The electric company even questioned what we were doing to cause it to nearly double in kilowatt usage. The only thing we could think of was our fridge, we feared {at the time} that it may be dying. The electric company only confirmed our fears, they did say a fridge that is dying may be pulling more electricity – oh yeah it does – and it has for the past two years!

We have been saving but there are other priorities like food on the table, car issues, children’s doctor and dentist visit payments, etc etc! The wonderful joys of being a parent and living in a tight budget household makes it hard to afford a brand new fridge, so our debate has been do we save money for a new one or do we buy an old one and take the chance of wasting money on a fridge that will not improve our electric bill? We decided to save for a new one, and now having a chance to WIN a new one while helping raise funds for ovarian cancer research?! I am game, and I hope you are too!

When I heard about this Electrolux French Door Refridgerator from Mom Select, I knew I not only had to enter to win, but I had to tell my loyal readers {that’s YOU} more so they could enter to win as well!


The Virtual Lemonade Stand is helping fight ovarian cancer, and YOU can help too. All you have to do is visit Electrolux, click on the virtual lemonade stand campaign and register for free to create your own stand. For every stand that is created, $1 will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund {OCRF} and you may even sell virtual lemonade to raise more funds for OCRF, how fun is that?

As a little girl I had always wanted to have my own lemonade stand, and now thanks to Kelly Confidential I am able to have my own virtual lemonade stand and better yet it will help raise funds for a good cause – it’s simply a win win situation!

As a way to learn more about how serious ovarian cancer is in the United States, I decided to look up some stats, and thanks to the National Cancer Institute website, I was able to find the following stats about ovarian cancer:

  • Estimated 21,500 cases in 2009 in the US
  • Estimated 14,600 deaths in 2009 in the US

That’s some scary stats! Especially since I, myself, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer causing cells twice now. During my first and last pregnancy I was told to have cells at medium to high risk for cancer, luckily the cells went away on their own after just under a year of watching them closely and visiting my OBGYN frequently. This is not the case for all, not every woman is as lucky as me to have these cells appear and then just “go away” on their own, and I often wonder – “did they really go away”? I wonder “will they come back”? It’s scary not knowing, and if I can help raise some funds so we can have more ovarian cancer research and possibly save another persons life – I am up for spreading the news to all!

I invite you to enter to win an Electrolux French Door Refrigerator, but better yet I invite YOU to create your FREE lemonade stand to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research, but first I want you to take a peek at my virtual lemonade stand.

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