10 Timesaving Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Avoid creating a messy kitchen with these timesaving kitchen tips.

Avoid creating a messy kitchen with these timesaving kitchen tips. Image

Keeping your kitchen clean is essential for maintaining a productive, healthy, and comfortable home. From scrubbing the counter to sorting the dishes, simple tasks are often all it takes to keep your kitchen fresh and tidy in any situation.

To help you clean your kitchen quickly and easily, Tile Depot has put together ten simple kitchen cleaning tips:

                             1. Keep a ‘clean anything’ towel

Nothing is worse than having to clean up a nasty mess with a clean towel. Keep a ‘clean anything’ towel in your kitchen that can be used for cleaning up messes and wash it every other day.

                           2. Wash dishes as soon as they’re used

When dishes pile up, it can be very easy to put off cleaning them for another day. If you use a dish, clean it – or, if you have a dishwasher, store it on the rack – as soon as you’ve finished using it to avoid letting dishes pile up and cause a mess.

                          3. Seal and sort cooking ingredients

Cooking ingredients that aren’t completely sealed can attract ants, cockroaches, and other nasty insects. Seal your cooking ingredients in zip-lock bags and keep them in your cupboards to prevent insects from taking over your kitchen.

                        4. Keep your fridge clean and tidy

A dirty fridge quickly leads to a dirty kitchen. Spray down your fridge with diluted cleaning spray every weekend and remove any food that’s expired. Old vegetables and leftovers can quickly turn a clean fridge into a stinky mess.

                        5. Keep a spray bottle on hand

Keep a spray bottle filled with diluted kitchen cleaner available at all times to help you clean up spillages and everyday mess. Diluted cleaning liquid won’t cause any damage to your countertop, but will still remove sticky substances with ease.

                      6.Wash your oven and microwave frequently

Messy cooking can quickly turn a white microwave into a warzone. Clean both your oven and your microwave on a frequent basis using cleaning solutions, or just water mixed with lemon juice.

                       7. Create a dish-washing roster

Does your family use enough dishes to need a fresh wash every single day? Create a roster and get your children involved in the kitchen cleaning process. Simple kitchen jobs are the perfect tasks for kids to complete in exchange for pocket money.

                    8. Young children? Keep chemicals out of reach

 Make sure your kitchen chemicals are stored in a secure cupboard, or in a drawer that’s high enough to be inaccessible to children. When you clean your kitchen in a hurry, it’s easy to misplace chemicals that could be hazardous to kids.

                    9. Cover pans whenever you’re cooking

The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to avoid creating any mess in the first place. Try covering pots and pans when you’re cooking to prevent sauces or meat juice from splashing all over your stovetop.

                    10. Invest in a reliable backsplash

A good backsplash will prevent bubbling pots and pans from causing stains to form on your kitchen wall. Choose high quality tiles for your backsplash to create a useful kitchen accessory that’s also remarkably stylish.

4 Essentials for a Child-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is widely regarded as ‘the hub’ of any home, a place for you and your family to relax, cook and eat dinner.
With over one million children being injured in home based accidents each year, you wouldn’t want such an important part of your home to be potentially harmful for your brood?

Don’t panic, as here are a few simple tips that’ll keep your kitchen a safe and happy place for you and your little ones.

•Cabinet locks

We all know how curious a child’s mind can be; the metallic glow of knives, pots, pans and an endless amount of nobs and buttons to twist, turn and twiddle. If you need to keep other buttons out of reach of your children or generally out of your kitchen take a look at these sleek extractors.

Why not minimise the chance of an accident by including some cabinet locks to the fixtures of your kitchen? It ensures that any harmful objects are even further out of the reach of your children.

•Corner bumpers

There are so many sharp edges and corners that a child can bump into, and when they are small, the corners of tables and work surfaces are usually at eye level to a child, making them increasingly dangerous.

By investing in some corner bumpers, you reduce the risk of injury to your child; and if they do come into contact with these safety devices, the impact of any bump they may receive will be minimal.

•Hob Guards

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare- a child pulling at the handle of a pot on the stove, potentially dousing themselves in boiling liquid.

Children love to help and try to imitate adults, so if they see you stirring a pan when making dinner, they’ll want to play too, leading to devastating consequences.

Hob guards are a fantastic product that any parent with small children should invest in, that will definitely keep the kids curiosity at bay.

•Oven door locks

The lights and contents of an oven can be extremely alluring to a child, which can lead to them peering in and ultimately, causing themselves serious harm.

Oven door locks can be purchased from any trusted hardware store and will keep your oven secure and safe from inquisitive hands. What happens when someone touches the glass door? Is it hot or protected?

Alternatively, when you are installing your oven, you should consider having it positioned at a higher level to protect the children even further.

Well that’s just a few ideas that you can invest in to keep the children safe and sound in your kitchen; ensuring ‘the hub’ is always a happy place.

This article was written by Britannia Living, the home of high quality kitchen appliances and accessories.

Design Trends From The Modern Kitchen.

2013 has seen a number of new kitchen design trends, many influenced by natural wood, exciting texture and spacious, elegant, materials. Every household needs a bold and stated kitchen, and there’s no other area of the house that demands such importance and attention. There’s a reason why the kitchen is the heart of the home, and every food enthusiast should be able to refine their skills while making excellent meals for their family.

Men as well as women are focusing on the design of their kitchen these days, and thankfully there are a number of trends to match most desires. Here are some of the best kitchen designs and architecture trends we’ve seen this year.

Multimedia Kitchen Opera – Oikos

This innovative and high-tech kitchen is designed by Massimo Colombo, and comes from the famous Italian design company Oikos. Not only does this marvellous kitchen benefit from a double screen that complements living and working areas, but the screen can be used for a number of different things. From watching television to listening to music, and even surfing the internet, the Multimedia Kitchen Opera features beautiful wood craft, LED lighting and many other glamorous design features, making this one of the luxurious kitchen of 2013.

Ultra-Modern Glossy Kitchen – Judy by Futura Cucine

This stunning black and red kitchen has ‘chic’ written all over it, and it also gives the impression of increased space because it’s made of lacquered glass! The working area leaves nothing to the imagination, and is split into three parts (cooking, washing and eating) for increased efficiency.

Yin Yang Kitchen – Stefan Price

Elegant yet simple, the Yin Yang kitchen by Stefan Price provides balance and grace to any home. Taking inspiration from the iconic Chinese symbol, the kitchen is made up of two striking areas – black and white. Not only do these areas represent different personalities of the kitchen, but they can also be used to prepare different types of food.

Design Trends:


Stainless steel appliances have also made an appearance in 2013 kitchen design trends, and the big brands have been taking all the limelight. Companies like Range Cookers, have produced a wonderful variety of stainless steel cooker,
and it’s the value as well as the design of these appliances that’s causing all
the fuss. Integrated appliances have made a comeback too, and there are a variety of options with 2013 kitchen design trends that will allow you to free up space with fitted appliances.


Gone are the days of overwrought and detailed cabinets, and thanks to simple colours and natural woods (mahogany and walnut), the old kitchen cupboard designs have been replaced drawer fronts, panel doors and smooth surfaces.

Counter Tops

When it comes to counter tops, the latest trends have combined gold marble and light coloured Quartz. Architects have reduced the amount of heavy granite they use, and instead opted for a simplistic but elegant approach to our kitchen surfaces. Some designs even come with appliances built into the counter tops! 

This article was contributed by Range Cookers – Specialists in making your kitchen look great and work even better. 


I Love the Appearance of Butcher block carts

Some nights my children don’t sleep which means I don’t get much work done but I can daydream and surf the web while attempting to carry them back to their beds and lately I have been looking at various household items. I will be moving soon to the same town but different place and the location allows me to have a bit more room than what I have here so a girl can dream about items she may wish to have, right? I have always wanted a kitchen cart and so I have been looking around finding more kitchen carts to see what style I would really like.

I love the idea of a kitchen cart with a garbage area underneath. This would give me a great place to chop up my onions and green peppers.  I am forever trying to find good counter space to chop up my onions that I eat often. Having a butcher block cart would allow me to have a dedicated spot to chop up my veggies.  I have always seen a kitchen cart for a microwave but never a butcher block.

I love the idea of a kitchen cart to give more room to prepare for dinners. I am trying to cook more from scratch instead of boxed meals, because I think it’s a healthier choice. Of course getting my kids to eat foods I prepare from scratch is a difficult task.

What type of kitchen cart do you have or would you want to have?

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Kitchen Supplies for an Inviting Kitchen

I walk into my house, I look over at the kitchen because it is in view as soon as you walk into the door. I have an open concept kitchen and living room area. The kitchen is ugly, the table is ugly, however, I am thankful for what I do have it’s just that some days I get online and I think about kitchen sinks and how I really don’t care for the one I have. When I start doing the dishes I feel I need more room for dishes and a better sink in general, but again … it works and I am thankful for that.

When I look to the right side of my kitchen sink I see a cup and it is used as a vase for all of the wild flowers my four year old picks me out back. The cup works well but it isn’t very pretty in appearance obviously. I would love to get some glass vases to have around the kitchen area to brighten up those wild flower bouquets the kids pick me daily. Sometimes something as little as a flower vase can brighten your day and a room!

It is funny that my daughter was talking about glass top dining tables the other day because I think that would brighten a kitchen as well as a vase would. The reason my daughter wants to have a glass top dining table is because she puts together puzzles and sometimes those puzzles have two sides, having a glass top dining table would allow her to see the bottom of the puzzle that she has created!

I ask of you all today, if you could do one or two things to your kitchen to brighten up the appearance, what would you do?

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