Design Trends From The Modern Kitchen.

2013 has seen a number of new kitchen design trends, many influenced by natural wood, exciting texture and spacious, elegant, materials. Every household needs a bold and stated kitchen, and there’s no other area of the house that demands such importance and attention. There’s a reason why the kitchen is the heart of the home, and every food enthusiast should be able to refine their skills while making excellent meals for their family.

Men as well as women are focusing on the design of their kitchen these days, and thankfully there are a number of trends to match most desires. Here are some of the best kitchen designs and architecture trends we’ve seen this year.

Multimedia Kitchen Opera – Oikos

This innovative and high-tech kitchen is designed by Massimo Colombo, and comes from the famous Italian design company Oikos. Not only does this marvellous kitchen benefit from a double screen that complements living and working areas, but the screen can be used for a number of different things. From watching television to listening to music, and even surfing the internet, the Multimedia Kitchen Opera features beautiful wood craft, LED lighting and many other glamorous design features, making this one of the luxurious kitchen of 2013.

Ultra-Modern Glossy Kitchen – Judy by Futura Cucine

This stunning black and red kitchen has ‘chic’ written all over it, and it also gives the impression of increased space because it’s made of lacquered glass! The working area leaves nothing to the imagination, and is split into three parts (cooking, washing and eating) for increased efficiency.

Yin Yang Kitchen – Stefan Price

Elegant yet simple, the Yin Yang kitchen by Stefan Price provides balance and grace to any home. Taking inspiration from the iconic Chinese symbol, the kitchen is made up of two striking areas – black and white. Not only do these areas represent different personalities of the kitchen, but they can also be used to prepare different types of food.

Design Trends:


Stainless steel appliances have also made an appearance in 2013 kitchen design trends, and the big brands have been taking all the limelight. Companies like Range Cookers, have produced a wonderful variety of stainless steel cooker,
and it’s the value as well as the design of these appliances that’s causing all
the fuss. Integrated appliances have made a comeback too, and there are a variety of options with 2013 kitchen design trends that will allow you to free up space with fitted appliances.


Gone are the days of overwrought and detailed cabinets, and thanks to simple colours and natural woods (mahogany and walnut), the old kitchen cupboard designs have been replaced drawer fronts, panel doors and smooth surfaces.

Counter Tops

When it comes to counter tops, the latest trends have combined gold marble and light coloured Quartz. Architects have reduced the amount of heavy granite they use, and instead opted for a simplistic but elegant approach to our kitchen surfaces. Some designs even come with appliances built into the counter tops! 

This article was contributed by Range Cookers – Specialists in making your kitchen look great and work even better. 


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Thinking About the Kitchen

I have lived on my own since I was 17 years old moving from town to town and living with or without boyfriends and along the way I had picked up some fantastic dinnerware and dinner plates but some how I have also lost some of the items I was able to collect. I am pretty sure it’s from the move I made to and back from Keene, NH one year but whatever the real reason is I am on the lookout for some new dinner sets to complete my kitchen!

The old apple plates I have sitting in my cupboard are getting older and the look is just not something I can find an exact match for. It’s about time I start searching Silverware Wikipedia for some nice kitchen dinner sets at an affordable price. My kitchen is white in color so reality is I don’t have a “theme” going on to require a particular dinnerware set. I know that if I had a choice my kitchen would be painted a pastel but not bright yellow with apple border and all of  my dinnerware as well as pan holders and kitchen towels would match the them of apples. Something about apples in the kitchen just make me feel at home!

Of course if I could I would just settle for keeping my current mix and matched set of dinnerware and just search for restaurant coupons so that I could eat out and save on having to find new dinnerware or even wash them!

Question for thought: Do you have a kitchen theme? What is it and why did you choose it?

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Do You Drink Wine?

I am certainly not a huge wine person, I am more into the cheap Arbor Mist and occasionally drink it, but as a busy Mom I often have no time for anything except being Mom. I remember on my wedding day my father brought his home made elderberry wine and that was so good. Up until our wedding day I never even owned a wine glass but now I have so many that I think  a wine glass rack would be a perfect way to store them, rather than wondering if they will break in my kitchen cabinets.

Have you ever looked at or do you own any wine glass racks? They are gorgeous and look like something only the rich would be able to afford. I haven’t ever seen one in person but they are just absolutely amazing!

I love the idea of a hanging wine wine glass rack this would be great for the glasses I saved from our wedding day, even though I gave away most of the glasses (which I can thank Freecycle for even having at my wedding) I still saved a few of them such as the ones I let my children use for juice and the ones my husband and I used that day for our elderberry wine.

I am just in awe over the quality and designs of wine glass racks, it makes me want to get one and some more glasses to help make my home look a bit more fancier!

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