A Parental Test of the Tween and Four Year Old

God forbid I want to wear my own dang boots in the middle of the snow storm we got hit with yesterday. God Forbid that I do not allow my daughter to wear said boots because they are 1) mine and 2) not hers. Good point, right? Not clearly enough for this tween.

Friday Night Play Time

I was all impressed, got up on time with my alarm clock. Boys both got dressed when I asked them to. Both boys got their shoes on. Their coats on. They ate breakfast. They did their mouth rinse. They listened very well and even had extra time to watch a video on the Kindle Fire while waiting for their tween sister.

Yes. Tween. Between the age of 4 with K-man and this tween crap with Kiara, I am going to be looking more salt and pepper grey, if not grey this Summer season. Seriously.

I rarely can win. If I say where the other boots, they are bad and don’t work all of a sudden and it’s the end of the freaking world. If I say you are not wearing your pajamas, well then I am discouraging her independent be different personality that I only have encouraged ALL of her life.



Take a sip of coffee……. that is all I can do.

Close mouth while ahead in conversation. Laugh. Drink more coffee.

And then get your son to school late. The same son you are trying like hell to get to school before 1st bell rings to encourage independence because your tween daughter decided to take forever to get ready for school when she ended up going to school in her pajama pants and a sweatshirt anyways.

I give. I give. I do not get this. I have lost understanding of the tween brain.

Time For a Second Kindle Fire?

Kindle FireLately there have been five children around, hanging out, enjoying the part time company of each other. Ages 12 down to age 4 makes for what one would think of as a crazy mix of age groups, however, all five kids get along so well that I nearly have to pinch myself to ensure I am not living in a dream land when these kids are together.

The only downfall to having five children altogether is that I own one Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire I own is a loved tablet in this household, it is also a loved tablet of the extra two wonderful children who spend time with us. After much consideration, we have decided that a new Kindle Fire must be purchased at some point.

Kre O TransformersAll of the kids enjoy playing hide n seek, doing crafts, building with Kre-O blocks as well as other imagination type play, however, when that gets “boring” they want to use technology to entertain themselves. That means the Wii, the Playstation, the laptop, or the Kindle Fire. With one Kindle Fire, this turns into a true test of how well each child knows how to take turns. They succeed at this for the most part.

I am just thinking that when tax refund has come upon us that some funds must be used to not only pay back any outstanding loans or bills due but to also purchase the new Kindle Fire HD tablet, as it’s the least expensive option out there and it’s been loved so much in my household that I know a second one would be perfect .. that is when/if it can be afforded.

What Products Interest My Family

I have been really wracking my brain as to what type of products my family really “gets into” and what brands would be worth working with in this new year. In the past four years of blogging I never really pitched a whole lot of companies to work with them, I simply let people come to me and use my contact form to pitch me their product and/or services. The issue with just writing and accepting pitches from brands to me directly is that I do not really end up with pitches for products or brands that my family may truly use on a day to day basis or thrive on having in our lives.

Scholastic Books

As part of my mission in 2013 to have better content and more detailed as well as passionate product reviews, I want to start pitching brands and accepting product reviews from those who really strike it big with me. In order to really ensure I am having a passion behind every last detail for content and reviews written on this site, I have to start from the beginning; with a list of things/products/brands my family truly could or does currently benefit from.

My immediate family here consists of myself plus three children. I have a daughter who is 10 years old going on 30, and two sons who are 6 & 4.  We enjoy playing board games, Wii games that allow 2-4 players, playing hide n seek and imaginary play such as with pretend food in our pretend kitchen area, trains, trucks and so much more. On a more technical note, my youngest up to the oldest, including me, are able to fully enjoy the Kindle Fire, the laptop and the computer with ease. Each person in my home, even the 4 year old knows how to properly use electronics and can navigate a tablet as well as computer easily.

Saturday Play in Ice

We have a love of electronics, baking, toys, imaginary play items such as costumes, dress up and similar. My kids and I truly enjoy the outdoors in warmer weather but they do get out in Winter to slide and make snow men.  We love to hike, take nature trail walks and we all usually work together with household clean up too.

It’s so awesome that my children and I have a wide range of likes in our lives and I am happy that even the four year old can enjoy the things my ten year old does. Hopefully this year I can share more of our loved products we have here in home as well as any new ones that may come along in 2013.

Keeping the Kids Entertained while Traveling @kia #kiaholidays

There are few things in this world I dread and one of them is traveling with my kids, the daughter usually is self sufficient with her books and MP3 player, however, my two sons require some adult interaction.
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Piling into the car is myself and three children, since I no longer have a van, the kids end up sitting in one row all together. Such a difficult position to be in for a long trip. There are some things I have done to make traveling with kids during the holidays a bit easier on the driver:

  • Bring electronics and chargers – Kindle Fire, Leapster and any old cell phones that still have games on them are taken into the vehicle.
  • Play I-spy - This is a fun family favorite, as you are driving along shout out “I spy something green” or “I spy something black” and the kids can have fun guessing whether you are “spying” on something in the car or outside of the car.
  • Bring Books – The oldest loves reading, so if you have kids who love to read, stock up on those books and pack them in the car, if you have one adult driving and one as a passenger you can even read to the kids during the long drive.
  • Encourage Nap Time – now this is usually fail in my car if I try to encourage a nap, however, I found if I ignore the six year old grumpies long enough, he will eventually fall asleep. Grumping himself into a state of nap for the length of the trip.
  • Play music & sing Along - My kids personally love music and all sorts of types of music so we often are found singing aloud in the car on holiday traveling trips.

Now that I have shared my tips on what I do to keep these three munchkins entertained, what is it that your family does on long road trips to keep the kids occupied?


Writing from Kindle Fire

I love technology.  With my Kindle Fire and the WordPress app, I am able to type blogs from my recliner instead of having to get up and go into the office.

I love that I can type this while being comfy but I do not like that I can not add photos because alas my Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera. I did see a way to import photos from my Facebook app I use.  Right now I am not signed into Facebook though.

Now if only I can remember my loving for my other blog so I can do my posts on both blog from this app in the future.

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