This Story Upsets me to my Core – Blogger & Eldest Child Killed by Estranged Husband #support #endviolence

As with any law or rule in this world, Justice isn’t always served as fully as it should. The one area that falls into this “gets addressed when too late” is domestic violence. Domestic Violence can be both or either Physical and Emotional. The sad news is that the court systems and authorities have their hands tied when it comes to domestic violence for both physical and especially emotional abuse. The sad reality is that many die each year at the hands of a supposed loved one, estranged ex whether it be estranged husband or wife …. it happens often.

The sad part about these many parents being killed at the hands of a once loved one is that each person usually walked all avenues of trying to escape the abuse. Sure, a restraining order – just a piece of paper – won’t keep away abusers but it’s a step towards having legality to get the person away from you in any scenario. A restraining order can assist in you getting protection from authorities before the situation gets too bad because with a restraining order the authorities have a right to come arrest the person who is breaking such a court order.

This story was shared with me recently; a fellow blogger died at the hands of her estranged husband leaving three young children without a mother and without a father. It was deemed a double suicide and it’s so utterly sad. Based on the news story, it writes that Christine was trying to divorce this man she had married in 2003 due to his violent and erratic behavior. Christine showed the normal stance of an abused woman; she filed divorce but dropped it, she filed restraining order but it got declined. Christine was doing all she could do to survive by the sounds of this news report. Typical of abused woman and sadly, nothing usually happens until it’s too late.

For these three young children too late is not good enough. I’m saddened that three young children had to lose their parents so close to the holidays, after all it’s sad to lose your parents any time of the year and at any age. These three children are, according to a friend of Christine’s, staying with grandparents but people are uniting to raise money to give these little kids a loving Christmas this holiday season. I wanted to write this to share the story and help raise funds because this is my way of giving back to those children and their deceased mother who was a friend to many and appears to have been a great, loving mother.

My heart goes out to the family of Christine Keith right now, may you find peace in your hearts and help those children remember the great things about their Mother who shouldn’t have been taken from them. Raise these children to have hope beyond everything they fear due to this happening, raise them to fight back with legal ways to ensure others do not lose their life because of the flaws in our legal system.

I realize our legal system is pretty good and there will be flaws in anything, but this story hits way too close to home for me, so it saddens me but to see many standing up to help this family during their time of mourning, loss and need, makes my heart melt. There may be some bad in this world but I bet there is a whole heck of lot more good than bad.

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Click here to read the news story on Christine.  Christine ran Adventures of a Thrifty Momma Blog. May she rest in peace. Hugs and love to all who loved her. There is a page going around us bloggers to help donate to the family, you can see where to donate to the family here using Jaime Dubey’s fund raising efforts page.

As with most sad news, there are people who may not be raising money in a legit way to help the family, so I invite you to try to find an obituary or some legit place that is indeed raising money for Christine’s family, I noticed there is a Church that has a post listed, but again, I’m not sure which fundraising effort may be legit or not. I hate the be cautious and warn you all to be cautious, but it’s always important to know where you are giving money to. In this case you may wish to wait for the obituary to come out, as that usually lists a legit place to mail funds to.

3 Workplace Laws You Need to Know About

It’s difficult to believe that in todays day and age, US workers are still being subjected to poor treatment by their employers, such as overtime violations, hazardous working conditions, discrimination and fear of punishment for speaking up.  The recession has made people fearful of losing their jobs and are therefore putting up with unfair treatment, allowing the employers to continue unlawfully and unchecked.

Workplace violations are particularly common in the low-wage labor market, with almost 26% of workers claiming to be regularly paid below the minimum limit and almost 80% of the same group who worked more than 40 hours not being paid the legally required overtime limit.

One way to prevent these violations from happening, is to be aware of the workplace laws in your state and take action if you believe you are not being treated in accordance with the law.  However, understanding legal jargon can be tricky and time-consuming, so here are three common Workplace Laws you should know about today:

1. Overtime Laws

If you live in the state of California you may not be aware that there are more stringent overtime laws than in most other states.  According to the Department of Industrial Relations, hours worked in overtime must be paid at the following rates:

  • One and a half times an employees regular rate of pay for hours worked over eight in a workday, or forty hours in a work week.
  • Double time for hours worked over twelve in a single workday, or for hours worked over eight on the seventh day of the work week.

In addition to common pay related queries and claims relating to the above rules, many companies often misclassify workers as ‘independent contractors’ when in fact they are entitled to ‘employment status’. Employers may have done this accidentally or intentionally in a bid to avoid paying costly overtime wages. Misclassification claims under California overtime laws are becoming increasingly commonplace – make sure you have been correctly classified, and take action if not.

2. Access to Personnel Records

Under California state law employees and ex-employees have the right to get copies of their personnel records and files that related to the employees performance, or any grievance concerning the employee.  This access should be allowed no later than 30 days after a request has been made.

3. Social Media Accounts 

Six states including California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and New Jersey, recently passed some pretty tough new social media privacy laws that could have serious implications for any employers who violate the rules throughout the recruitment process.

Thanks to two bills signed into law in 2012, businesses and schools are prohibited from demanding that applicants share social media passwords or information.  With an increasing number of people regularly using social media accounts, both on and off the job, employers have gotten into the habit of asking employees to reveal the username and passwords for their personal accounts under the guise of company safety, but state legislators consider this to be an invasion of privacy.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

Personal Injuries Means Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many mishaps in this world and the one that leaves you with a personal injury requiring you to hire a personal injury lawyer such as Boone And Davis may make it difficult. The reason I say difficult is because choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case may prove to be more challenging than anything else in your whole life. Except of course dealing with the personal injury in itself.

When looking for lawyers, here are some great tips on how to find the perfect for you lawyer -

Offer Free Consultation

Most lawyers these days will offer someone a free consultation and during which time they can better talk about your case and whether or not they feel you have a winning battle. Consultations can give you time to feel the lawyer’s attitude and personality out as well to ensure you are choosing a lawyer with a similar attitude to you, which only makes working with them in the court room easier.

Location and Hours of Operation

Depending upon how badly you have been injured you may wish to find a lawyer who can come to you rather than making you travel distances to have your client/lawyer meetings. Also, if you prefer to go with a more local lawyer or one that is advertised heavily on television this would be something to think about. I think location and hours of operation, meaning whether the lawyer can work around your schedule or not will be vitally important to ensure you both have enough meetings together to cover your personal injury claim.

Price of Service

If you have just suffered from a personal injury event in your life then I am sure you do not want to go broke trying to fight for whatever it is you feel you are entitled to from the injury. If a lawyer takes fees based on final judgement or hourly rate during each meeting, that may be something that will sway you to one lawyer over the other. I have seen that most lawyers for big cases like this take a chunk of the settlement after case is won rather than charging their client every time they meet or have a court case.

What are some tips you have for people looking for a personal injury lawyer?

Thank You Mister Police Officer

Yesterday was one rough day, full of having to entertain a bored 3 year old while I tended to things that needed to get done. Mainly I was stuck in a building that is not 3 year old friendly for most of the afternoon and then had to go drag my 5 year old down with me too after school. The boys were good for me, considering they were bored out of their minds and getting inpatient.

Finally I was able to hop into the car and head off to get home, but I wanted to stop at the grocery store first – we never made it to the grocery store. I pulled into a parking lot to give my Dad a call for I wanted to talk to him in that moment rather than later.  I hung up and proceeded to leave the parking lot when my gas light came on….

I thought no big deal I am going to turn right and get down to the gas station – yeah if only I made it all of the way out of the parking lot. The car stalled, right alongside parallel parking vehicles. Do you realize that pedestrians are not very friendly these days? I do.

Here I am sitting in the middle of the freaking road, with my four ways on, unable to move my car with two little boys in my back seat and no one NOT EVEN ONE PERSON, stopped to ask if I was okay, if I needed help, etc. I can’t believe it. I got honked at, I got stared at and it really bothered me that people were so inconsiderate and acting as if I chose to sit my car in the middle of the road with four ways on for the fun of it while my two boys sat in the back seat. I mean, do people really think that is someone’s idea of fun? Come on. Seriously, have some compassion people for your neighbor folk!

I called the police station immediately and within about ten minutes, an officer arrived on scene to assist in pushing my car to a parking spot.  I had to laugh. I mean seriously, what can ya do in life if you can’t laugh at your own self? So I thanked the police officer and pretty much pleaded for him to run to get me gas so I didn’t have to try to walk down to the store with my two rowdy boys, but that didn’t work.

I wonder if there’s a law against the police officers from helping with gas? Probably, because if not they would have to do it quite often.  Just thankful he could help me get car off main road.

Next I told the boys we were going to hold hands and walk together down to the “slushy store”, as long as they were good and held my hand I would buy them a slushy before I filled a gas can. The boys were awesome, we got our gas and their slushies and walked back to the car.

Let me tell you what, when I finally made it home yesterday, all I wanted to do was lay my head down to sleep because that was one LONG, testing day. The good news is, we made it home safe & sound.

So thank you to the police officer that assisted in pushing my wagon off the road, I appreciate you. And for those who stared and beeped their horn at me, instead of asking if I needed help, thank you for not taking the time to help out a mom sitting in a car dead on the road with two little kids in the back, really that was ever so kind of you all.

Can You Defend Yourself?

Back in the day I used to be a bit crazy and would use self defense as an excuse when getting into an argument or physical confrontation with someone, however, that is different when you are talking about true self defense against a person or animal that you are in danger from. Whether you are male or female having self defense products such as pepper spray will give you the one up on your attacker.

Don’t think pepper spray will totally suck on that attacker or intruder? Well think about it, pepper spray is derived from hot cayenne peppers so head on over to your local produce place and pick up some of these and touch them, from there proceed to touch your eye. It will burn really badly, so please really do not do that for your own safety, hot cayenne peppers are nothing to mess with unless you are using them in something you are cooking!

Self defense is something many people lack, we are not usually trained self defense techniques in high school, however, there seems to be more and more classes on self defense and let me tell you what I know a can of good ol’ MACE will get that job done for you to deter your attacker from proceeding so that you can call for help or run fast as fast can be away from the situation.

So tell me, what types of self defense personal security products have you used? Have you ever taken self defense classes, how did they work out for you?

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