Leashes for Kids – My Personal Thoughts

I recently took part in adding my two cents onto a forum at Moms.com about my opinion on leashes for kids. Someone wanted to know if they were useless. I couldn’t really say I felt they are useless and just like with most parental decisions, I have to only base my personal opinion on items, such as kid leashes, based on my own strong parental beliefs and experiences. I decided that I wanted to open my mind about this topic and find someone who could give me valid life lesson or some opinion on kid leashes that would allow me to better comprehend why some parents choose leashes for kids. I honestly have not yet been 100% convinced why a leash versus a stroller for kid makes any sense. At all.

Maybe you can read this, comment and change my mind, but for now… I just don’t get why a leash for kids is the answer beyond this; being a daycare provider with multiple young kids under their watch OR a parent with multiple young kids under their watch who wouldn’t necessarily fit into today’s stroller options. Any other reason given to me, such as a child being a bolter or a handful didn’t sell me on this topic of kids leashes and here’s why ….

What's your Opinion? Leashes for Kids.

I have three children; a girl age 11 and two boys who are now 5 & 7 years old. My boys are 2 years 6 days apart, so I get the whole handful comments, and bolter comments. My sons were bolters, come to find out my middle child, Aj shown above in the orange is actually on the spectrum, so he didn’t comprehend dangers in the way an every day child would possibly comprehend at a younger age. Honestly though, no kid really understands danger until maybe they have experienced or witnessed a dangerous scenario. It’s all about experiences in life even for children before we fully comprehend the depth of our actions. I get it, a leash for a child keeps them close, it keeps them from bolting off and thus possibly getting harmed badly or worse, killed. I have compassion for those parents who worry about that, I get it, raising kids is scary. Sadly, with or without a leash, our children can get hurt or have an untimely death, we just can’t spend our days in fear of that, I would rather teach the kids ways to be safe through consequences. A kid leash doesn’t teach any consequence, in my opinion.

I feel that a stroller makes way  more sense than a kids leash and here’s why:

  • I owned a double stroller for my bolting sons; if they were slipping out of my hand or I couldn’t seem to grab  their wrist in a strong enough hold to teach them “we hold hands with an adult when we walk”, then they went into that stroller. This made my son’s upset because they no longer could be mobile and on their own two feet.
  • The stroller taught a consequence; you bolt, you don’t listen to the rule of holding an adults hand, then you get buckle into a stroller for either a period of time or the full time we are walking. The boys learned quickly that they would much rather deal with holding an adults hand, being safe, then be strapped up in a stroller.
  • A leash doesn’t teach the children that they lose something for being a bolter, in essence a kids leash simply keeps them at arms length, separates the child from any physical touch of their parent and in turn could have issues with being too close to someone. I think the kids leash can actually deter a child from learning true consequences and alleviate a parents need to teach any life lessons regarding dangers in our world.
  • A leash allows the child to have mobility, yes, I get it. I think that’s great, but on the other hand, I feel that a child needs to learn if they are not safe that they lose that freedom of being able to walk on their own two feet. In other words: they want to act amuck and not be safe, then they lose the ability to be trusted to walk with their parents and will be restrained into a stroller.  Basically if a child is put on a leash, then they are never given the freedom to live and learn, they are essentially being sheltered and not being taught to make proper decisions.

While I feel extremely strong about not using kid leashes, that doesn’t mean I judge another parent when I witness a child on a leash. I tend to shake my head and frown because I feel that poor child isn’t learning anything. In many cases, you see parents with kids on leashes while they are chatting or texting on their cell phone, in those scenarios I really cringe. It’s parents who use leashes for kids as a means to not have to parent that really gives those parents who use leashes, in their own opinion, for true and valid reasons.  It’s a tricky subject and it’s a tough world we live in, but I am just old school in methods of teaching consequences for actions, do I want my child hit by a car? Do I want my child to get hurt badly? NO I don’t, but we can’t bubble wrap our kids forever. At some point we have to teach them the dangers of the world we live in and consequences for actions, if you start at a young age it will stick far into their teen years.

Now it’s your turn … leashes for kids? Do you say yes or no? Why?


More Hours To Work, But Still Feel Rushed #wahm

In 2006 I started working from home. I am a determined person and once my mind is set on something, I always succeed. It does not matter what it is, I am stubborn, willful and always end up succeeding in whatever my mind knows I will succeed in. Maybe that has a little bit to do with how my brain works, which is very similar to the Law of Attraction with a side of new found faith. From 2006 up until just last week, I always had to work around my children’s school schedules. I started off with one boy at home while I worked direct sales, then in 2008 I welcomed a second baby boy in addition to my six year old daughter and four year old son. I had to work from a home computer in between feedings, play time and nap time as well as school pick ups and sporting events. Juggling parenting with work at home was a constant “thing” for me and I didn’t mind one bit. Sure some days it was stressful and I wondered if I would ever make enough to support the family. Finally it came, the day when I could put my virtual assistant business on the back burner and focus primarily on my one love; writing otherwise known as blogging to me these days.

Confucius says that if you choose a job you love, that you will never work a day in your life; that is very true. By blogging each day and being able to experience products before they hit shelves while offering them to my readers as a giveaway is something that I love doing. In writing each day, sharing my trials and tribulations I am able to go back and analyze how I should or should not handle situations. In writing each day, I am able to share a piece of my mind whether it be a rambling day of nothingness or a day that I share some real knowledge, I am happy. I do what I am passionate about and that is what allows me to wake up each day with a smile and a sense of gratitude for having been blessed for all I have in life.

This year is the first year, make that last week, that I was first able to put my work into a full time status. No more working around one, two or three children. I get six hours a day Monday through Friday to pursue my work from home businesses. I get to write to my hearts desire, I have more time to get to NYC to cover events or host events locally. I have so much more options open to me this school year with the free time. I am excited about that but part of me is still in that mindset I have had to be since 2006; rush rush rush. Make sure I get stuff done before a kid wakes up from nap or gets out of preschool. It’s as if my brain is a little slow to respond to such time to work. I have time for a break mid day if need be, if my kids didn’t sleep for crap all night long – I can nap. If I am behind on things, I have time to catch up while still take on new work.

There is so much more to my life now that I have more work at home time, I just wish my brain would catch up and stop getting all ADD on me so that I can relax my shoulders a bit more during working hours. Maybe that is just who I am though, a rush rush sort of person, after all I have to GO GO GO with my five year old when he’s home so it’s just something I have gotten used to. Hopefully in the next week or two my brain will stop and realize when the kids are in school I can take time, slow down and only be ADD like when the kids are home so as to keep up with them, but learn to breath more during daytime hours.


A Vision Board Assists in Manifesting The Things You Desire Most

We are all told to create goals; what do you want out of life? What is it you want from your business? What is it that you hope to gain from your blog? And the list goes on, but have you ever thought about what it is you really want in life? You see goals are a great tool for your business and personal life, however, truly envisioning you reaching for such things you desire requires a deeper level of thought process minus the “how”.

I am talking about a Vision Board – pardon me for getting all excited about this concept but I finally watched The Secret, a documentary I had wanted to watch for a long time. The reason I am so intrigued with The Secret is because it’s about the Law of Attraction; what you think inside of your mind sends out waves to the universe which in turn eventually manifest into real life. The Law of Attraction is the science type term for this way of thinking but I’ve always called it “thinking happy thoughts”. Whenever I needed something or really really wanted something I started thinking about it all of the time, whether it was a better situation I had hoped to be in or an actual item, heck sometimes it’s even income, I always ended up having these “happy thoughts” come true.

I had never knew about The Law of Attraction when I made the decision to redirect my mindset to positive things, to truly feel as if I would have everything I wanted, needed and desired. I knew my mind was powerful, but honestly I hadn’t a clue just how powerful it was until that fine day I started training my brain to redirect to positive thoughts, redirecting my thoughts to a place where I wanted to be, where I was going to be, what I was going to have, etc etc, and it all came true!

Can you imagine the odd looks I got when someone once asked me “how do you always end up getting what it is you need or want?” and I replied “I just think happy thoughts!” .. yes people I got some odd looks and some people probably to this day think I am a bit crazy to firmly believe our thoughts, a simple change in mindset, can redirect our lives on a journey of receiving everything you most desire, but I believe it with my whole heart for I have seen my thoughts manifest into reality more often than not.

The problem I have at this moment is that I keep getting sidetracked from my visions in life, the things I want, need and desire in life, so I decided to create a Vision Board. A Vision Board is a tad different than setting a goal chart up or a life list; you see a Vision Board are things that you really want in your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new car, more money or a house, whatever it is that you desire needs to be put on your vision board.

I finally created my Vision Board and have it on my computer office desk so that it’s the first thing I will see each morning I log on my computer to work! The vision board will assist in giving you a visualization of what it is you want, don’t worry about how you are going to attain these things, the universe will manifest these things. It may take hours, days, months or years, who knows, but if you keep this vision board handy, truly believe and feel as if you already have these things you desire, they will come but you can not lose that train of thought that you will one day have these things, for the moment you stop truly feeling as if these things will be yours; the universe feels your thought waves and down goes the chances of you ever getting your hands on your vision board desires.

Have you ever created a vision board? What are some things you would put or do have on a Vision Board?

Writing Positive Words is My Therapy

I suffer from days of depression, sadness, negative thoughts, self pity on occasion. I suffer from anxiety, you see there are still days that I can’t walk into a store that I usually have no issues walking in to. It is these days that I consider “rough days” that I remind myself, life is a work in progress. I may never be 100% fully recovered from the day I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder as a young mother of one, but I can fight back. I can attempt to remind myself of what there is to be happy, I can redirect my mind to think happy thoughts. I can overcome it day by day and I can fight the battle of anxiety without medication.

Some days I am a happy go lucky kinda gal, always smiling, but that isn’t the case every single day. I recently spent a couple of days sleeping, literally sleeping my life away because I just could care less to move out of my bed. I let the boys hang with their Dad and my daughter happened to have those days with her father. Sometimes when my daughter is away from me I get even more sad, because after almost 9 years of sharing her, I still miss her so incredibly much when she is away.

You see, writing is my therapy. Not only writing about my personal life, but writing positive words. The words I share with others to help them gain happiness and truly live with what others call the Law of Attraction rules, is something important to me. I was self taught the Law of Attraction, honestly I hadn’t even heard of the term until years after I had practiced creating a positive mindset, to redirect my brain to not let negative take me down for long. It’s so funny that I self taught this law, when it’s something many live by after reading self help books and watching movies like The Secret.

Writing positive words, advice and thoughts here on my blog help me make it through another day. The words stick with me as much as I want them to stick within your own mind. I love that I have an outlet, a place to share my struggles but also share my words of wisdom because this is just another tool I use to help stay on the positive track in life.


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