Let’s Give this Dress Idea a Try

I happened upon a rack at Ocean State Job Lot that held a bunch of cute dresses. Usually, as a woman with wide hips, it’s difficult for me to find a dress that suits my body type.

Trying to Dress Up

I picked out two dresses, each I felt may end up looking odd on a girl with curves, but I actually adore this first dress I wore. Never mind my double chin, most of us who have given birth or not end up with one as we get older. I have learned to embrace this double chin even if I do hope it goes away as I work to lose my Winter weight.

photo 2(2)

This is the pattern of the dress, one day I will have a full length mirror that allows me to take a full body picture, but for now, you get the idea. I am excited to start challenging myself with new colors and wearing dresses more.

Related Funny Story: My youngest child had never seen me in a dress before, this was a couple of years back, and we were at a local store purchasing some snack items when he lifted up my dress as a means to find my pockets. I was so embarrassed. I handled it well though, with five shades of red upon my cheeks, I explained that Mommy was wearing a dress and this dress does not have pockets, if you lift my dress, you will be giving the store a show that Mommy doesn’t want to experience.

Do You Let Your Sons Play with Dolls or Barbies?

Growing up I loved Barbies and I wish I had all of the collection I had back then for my daughter to enjoy but alas I don’t have that collection because I handed them down to my aunt and uncle for their children back in the day. My daughter has slowly worked on increasing her Barbie collection, but she has no other little girls to play with on a regular basis. Enter my two sons, they have grown up playing Barbies with their sister, granted usually this means that they hang the Barbie and/or Ken dolls by their feet, undress them and upset sissy by having her Barbies naked or just run off stealing most of her Barbies and hiding them.

For the most part my two sons love playing Barbies just as much as they love playing with their matchbox cars. Is this wrong? I say not. I honestly don’t have some phobia with my sons exploring whatever they see fit, dress up, playing with dolls, or playing house.  Some may feel having boys play with Barbies is a bad thing, because they are to grow up to be MEN, big strong, STERN men. Why can’t a young child who played with dolls or Barbies growing up turn into a big strong man? They can. I have seen it, and without setting examples, I do have first hand knowledge that boys playing with dolls at a young age does no harm at all, especially in my situation where the boys have a big sister that they look up to and want to interact with.

So, would you let your son play with dolls? Why or why not? Enlighten me.

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