Personal Injuries Means Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many mishaps in this world and the one that leaves you with a personal injury requiring you to hire a personal injury lawyer such as Boone And Davis may make it difficult. The reason I say difficult is because choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case may prove to be more challenging than anything else in your whole life. Except of course dealing with the personal injury in itself.

When looking for lawyers, here are some great tips on how to find the perfect for you lawyer -

Offer Free Consultation

Most lawyers these days will offer someone a free consultation and during which time they can better talk about your case and whether or not they feel you have a winning battle. Consultations can give you time to feel the lawyer’s attitude and personality out as well to ensure you are choosing a lawyer with a similar attitude to you, which only makes working with them in the court room easier.

Location and Hours of Operation

Depending upon how badly you have been injured you may wish to find a lawyer who can come to you rather than making you travel distances to have your client/lawyer meetings. Also, if you prefer to go with a more local lawyer or one that is advertised heavily on television this would be something to think about. I think location and hours of operation, meaning whether the lawyer can work around your schedule or not will be vitally important to ensure you both have enough meetings together to cover your personal injury claim.

Price of Service

If you have just suffered from a personal injury event in your life then I am sure you do not want to go broke trying to fight for whatever it is you feel you are entitled to from the injury. If a lawyer takes fees based on final judgement or hourly rate during each meeting, that may be something that will sway you to one lawyer over the other. I have seen that most lawyers for big cases like this take a chunk of the settlement after case is won rather than charging their client every time they meet or have a court case.

What are some tips you have for people looking for a personal injury lawyer?

Tot Mom Trial: Casey & Caylee Anthony

I don’t know how many of you have been following along the Casey Anthony trial but I have been following along with this story since the beginning. I am addicted to Nancy Grace and she has covered this story from day one.


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I must admit I seriously think that this Casey Anthony is a liar. I get the whole defense saying that she was sexually molested, maybe she was I have no clue, but for me I don’t care what happened to you this is not an okay excuse for murdering your child.  I believe you can not use any excuse for your actions but at the same time I get that she needs defense as her life is on the line.


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This is one of those trials where I am not so sure who to believe.  I know I want to believe Casey Anthony’s Dad but I do know you can’t put a face to sexual abuse, it can be the most common, normal person out there. I don’t want to believe the sexual abuse stories are the truth because after all, Casey has lied and lied and lied. It seems unfortunately that Casey is a habitual liar which really stinks because whether she is guilty or not that has put her in a position to not be trusted.


What I don’t get at this moment is that the prosecution doesn’t seem to be building their case. It seems at this point, if I were on the jury I would believe that maybe Casey isn’t guilty and that she suffered great pain growing up, however, since I have followed this story all the way through I tend to believe that Casey may have accidentally killed her child.  Casey was a young mother who appears to be very self involved.

Does being self involved mean you are a murderer? Does it mean that you are a cold hearted person? I don’t know. I am really curious how this trial will unfold.

What are your thoughts?

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Ever Been In An Accident?

I was in an accident once, it was minor and I wasn’t driving. There were no injuries and I honestly am not sure what ever happened in that incident considering I was simply the passenger, however, there are times when someone gets into an accident and someone ends up hurt. Usually when someone ends up hurt in an accident they  will file a Personal Injury Claim and work with a lawyer to help get their medical bills paid for by the person at fault for the accident.

I have seen a few instances where a friends were in an accident and had to file injury claims to ensure their damaged vehicle, broken leg or other body part were paid for. Being in an accident can be a time of trauma for everyone involved and if you have a similar personality to me then maybe you are afraid to fight for the money you are due because you are a nice person.  Nice person or not, you deserve to have your injury claims paid for by the person who was at fault, it’s just a matter of life. Now normally drivers have car insurance which will cover most of the cost of an accident, but sometimes people drive without insurance and when accidents happen all involved must be paid or pay for their mistake, that is simply a matter of life.

Hiring a personal injury claim lawyer may be expensive, but it will pay off in the long haul knowing that you did the right thing for yourself and your family to ensure that another persons mistake doesn’t ruin your family’s financial future.

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